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Welcome to all members of The American Checker Federation!!!

CHECKERS: Where Ordinary Men Become Kings

The main styles of checkers associated with the ACF & supported on GoldToken are:

1. Standard Checkers (American/British)
2. Restriction Checkers
3. 11-man Ballot

The ACF is a strong & friendly organization which has provided the world with some of its greatest champions while maintaining a level of sportsmanship & cordiality second to none.

We are just plain folks here who love checkers, and we encourage likeminded others, young & old alike, to inquire about joining the ACF & this club if you are interested.

Not a U.S. citizen? No problem! The ACF currently has members from such wonderful places as Australia, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Wales, the West Indies...and we're just getting started!! So come and make us even better.... :o)

It's not only that you need the ACF. It's that the ACF needs YOU!


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11 Man Ballot
Restriction Checkers
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Teams participate in inter-club challenges and inter-club ladders.
11 Man Ballot
Restriction Checkers
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11 Man Ballot
Restriction Checkers