December 2005


Can we believe December is here already? Where did 2005 go?? would like to take this time to send out the best wishes to everyone for a joyous holiday season, no matter what holiday you may be celebrating! To add to a joyous December, take a look at our newsletter to see what we have in store for this month, you won't want to miss out!


In this month's newsletter, we have:

  • Site News
  • Badger's Monthly Message
  • Kran's Tournament News
  • A Mug For All Seasons
  • Games Corner
  • Tessa's Twisters
  • It's GoldToken History
  • Note From Buz
  • Newsletter Picture Hunt
  • Testimonial Of The Month

Site News

November 2005 saw the arrival of GoldToken Baseball Caps, GoldToken Jean Jackets, the introduction of the excitingly popular new game 10x10 Halma for 2 to 4 player created by our very own master of games, Mark007!! If you haven't been here to watch the fun games played in the site news, you mished out on over 100 GoldToken pens, post-it notepads and trilighters given away!! Keep your eye out for more in upcoming news item contests being posted on your gamesheet!! And last but not least, a special Thanks from several players who crafted several gift projects goes to { Club } for their artful instruction and creativity on the { Board: Country Craft Workshop } board. We look forward to their { Board: Country Craft Workshop } returning next October 2006!!

December Birthdays!

-- A special happy belated birthday wish to akaken on November 16th, Happy 50th!
-- Very happy belated Birthday wishes to taffy on November 9th, celebrating the big 4-0!
-- Special birthday wishes go out to BillsPlace on December 14th from monkeytyper!!!
-- Many happy returns to Pegasus on December 18th !!!
-- A big hug for klaashaas who has his birthday on December 28th!!
-- A very very happy happy birthday to karosel MIA on December 31st!!

Special Events!

  • Congrats to Buz for getting his 20,000th Gold Token!!! The highest of any player!!!

  • Geri39 got her 2300 Gold Token on Thanksgiving Day!

  • Congrats to PROUD AMERICAN who just had her 16th Great Grandchildren, a set of twin girls!

  • Happy Anniversary to Pegasus on December 14th!

Any birthdays, anniversaries, etc. coming up for next month (please keep these announcements upcoming and not belated), feel free to send Kran a message and let her know so that we can give them a shout in next month's newsletter! Smiling

Monthly Message from Badger

Whew! Hard to catch my breath from all of Novembers excitement before leaping into December! For December, a cool wiki class is being taught on the discussion boards by fatdaddy aptly named . If you don't know how to wiki, have limited experience, or a pro, now is the time to jump right in and take advantage the new board! RamblinMan has compiled a music list for all who are interested, to listen to while playing your games here. Definately worth checking out! If you haven't placed yourself on the GoldToken Frappr map, now it the time to do so at Don't forget, players who purchase an undiscounted 1 year Platinum membership during December will be the first to recieve one of the cool new GoldToken Baseball Caps!


Tournament News by Kran

  • For December and January, many of our tournaments require you to join a 'set' of tournaments, and the highest average player receives a big prize! (You still get post-its if you are an individual winner) You will find lots of cool prizes up for grabs, license plate holders, travel mugs, koozies, keychains, and swiss carabiners, among others!

  • For all of you have been eagerly anticipating, you will find all the variations of dominoes open for tournament signup this month!

  • We also have a few chances for guests to win a membership, donated by some of our generous Goldtoken members. Be sure to check out reddragon's Guest Salvo and Backgammon tournaments, and the unionman's Guest Go Moku for your chance!

  • Goldtoken would also like to take the time to send a big congratulations out to all October Tournament winners!!! If your name is on this list, send Badger your mailing address and a link to the tournament for your prize!

