Chess4Fun Information

spacer40Twinkly black horse Welcome to Gold Token's 1st Club

    • Open invitation to all Chess players
    • To join this club, find Invitations on this page.. Click Yes

spacer40Twinkly Orange Horse We play:

    • Chess and Variants
    • Inter-Club Challenges (88 and counting)
    • Official Club Tournaments for Profile Tokens
    • Club Ladders
    • And friendly games just for fun
Club Officers
Club Owner: quietman
Referee: Ishkabibble
Referee: Kingpin1
Referee: Oakheart
Referee: Rogue Trooper
This club is open for anyone to join. However, you do not currently have the required Silver Level Membership needed to join a club. You will need to purchase a Silver Level Membership if you want to join this club.
Our Games
Joining these sub-clubs allows you to challenge other members to games.
Our Teams
Teams participate in inter-club challenges and inter-club ladders.
Our Ladders
Ladders accessible only to members of this club.