TESTIMONIALSWhat some of our players say about GoldToken.com!

I was told about GoldToken a few years ago by an old friend. I've been a member since February 03 and met some very nice people here, from places I'll never get to visit in person. There are lots of fun games here and more are added regularly. For fun, relaxing and meeting a friend at GoldToken, this is the place to be! I do believe I've become addictive to GoldToken. Grinning



My story begins with IYT, and a friend telling me about this site that was just getting started. So I tried it out and hey it was a really fun site. And the people were so friendly. Before long they started something called clubs. So here we go the starting of a few Pam’s getting together and before we knew it we were the “Sweets” and then not to show we were one sided we started letting other people join. You know who you are! We had one great club. Unbeatable sometimes. We had a blast and 7 years later I’ve still got good friends. If you're ever lonely or just need a good shoulder to cry on or someone just to laugh with this is the place to be. And jello .. Well that’s a whole other story. Some of you know the real reason why. All I can say is I hope I can stay a member here for a very long time because this is the place to be.



After being on several other game sites for years, wondering around aimlessly until finding GoldToken, I actually can't imagine my life without GT now. Not only have I been a member of this site since 2001, but I have also been here through some of the biggest transformations that the site has ever had! Once I started playing here, I stopped going to any of the other sites I used to frequent. I want to say thanks to Chad for creating this site and to Badger, firefly, Mecir, Matt & CATCHER211 for taking it over & expanding the games & features like nobody's business!!!! I can't believe how many games have been added, how all the club features keep improving, the amount of Site wide Tournaments we get now, the site ladders rock too cuz I'm lazy & like automated stuff! I can't name one specific thing I love about GT, cuz there are so many things I love here. The games & features on this site are all I need & the fact that I can play whatever I want whenever I want ~ makes me happy happy happy!!!

Tossing heart (right) Dancing Tossing heart (left) JACE



This site is TOTALLY kid friendly! How amazing you all are, that you would take the time to check out our profiles to make sure that the LINKS to other websites are not going to lead to other links that could be harmful to our children!!!! I am TRULY impressed. I will SO allow my kids to play here!!!! As of right now, they aren't allowed to play anywhere online, but you guys have proven to me that you take our children as our top priority!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!



This site is so great. You will probably be surprised but I didn't find out about GoldToken from ItsYourTurn or BrainKing. (Actually I found out about them from here, but I still like this site the best.) I found out about GoldToken from the Trax web site. I am so glad you are continuing to support that game. And to have the creator of the game and the many time world champion both here is amazing. The world champion has been very friendly and accessible. And I hear that the creator of Trax is just as nice.

Then when I learned that you were becoming the site of the ACF, I was even more amazed and pleased. I have been studying checkers on and off and it is nice to have a place where I can get a fun and/or a serious game of checkers. I am glad that you are able to make the changes necessary for their needs. It is interesting to watch as they continue to develop. Hopefully I will be able to learn more about checkers from the ACF players.

Back when Chad was running the site, it was nice to be able to talk with him occasionally. But since Badger has taken over, things have really been taking off! Smiling Thank you to you and all of your helpers. It is nice that you seem able to chat now and then as well. I love the personal attention you are able to give. Smiling

Jim - jbdobie


I have been here since Dec 2003 and I have seen this site really come a long way! It was nice to play here in the beginning and has only gotten better! The games are great and the people are too. I love the clubs!

The best new feature is the ability to post photos, I really like that. And, in the games I love the addition of the card games! And did I mention I love the Goldies and the Name Icons and the Jiggles.



Before GoldToken was taken over by Mary Jo ( Badger ), from Chad... John sent me a message saying things were going to change for the better. I was curious what he meant, and he said wait and see. Well, at this time I saw a couple of invites from a player called Badger. I was iffy at first as to why this player wanted to play me so I accepted, and we started talking in the games. Soon she realized I was not a bad wolf like some think I am. We have become very good friends. Mary Jo is like a breath of fresh air and she is one brave lady. Mary Jo has my utter respect, so much so that I have now increased my membership until 2014. And I have adopted guests along the way.

