Jiggle words - How to create them

Thanks to firefly and Ray of Light, GoldToken is able to offer a new graphic feature called Jiggle words.

  • Jiggle words are available anywhere in the system where Wiki formatting is permitted.
    • For example: Game messages, discussion boards, private messages, wikis.

  • You can make Jiggle words by surrounding whole words with double tilde characters ~~. The tilde character is the wavy line used in some languages, such as in Spanish above the letter n.
    • To jiggle this: Goldtoken
    • You should type: ~~ GoldToken ~~ but leave out the spaces either side of the word. The tilde characters ~~ should touch the word.

  • The maximum number of jiggle characters between pairs of ~~ is 20.

  • To make a space between words use the underscore _ character
    • Make_a_space
    • Typed as: ~~ Make_a_space ~~ (no gaps)

  • No punctuation is allowed.
    • If you find your word doesn't work, then you probably have used a space, an invalid character... or have too many letters.

Here are the available jiggles:
NOTE: Not all letters jiggle.

Upper case

A_B_C_D_E_F_G_ *H_I_J_K_L_M*

N_O_P_Q_R_S_T_ *U_V_W_X_Y_Z*

Lower case

a_b_c_d_e_f_g_ *h_i_j_k_l_m*

n_o_p_q_r_s_t_ *u_v_w_x_y_z*





You can also sign your name by putting ; ; either side of the word ME (for uppercase) or me (for lowercase).

Badger would put
; ; ME ; ; _ ; ; me ; ;

and would get
BADGER *_* Badger

Have fun and let's get JigGling!

NOTE: If you do not wish to view any Jiggle words, then you may turn them off using the same option as for the Goldies.

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