Hurricane Victims Hypergammon (Round Robin Hypergammon) - Radio
2nd Mid August Salvo (Round Robin Salvo) - cocopuff
April Salvo (Round Robin Salvo) - Manpower
August Hot Chess (Round Robin Chess) - Doffen
Bill41's Valentine Guest Back (Round Robin Backgammon) - jfromvt
Club vs Club Chessgi (Round Robin Chessgi) - Straycat
Club vs Club Devious Salvo (Round Robin Devious Salvo) - Phil The Hat
Club vs Club Large Reversi (Round Robin Large Reversi) - klaashaas
December Checkers (Round Robin Checkers) - johniej23
December Outbreak (Round Robin Outbreak) - Gnahaha
February Backgammon (Round Robin Backgammon) - Ishtar
February Fast Decoy (Round Robin Decoy Salvo) - WereWolf
February Fast Devious (Round Robin Devious Salvo) - Nukkle Dragger
February Nackgammon (Round Robin Nackgammon) - nasher
February Stealth Salvo (Round Robin Stealth Salvo) - Buz
For the Nackers (Round Robin Nackgammon) - bubbly
Goldtoken OlympicOutbreakAtaxx (Round Robin Outbreak Ataxx) - adrien
Honeybear's HoneyPot Go Moku (Round Robin Go Moku) - MAD_DOG
January Stealth Salvo (Round Robin Stealth Salvo) - dab
Jingham25's Go-Moku for Guests (Round Robin Go Moku) - Twakkie
July Fast Backgammon (Round Robin Backgammon) - Rad
July Giveaway Checkers (Round Robin Giveaway Checkers) - Buz
July Giveaway Chess (Round Robin Giveaway Chess) - rabbitoid
July Hotspot Four in a Row (Round Robin Hotspot Four In a Row) - Tactician
July Knights vs Bishops Chess (Round Robin Knights vs. Bishops Chess) - Birds of Prey
June Fast Decoy Salvo (Round Robin Decoy Salvo) - Manpower
June Small Reversi (Round Robin Small Reversi) - eli
Koozie 4iar Match Set 1-B (Round Robin Double Trouble Four In a Row) - Tactician
Koozie Chess Match Set 2-A (Round Robin Los Alamos Chess) - Birds of Prey
Koozie Chess Match Set 2-B (Round Robin Small Chess) - Birds of Prey
Last of the Mohicans DVD Chess (Round Robin Chess) - Doffen
Late August GiveawayBackgammon (Round Robin Giveaway Backgammon) - SarahMills
mammacat's Guest Outbreak (Round Robin Outbreak) - Road Runner
March Fast Decoy (Round Robin Decoy Salvo) - tyshy4me
March Outbreak Ataxx (Round Robin Outbreak Ataxx) - Gnahaha
May Giveaway Chess (Round Robin Giveaway Chess) - Sir Gilmour of the GoldTable
May Quicksand Four in a Row (Round Robin Quicksand Four In a Row) - keops
Mid August Giveaway Backgammon (Round Robin Giveaway Backgammon) - Nukkle Dragger
Mid August Outbreak (Round Robin Outbreak) - Gnahaha
Mug Go-Moku Match Set 1-C (Round Robin Golden Pente) - neonlicht
October 8x8 Trax 2005 (Round Robin 8x8 Trax) - Dragon101
October Giveaway Chess 2005 (Round Robin Giveaway Chess) - rabbitoid
October Large Go Moku 2005 (Round Robin Large Go Moku) - rabbitoid
Outbreak Madness Atraxx (Round Robin Outbreak Ataxx) - Gnahaha
Outbreak Madness Outbreak (Round Robin Outbreak) - Gnahaha
PamperMe&toadisgimpyGo-Moku (Round Robin Go Moku) - keops
PismoTigress's Wild Go Moku (Round Robin Go Moku) - keops
PorkPie Ala Mode Backgammon (Round Robin Backgammon) - Buz
Reddragon's Wooden Guest Salvo (Round Robin Salvo) - unicorn
Salvo Madness Devious Salvo (Round Robin Devious Salvo) - Maverick
Trivium's 'Gammon Gold (Round Robin Backgammon) - pioenroosje

A Mug For All Seasons
Hello, this month I received my Goldtoken Stainless Steel Mug and it’s great.

Mug is perhaps too small a word to describe this beautiful drinks receptacle. It is truly a versatile drinks container, insulated to keep hot drinks steaming hot and cold drinks icy cold.

It has a lid to keep the heat in and flying things out of your cold drink. It has an interesting slider to sip from or insert a straw into. The lid also makes your Gin and Tonic child proof.

Here in Cyprus the summer temperature often goes above 40c and my cold drink becomes warm in minutes, but it won’t next summer in my new Mug.

My husband has put this on his list of Xmas “wants” just under the Porsche 911. So it must be good. And at $9.95 it’s a lot cheaper than a Porsche.


Games Corner by Badger
This month's feature: Salvo

Salvo's objective is simply to sink your opponent's entire fleet before they sink yours. You select a square and fire. With planning (and a bit of luck) you will make a direct hit, locating one of your opponent's vessels.

The game is by no means difficult and is simple enough to be enjoyed by everyone. But don't let this game fool you. There's certainly skill involved in Salvo even though luck plays a strong role. Placing your own ships in a hard to guess pattern, developing a search strategy (random guessing is not optimal), and guessing your opponent's ship placement strategy (if they had one); will greatly improve your game.
  • Vary your ship placement.
Never place them in a predictable pattern you have used before. Players can look up your old games and shoot accordingly.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your shots.
One of the best strategies is to first go after your opponent's largest remaining ship, selecting grid squares where the ship could fit both vertically and horizontally. Stagger your shots in a checkerboard pattern. Try to avoid placing two shots side-by-side. This way you can logically eliminate squares where your opponent's ships cannot possible fit, without having to actually waste a shot on them.
  • Always think diagonals throughout the game. After hitting a ship, try the open area most nearly diagonal across the screen from the hit.
In the beginning, unless you know your opponents standard pattern, your best bet is to fire into the middle of the grid. Target one of the four squares at the very center...three or four squares down from the top, and three or four squares in from the left. If you miss, stay within that four-square mini-grid, on the space diagonal from your first.