Keep up the good work Jo!!!



I used to play at IYT. I never knew about GoldToken until a friend over there told me about this site. They convinced me to try it and I am so glad that I did. Smiling

I started playing at GoldToken shortly after I lost my husband to cancer a few years ago, all the wonderful people that I met here helped me in so many different ways to deal with that. Hugging

GoldToken is a wonderful family and I thank God for the day that I played my first game here. I cannot imagine a day without my family at GoldToken!!



A quiet little gal from Queens stumbled upon this site 4 years ago. It was fairly new and didn't have many games and there was a small group of people playing here. Why did she stay? There was something different about this site. It was warm and it was friendly. So she brought some of her friends here and made herself at home. And home is what GT is for most of us. It's not the games, although they are fun, it's the people! I have made many friends here and I continue to make new ones everyday. I have been thru some tough stuff in the last few years and the people here have helped me to keep my sense of humor thru it all. I have spent countless hours here playing games and laughing till my sides hurt! I am proud to be a member here and thanks to all that help to make it the greatest site on the net!



I discovered GoldToken nine years ago, in 2000. My twin brother Rude Misfit, was looking for a board game site, and stumbled across GoldToken. He tried it out and liked it a lot. He asked me to play him in a few games, and introduced me to a few players. Back then there were only a handful of players, maybe about 20 or so. It was a very new site, and only had a few games at first, and no variants of games. It was much less fancy ,and much slower than it is now, but for some reason we really liked it and enjoyed it a lot. Everyone was friendly, fun, polite, and easy to talk to! We got a few of our good friends involved, and they got their friends hooked too. We watched this site change and grow, The site has improved so much over the years. Grinning

When I think back to the way this site was nine years ago, it really blows my mind the way it has grown and improved so much. I never would have predicted still being a member or how great it would become. Honestly, I feel this is the best site of it's kind.



I wanted to personally Thank everyone (to many to name) for signing my Get Well Card!

As most of you know I have been very bad, with back problems, and was running out of options. I had an MRI done. The day I received the results (more bad news) I also received the light of my life for that day. I received a vanilla envelope from GoldToken in the mail. I was so Shocked & Surprised when it came. I open it and began to cry (not tears of sorrow, but tears of Joy). That package gave me the hope I needed for that day when I was at my lowest point.

Even though I can't physically see or touch any one of you, you touched my Heart, I now know you are out there and that you really do care. That means the world to me,just to know ya'll are out there, just a key stroke away.

As I was saying I opened that vanilla envelope and it was Everyone's Get Well Greetings on pretty paper filled with all different sizes, color's & shapes of hearts. I will be placing them in frames and placing them on my wall. So every morning I can see, & read them and know that you all are out there. I will treasure them the rest of my life.

Thank you all again for signing my card, and a Special Thank You to Badger for the Extra Special Card she sent along with all the others.

So if there are any of you out there that don't think GoldToken and Family really care, then you need to re-examine the post, and re-examine all this site has done for everyone. I am here to tell you they ALL are just like Family here at GoldToken and they REALLY DO CARE for each and every Member & each & every need that their Members have.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this site would have to rate 100+ that's how GREAT I think this Site is. And because Members make up this Site, That means YOU, You are this Site. We are all Family here!!!! I have never felt more loved & accepted anywhere else. There are no words to say How Much I Appreciate Everyone of you.

Thank You Again
MadApples Hugging Offering heart


Interview of Mykimus
  • What brought you to GoldToken in the first place?
Well, that story goes way back in the history of the site. I used to work with the cousin of the guys that started this site when it FIRST came online. He let me know about the site, and that they were looking for people to sign up & test out the games. If I remember correctly, at that point I believe there was only chess and checkers on the site, with four in a row being added shortly thereafter. The rest, as they say, is history!

