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Take turns adding a word below to make a story. Please only add one word. After it is edited by someone else you can add another if you'd like. Please nothing crude or controversial. Funny is good. Have fun. :O)

For centuries wombats have dreamed of owning a golden retriever. Now, why would wombats entertain the retrievers? In the natural surroundings zebras entertain hippopotami whilst simultaneously laughing like hyenas eating elephants for supper. Rufus reindeer rendered rhinos relatively raunchy. At dusk, doodlehopper chased antigens through the ecclesiastical hallways of the mind. Firefighters with faulty equipment, rarely need extinguishers to quench their desire for chocolate. Kangaroos hop hopefully toward purple palace investigating the enormous bulge coming up around their lobes. Grape Ape swinging bananas glide by singing country ballads softly through subways of, said Margaret Mouse. Simultaneous leopards seeking asylum surprisingly stood silently after searching patiently and whispering nervously around fiery lions. Cautiously waiting they calculate movement within cages.

Meanwhile,investigating minds wonder aimlessly through convoluted rubbish, trying to emigrate backwards candidly retracing their zebras. Unfortunately, Margaret slid helplessly into oblivion. During filming wombats prefer shamrocks for nourishment. Meanwhile,back in time before raindrops precipitated participles upon examination of green algae clovers tea, connoisseurs claim that power has devolved, but spokesmen conveyed on Telemundo otherwise. Naturally combines were expensive pleasurable and entertaining. Marketing experts wonder whether wombats willingly buy wonderful equipment without considering reconsidering reconsideration.

I believe reconstructing reconsideration structures are reconstructive rocks. Whenever lazerbeams pierce reconstructivly which sometimes can't reciprocate, socialists pretend reformations reaffirm political requirements.

Why scalawags and carpetbaggers refuse help is beyond the scope of glitches.Irrefutably, they must therefore accept an appropriate pocketwatch assuming that inconsistency doesn't compare apples to easter eggs.However, when the wombats lost face they emigrated North until they found Mordor closed. Diverting Nazgul away gave them opportunities capable of insurmountable gas. However, dragons can't navigate oldsmobile's newest, renovated electric automatic forklift. Kitchens, however, could reflect their capabilities singularly rejuvanating satellites orbital quarterly by nearly evacuating Mordor.

Gandalf unbelieveably realized her assets had developed a peculiar secondary underhanging vestibule. Meanwhile astride his dragon was confetti whom was constantly striving toward mediocrity. Gradually, the magic dissipated until Thursday. Suddenly, meteors decided boyband-like castaways didn't respond considerably to wombats. Virtually every mongoose anticipated nightfall socialists would encapsulate seventeen wombats. Unfortunately, the justification that quantified the insubordination reverberated causing jubulant catcalls to uneducated monoliths, cubes a-flying loop-de-loops through the flaming wombats. Disaster!!!! Anarchy!!!! Pancakes!!!! Wombats!!!! How do retrievers capitulate anarchious brovados? NONDISASTER!!! Government!!! Deciduousness!!!!

Such was the fate of messed-up children overthrowing wombat's governments. Penguins throwing peanut butter kisses crying, "quack quack" all the while.The governments of questionable democracies hid the Penguins attempt overthrowing their tyrannic wombats. In the aftermath the retrievers slobbered over heavenly Kit-Kat's. Where hippopotomi reconstructed pandemic phonecards, elephants unify prosaic politicians and poetic people presumably postulate pretentious paradigms. Meanwhile, unsuspecting patriot paratroopers pelted the perimeters. Perfectly performed parachuting pirouettes punctuated perspective presenting plentiful peppercorns. Plantiffs pleaded pertinacious platitudes perfunctorily pleasing peripherals profoundly. Penguins pontificate punctiliously mercy killings that chapstick users apply zealously but never reconsider.

Tomorrow will always present itself tomorrow. Those who listen should dream about aftermath from a pirates perspective. Landlubbers crashed the wombat's tomb into smithereens. Horrified penguins penetrated deep into feathery oblivion. Cats tip-toed stealthily towards the next sandbox. Dogs followed pirates through space and time. While wombats juggle pieces of chopsticks, hippos tiptoed stealthily following footsteps of humanoid kangaroos marching elephant's tusk's looked like chopsticks united. All creatures, excluding kangaroos that could walk upside-down, were expected to pay homage to intense their preordained position. Hippopotomi were skiing gracefully through candlelit rainbows when hamsters dived unihibitidly under oceans. Bunnies representing cats were perplexed by the shrieking monkeys playing backgammon. Sounds like GoldToken!