If you miss again on the second shot, go into the square formed by the spaces one in from the outside, and target one of the corners. To clarify, fire at one of these four spaces: one down from the top and one in from the left; one down from the top and one in from the right; one up from the bottom and one in from the left; or one up from the bottom and one in from the right. If you miss again, fire at the opposite diagonal space.
  • Play aggressively and never give up.
Always remember: The course of Salvo can suddenly turn around very quickly with two lucky hits or be lost by a player who dawdles in finishing off his opponents ships.

May all your shots be hot!!

If you think you´ve got what it takes to impart some unknown game skills to other players out there, send your submissions for Games Corner to Kran

Newsletter Picture Hunt

Hooray! to November's Logo winners!! They are:

1) Honeybear
2) Nancy
3) Nan54
4) Nargada
5) pepperbeach
6) Silkwood
7) RockinRon
8) SarahMills

This months treasure hunt is December Decorations. Be among the first ten players to find all 12 GoldToken Logos hidden among the Platinum member's profiles - each featuring the Goldtoken Horse. A special thanks to firefly for providing our GoldToken logo with this wonderful fun adventure!!

The first treasure hunt player to find all 12 wins a GoldToken License Plate Holder!! The next nine players to correctly find the 12 logos will win one of the new GoldToken Post-it Note Pads!!

Everyone can play! Guests included! Once you have found all 12, message Badger with Profile Treasure Hunt in the subject line and the first 10 correct will win a prize! Good luck!!
Note: sharing the logo locations before the contest ends disqualifies you. So please play fair.

Tessa's Twisters

Hi everyone,
Time for another twister!! If you are the first player to answer this riddle, Badger has a GT keychain pen for you! So what are you waiting for? Hurry on over to the poetry board!
See you there!

He comes from Sherwood Forest
And if the truth be told,
Be careful when you play with him
Cause he will steal your gold!

His nic is always changing
Wonder who is today?
He is very witty
and always has a lot to say!

He loves to play a game of chess
And his rating seems to show it,
Now it's time to give his name
But only if you know it!

Please post your answers on the Poetry Corner DB.

It's GoldToken History
By Kas, player #29!

DoubleO 29

Isn't it wonderfull to play turnedbase games over the internet?
Goldtoken (GT) gives you full possibilities for it, the site is never down, and though it's quite a large community already, lines are still short !

Esp. for us chessplayers it's cool cause , although now it's so common to play in clubs on the web ,in so many area's in the world it isn't that easy to reach and be part and member of a chessclub cause there aren't that many.One of the blessings of GT, that possibility to play against all people all over the world .
Hey that's for all other games here at GT too, don't get me wrong, but this story in particular is about the first club here on GT , Chess4fun (C4F).

Yep ladies and gentlemen, the reason GT was borne is in the fact that former director here Chad is and was a member of C4F and had the ability to build a site quite like, C4F's former playground.Before that period sites like this just didn't exist and C4F played on one obscure little server, with a little real time DOS board
C4F now had the luxury to communicate and set up things in their own way,......

this is our "drafting"text:

Long before websites, such as this, offered turn-based games, a group of people played correspondence chess.
They began playing on a previous website and gradually the membership grew.
Recently, we moved all of our club games to this site and post all of our club activity here as well.
Because of our club history, we have two seat listings. Our [ Official Seat Listing ] displays the actual 'ladder-system' while GoldToken displays our 'Team' ladder.

If interested in joining Chess4Fun, or if you know of anyone who might be a good addition to our club, please send a message to KINGSLAYER or to Kingpin1, Oakheart and we'd be happy to discuss the club with you.

In next Issue part two of this thrilling story!
Member 29

Note From Buz

Okay i would just like to say thanx to those that participated in guessing when i would get my 20000th gold token and the winner is

FixitDaveNov 2014:00 gmt
I gained my token at This move was completed 20 Nov 2005 at 1:47PM.
If fixit dave would send badger his address then he will recive his prize.


Testimonial Of The Month

Just play one game

Come join the fun just play one game,
And soon you too, will see;
No doubt your lives won't be the same,
You'll find yourself from dusk till dawn,
Returning to this FUN;
Many nights you'll fight that yawn,
Saying: "one more,THEN I'M DONE" !
A special thanks to Beckie B for this GT Testimonial poem!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!...I just got my shirt in the mail and love it!!! and the goldtoken pen was such a nice are I can't wait to get my jacket and premium membership is like Christmas came early....I am truly glad that I was told about GoldToken and I actually feel like i have a wonderful online extended family....Sherry catlover

Would you like to make your affection for GoldToken known? Please send your testimonials (or any other material submissions) to Kran for possible inclusion in future editions -- thank you!

  • Are you witty and fun? Can you be found online at GoldToken several times a day throughout the week? If so, you might enjoy posting Random Trivia! Contact Badger for more information about how you can be more involved with posting this fun game!
  • If you would like to post special club news or announcements for your club, please send it in, in 100 words or less and spellchecked, to Kran and we will gladly add what we can, on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
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