  • What is your favorite story to tell about GoldToken?
I consider this to be a testament to the awesome and unique community that is and always has been GoldToken.com! I used to play quite a few games with one specific member of GoldToken. (In fact, we still do play quite a lot.) We'd always chat quite a lot while we played, and over the course of a few months of playing games together & getting to know each other, it came out in the conversation that we lived only one city away from one another! I also learned that she owned a small cafe, so after a bit of time (and playful taunting) I decided to pay her a visit. My wife and I had breakfast at her cafe, (which was phenomenal, by the way) but they were very busy that morning and so the opportunity never arose to ask after her. So instead, I left a single gold arcade token that I had brought with me under my plate...as sort of a "phantom calling card" if you will. Smiling She gave me heck for quite some time after that for not taking the time to introduce myself, but the mystery of it all was so much fun! A while after this incident, I took a job where I had no access to the Internet, so it became more difficult to keep up with my games at GoldToken and I fell away for a year or so. But as soon as I was back in a position where I was allowed to use the 'net again, I signed back up only to find an incredible surprise: my best GoldToken friend had moved away to another state and now OWNS THIS SITE! Yes, in fact, I am speaking of our very own, beloved Badger!!! :D

  • What is your favorite game to play?
I used to be a "little bit of everything" kind of guy, until I taught myself to play backgammon a few years ago. Now it's almost all I play. (Although I am SO THRILLED that Halma has been added! If anyone ever needs a fourth, please feel free to send me an invite!) Smiling If I may, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Badger and all of her support staff (as well as all of the awesome members) for keeping this site the BEST and SAFEST place to play games of any kind on the Internet!


Hey Badger,
WOW!!!!! I just received a package today from you. You have no idea how great it was. Thank you so very much for the beautiful card, the printout of the wiki card, and the planner. I was almost in tears when I saw the cards. It means so very much to me that you would personally send me a card. I guess that is what makes this site so great. All the other sites couldn't care less about the people that play there. That is what sets Goldtoken apart from the others. Words cant describe how I feel about this site. I cannot say enough about you or the people on this site. It makes you feel like family or just that you matter. Thank you again for everything you do.


I LOVED EVERYTHING YOU SENT ME!!!! THANK YOU! I hung my card and envelope on the wall at my computer desk so I can see them all the time! My key chain is soo awesome! My calendar appt book is tooo kewl! The LiL GT notepads and tri-highlighter is super! YOU OUT DID YOURSELF! THANK YOU SOO MUCH MY FRIEND! I will cherish my card forever! I'll never! ever! never throw it away! It got here just in time. I needed cheering up and you made my day! Thank you!



GoldToken is WELL worth it. This place has so much to offer. There are clubs that you can join and tournaments to play in and other fun things like limericks and add a word and all kinds of neat stuff to do here. The people are REALLY nice and you would make friends from all over the world. It is a BLAST here and never a dull moment! :o) If you became a member here, you would never regret it and it is money well spent! :O)


I have been doing some promoting of this site on my own!! lol Just to let you know, I LOVE it here!! lol



I am proud to be part of GT. I was very sick when I came here. I almost died from a medication ..and had to find something I could do with webtv. I had a good friend I found at IYT and he told me about GT. I have always said I would want 50 moderators to nothing at IYT. They talk filthy and that is not my style. These guys here just try to test how far they can go..I kick them in the behind once in awhile and say they should be happy we have a clean site. Anyway, they seem to be better since you are here. If you go to the GT players photos. You will see the great people I have met from here. eliphont551 is the only one I don't have posted. We were gone a month and met 4 of them. Such great people and a joy to meet them. So really gt has done a lot for me. Thanks and it was great to meet you and if you want to play sometime.. I am here, usually...


It has been a great site for me. I don't even go to the other sites anymore. I love the clubs which I have one and we just got our 100th member yesterday!