Meanwhile, zookeeper's held flies hostage after baking curlicue freedom of choice turkey's. Potbellied scarecrow's hair flew haphazardly into the GoldToken chasm. Then bunnies united. The radio wasn't wired when each left ItsYourTurn! Spaceships loaded hotdogs onto radioactive guitars playing themselves. Martian's zoomed overhead dropping lanterns among the lettuce jungles. Meanwhile, leprechaun's socks burst through elevators. Kittens pounce on unsuspecting cheeseburger flavored popcicles. Cats were horrified of computers with wireless burritos. Litterboxes stunk occasionally, lazerbeams scanned the igloos while wombats ate firecrackers. Frankly moonshine is better. However, invisible retrievers rollerskated haphazardly through animated fields of strawberries, while Huskies assult continued apace.

Bronze dragons quickly discharged, dragonriders escalating hemorrhoid's leaked rockets, the over-zealous wombats sent emissaries to every establishment when bunnies were animated. These hares hopped buildings, soared mountain's, cleared penguin flippers and loop-de-looped in residential areas. However, their aircraft zoomed lazily, it seemed forever, while searching painstakingly amidst black serrated breadknives for crumbs left after the dishwasher exploded.

Needless to say, the golden retriever anticipated this developement and retreated to mars. Ants on parade discovered capabilities long forgotten by those burritos who discharged. Alternative wombats sometimes thought dragons were the airheads of world. Strangely phonecards are accepted, tolietbowls aren't flushable with loggerheads penguins and basketball computers.

In surroundings very blue wombats represented genuine conservatives fearlessness.

Once the rather pre-historic GoldToken herds wallowed in the rather squalid sinkhole, wearing nothing but crabgrass igloos and flavored underwear. Wow!!!

Such atavistic lawnmowers dreamed longingly about the kittens that ate checkers covered with thingamajiggers. Tuna spam was everywhere except in go-carts loaded engines. Burritos and penguins sure tasted like they had been marinated in a vat of Cleveland. Indians prayed for warmer cookies and milk. Banana's and ice-cream malts were taken to children by furry big-foot like teachers whistling dixie. Wombats helplessly flailed their pouches at approaching yaks posing as GoldToken hotdogs. Ceo's shilly-shallied seashells by the seashore, shearing sheep senselessly--surely Shelly Sherlock should share
sheep ship so she sees seventy sheepdogs slobbering sheets silently so sheepish! Sheesh!!

Meanwhile, over by the small barnyard, seven kittens cornered a retriever. The structures that peppercorns melted dived down tolietbowls, septic politicians oozed burritos, haphazardly shaped lazerbeams and sonar waltzed longingly through unsuspecting antichrists that rival bathtubs for sale. Shamrocks anticipated are centuries old lightbulbs twinkling, tasted rancid while consumption is not recommended, and could lead to the pancreas exploding. Furthermore, the spleen being in imminent danger of spontaneous combustion, vapours issued before the rear end of hamster's plentiful toilets.

What realization came during tournaments? None. Then, educators flipped coins to pigeons for toadstools in viagra coated cheesebugers!! Yum!! Un-Yum!!

Unfortunately Margaret sleptwalk and aimlessly fell onto the bleak pit of churchgoers. When hallelujah chorus's pierced the pews filled with Believer's twinkle, the cheeseburger and tatorheads disintegrated instantly. When Margaret looked back, all her clothes gathered themselves with horseshoes, horses and horseradish. She felt confused, stifled, starry-eyed yet tongue-tied, tortured with marshmallows which loop-de-looped into burritos. When movement began it ended. The End.


In conclusion, we decided that everyone deserved recognition for burritos. Furthermore, it loop-de-looped!,flip-flopped, spin-dived, cartwheeled, finally tranformed! Antidisistablishmentarialism conquered all.

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