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We have created this family site with an eye toward making games available to anyone who wants to play. We have spent a lot of time making sure that the games work on many different systems and appeal to players of all ages. To this end, we also have basic rules of conduct that govern player interaction and activity within GoldToken to protect everyones gaming enjoyment and strictly enforce them. Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules may result in the suspension and/or termination of your account without any refund of any kind. Because this is a family game site, we feel the need to also apply some rules of conduct to the naming of accounts.

The following types of names are inappropriate:

  • Vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words.
  • Combinations of words that produce an offensive result (e.g. Hugeaz, TugMcGroin).
  • Names of religious, occult, or significant historic origin (e.g. Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin, Hitler).
  • Trademarked names of products, services, or concepts (e.g. Marlboro, Sony, Band-Aid).
  • Names of famous people, either fictional or non-fictional that might fall under trademarked material or real life celebrities (e.g. Bill Clinton, Austin Powers, Britney Spears, Harry Potter).
  • References to drug substances or drug related paraphernalia. (e.g. Ecstacy, Cannibis).

For all of the above, misspellings and alternative spellings of the words are also unacceptable.

All user names that fall under any of the categories above will be moderated, without any prior notice. You will be unable to play or send messages until you rename your account to a more acceptable name.

Applying and interpeting the above rules are at the discretion of GoldToken Management.
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