This is how The 7th Heaven Club came into being: I was a Silver member and loved playing games so much that I had a dream one night that someday I would own a GoldToken Club! I had to have a Gold Membership! without it, my dream would not be a reality! I asked my hubby for a Gold Membership for my 65th birthday to help me celebrate right! Finally last December 31st in the evening, it came through! so that evening I spent founding The 7th Heaven Club, inviting the officers and putting them to work, sending out invites, and so many more things I can't count them! Was I ever delighted!!!!


I came to GoldToken over 4 years ago after a friend on IYT told me about the site and I haven't left since. GoldToken is more of a family than just a game site. They don't allow spam or vulgar talk on their discussion boards. They offer site run tournaments and club vs club tournaments. Even as a guest you have unlimited daily moves which other sites don't offer, and guests can play in site run tournaments as well. If your looking for a great place that the whole family can play at you have just found it here on GoldToken!


I remember surfing the net looking for game sites. Google found lots of sites for me, and GoldToken was the first one I tried. Once I'd tried it, I didn't bother with anything else Google had to offer. Alas, I have to admit, there were a couple of time I thought I got bored with it, and decided not to bother anymore. But that GoldToken bug kept biting me, and I'm soon to go from Guest to Platinum, hitting Silver and Gold in between, in just over 1 year of being here. To sum it up, this place is just too good to leave, not only that, it just keeps getting better.


I just wanted to say thank you to you and Kran for all your hard work and dedication to this site. I enjoy this site so much, and play regularly. This is by far the best chess gaming site I've ever seen (I only play chess, so far), and I don't mind telling all my friends and family the same. Thanks again, to everyone who makes this site what it is. Your work does not go unnoticed!


I am Theresa. I started my addiction here In Dec 2002. I have only been clean off GoldToken a few times in my stretch here! Once when my pc crashed in 2003, I was gone for about 3 months total. since then I have fallen off the wagon really hard and even injured myself as well in the mean time. I go through withdrawals while I am sleeping. !

You can find me here at least 12 to 15 hours a day depending on my mood! I can't get enough. I need more and when I need more I go to the beta site there I have many games as well! I eat, sleep, and dream GoldToken. I am addicted in many forms of the word. Oh i have been typing too long.... got to go play some more games!


--Pamper Me


Thanks again Badger! I am so glad I found this site (my friend who plays here told me about it)! You, Chad, your staff, and volunteers, have done an incredible job to make this the best family gaming site, attracting good, friendly people! I look forward to playing here whenever I get the time! And the best thing about this site is that you, Kran and so many more, actually care and show a genuine interest in the players! That means more to me than the games! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! I send a heartfelt thanks and KUDOS to a job well done! As we said in the Navy, it's not JUST a job...! :^)



GoldToken has been not only a pleasure but a godsend for me. I joined GT in November of 2001 upon the recommendation of another player that I was playing with at another site. I immediately knew that this was my home. As a single parent of a young son and working full time, I needed some form of recreation that I could do but also be here for him. Also I needed something to help me deal with major physical pain. I have/had major arthritis and playing at my games helped me deal with the constant pain. At first I played a few games and then a few more and then found that I needed to upgrade my membership so I could play still more games.. Then I decided to join in on the glorious world of Clubs.. I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven.. Well, almost.. What wonderful caring people I have had the pleasure of playing with and becoming friends with.. Some not just friends but family! This is a fun-tastic site to be a part of..



Oh this is so funny. I was away for the weekend and most of last week at a huge quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky. When I got home, I had a stack of mail awaiting me... my 16-yr-old son, Max, frantically digs through it all and presents me with the package from GT... lolol So I had to open that nearly the second I walked in the door... I DO love the wood tokens, I was dying! They are adorable!!! And thanks so much for the EXTRA pens - I was able to give both sons (Phil was right there watching the action too! lol) and hubby a GoldToken pen, it was awesome to be able to share my winnings with them all! Provided us with a terrific family experience, too, since ol' Max, at 16, is usually too "cool" to get excited about things.

-- Buffy the Backgammon Slayer


I have to say, things are looking mighty good! Not that it wasn't before, but I really like it even more so now. There just seems to be so much more action here. Something new all the time and I love it!