101 uses for a Wood Wiki

a spare tire

  1. Build a fence
  2. Build a deck
  3. toothpicks.
  4. Use it as firewood
  5. Badger food!
  6. picket fence around GoldToken
  8. To fix a wobbly Keyboard.
  9. Frisbees for wood nymph's
  10. Miniature cutting boards for people on a diet
  11. Tiiiny little coasters.
  12. Magic sawdust.
  13. Building a fence to keep my horses in my yard!
  14. Puppet food
  15. Wooden earmuffs
  16. redeem 10 wood tokens for one silver
  17. is that a wood wiki in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  18. redeem 100 wood tokens for one gold
  19. tribal jewelry
  20. Stuff enough of them in Anna Nicole Smith's mouth and you would'nt have to hear her talk!
  21. To level something unlevel
  22. To decorate with
  23. A pirate ship, aaarrrgggh.
  24. Dentures
  25. Service cheat keys so you can run the copier with the door open
  26. Poor mans Christmas tree ornaments.
  27. Tiddlywinks
  28. very uncomfortable contact lenses
  29. A mini UFO
  30. termite heaven
  31. plant them in the garden and wait for them to grow into a gold token tree.
  32. Change for a wooden nickel
  33. Bird toys
  34. Dust collectors, lol
  35. Round To It
  36. Cover up ugly wallpaper
  37. To build a gingerbread house for the holidays!
  38. Turn them into "Round To It's" to give to people who can't get around to it!!
  39. Carve them into toothpicks
  40. Enable you to count to 10...but you do need 10 of them, you'll also need to ask someone to confirm that you have 10 in the first place
  41. Anybody want drinks from the corporate vending machine???!??
  42. Be smarter than Hansel & Gretel... wood would work much better than bread crumbs!
  43. Give them to a woodchuck & find out how much wood would a woodchuck chuck.
  44. Make fire?
  45. Lincoln Logs
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