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Current Club Feature Requests

Number of Club Team Members Next to the Link to Each Team This would enable officers to know at a glance for what games they could issue an automatic inter-club challenge

I would like to see a feature where I could delete a sent inter-club challenge invite before it's accepted and I would also like to see these rejected inter-club invites disappear immediately off the club's main page*.

Wih all games: to select from in the clubs. Is it possible to get a drop down menu for all the games are available in that club. So, when a new member joins. They don't have to sit there click one game and then scroll down to where the games are listed and click the next game they choose to play in the game. And they have to repeat the proccess over again untill the have signed up all the games that they like to play in that club,
Could use it on the new game page also.

CC Invitations to Club Officers?
Let club officers see club members' invitations for wiki-run club tournaments to enable club officers to know whether required invitations have been issued.

I'd like to see more officer positions, for example
Tournament Officer: one who sets up new tournaments and keeps track of the progress of the games
  • until there is an option to automatically start a tournament, there is not really any need for this. There is already the referee privilege that you could use.

Many club DBs get defunct probably because members are not alerted in their inbox: (1) About new posts in the club DBs which they have posted at least once; (2) About replies to their posts in a club DB they've posted to (or replies to the topics in a club DB they've posted to).
It'll be helpful if members have an automatic message in their inbox saying that (1) There are new posts in the following club DBs. (2) There are new replies to your post on the following club DB (3) There are new posts in the following topics of the following club DBs.
When I say club DB I also mean any other activity of the club that has to be notified to the member.

Attention Badger This request below has been completed in part. We now have Onyx tokens for people who win Inner Club Tournaments, however, this requests specifies club challenges. I think the requested priveledge to allow a Club Owner, President, etc needs to be omitted and denied personally (abuse potential), however perhaps the Onyx Tokens can be included (Or a different token of some sorts) to be given to the each of the players who partake and win in a formal (automated) club challenge. Of cousre the club settings option you mentioned in reply originally sounds interesting as well.

I was thinking, how about apart from the gold, silver and wood tokens have Club Tokens? This will be awarded when a player win in a club challenge... like we as presidents have the membership settings add the "award club token" feature to compensate a member for a win in a club challenge. For me it would be a nice way for me as President to say "Thank you for being here and play for the club". Plus is also an incentive for them to participate and to get better.
  • this may soon be possbile within the club setting of having club tokens next to the players name within the club, but not until after the club tournaments have been fixed...B

It would be nice if there was an option in the club settings where the president could choose to have all the players' pictures shown next to their names on the club page.
  • obviously for players who are not platinum members or who have not uploaded a picture to their profile, no picture would be displayed.

When the clubs icon is clicked on, can the listing of clubs displayed be minimaized so if they don't have at least one player signed up their club isn't shown?

I would like to always have my club members games setting set to: 3 days, loss of game.
You have the option to choose a setting for club ladder games, why not have this then set to default on all invites made from a club page site. Most club start games have a 3 day, loss of game penalty. As a club president, I have found many people make an error when sending out invites for club games.

I would like a way to check your club wiki hot list, someplace on your club page, without opening a wiki first.

To allow a Club Owner to send a message to all the members of that particular club? (not just club news)

I'd like to see clubs have more than one owner,as an option,that way if one owner has to leave the club,it doesn't go under,also have all message sent to all owners.

Would be nice to have an Officers only DB for clubs (similiar to site DB's where membership is required to even view the board) If your not "authorized" you cannot see the board, this would also eliminate the excessive clubs created for Club "X" Officers, etc.

What I would like when sending invites for a wiki internal club challenge, you can pick if it's a club challenge or now while sending the invite for the game. Then another choice would come up saying what club is it for and it will give you a list of clubs that you are in to pick from. Thanks for reading!

I would like see clubs have a club logo similiar to players logos.

I would like to be able to send all my invites in a club tournament at once similiar to what a platimum member does now in sending message

A wiki-type link to automated club vs club challenges. One that works even after the challenge is complete.
Ex. { ClubTourney#1234 }

As well as links to Club Ladders: { ClubLadder: Back }

The ability to send a message with an automated club vs club challenge invitation as well as sending a message when the invitation is accepted or declined.

If a club vs club challenge invitation times out, it'd be nice to get some sort of notification... either a msg or a 'timed out' challenges section on the club homepage.

For the 'Received Inter-Club Challenges' section on the club homepage, a column for when the invitation times out.

The option for 2-game matches for automated club vs club challenges. (Needed for games where there is an advantage to moving first/second.)

Automated club vs club challenges in a Round Robin format where each club player plays each of the other club members only (i.e. you aren't randomly thrown into a tourney and could play your own club-mates). (Also, as above, w/ 1 or 2-game option).

Multi-club automated club vs club challenges for games that require more than 2 players (in current format and round robin).

Club invites that time out when the person is on vacation,would be nice if the system coud read that the person is on vacation so that the invite wouldn't time out,causing you to have to reinvite every three days?

Club Invites - 1st there should be a way to show who invited a person into the club.

2nd the invite needs to be clearer - so many people ask how do I get into the club or where do I click to get into the club?

Hi I would like to see a feature added to in game message. Could it be possible to include a feature in a game were all messages can be blocked (ie. each game not a blanket for all games). It might be a way of getting rid of the ignore lists that some members have and also stop bad members from harassing other members or members who do not like each other. the advantage for club officers would be they could pair members not wishing coments with each other to continue to play in the clubs wiki tourneys. At the moment if they are on an ignore list they can not send invites to each other. In the sites own auto tourneys the ignoring players can still be paired together and are in fact done so.

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Denied Club Feature Requests

Would be possible to add a feature to membership section of the club Membership link. I would like to know as a club owner if my club members enabled the club news on game sheet feature. So if a enable or a yes or no could be added next to the members name in the Membership Options section that would be great help to club owners to know if there members is getting the info or not.
  • Invasion of privacy. All members entering a club start out "subscribed" to the club news. The member must alter this to not receive clubs news. Meaning if they are not getting your info, it is because they requested it not be sent to them.

I would like to see in clubs what DB clubs members have checked, because you can post and not get any answers.
  • It would be hurtful to players privacy...B

A link to your club wiki hot list, on your main wiki hot list would be nice.
  • Probably not very practical for people who are members of lots of clubs.

Implemented Club Feature Requests

I would like to be able to lock and unlock a wiki, from members, so only officers in the club could edit.
  • Completed! Platinum members have the ability to lock a wiki. Onec a wiki is locked, only the person who locked it may edit it, nobody else. A Platinum member who is a president or an owner of a club can lock wiki pages within that club, and all Platinum members can lock wiki pages on the main site.
Note: Locking wiki pages on the main site is meant to allow you to create a public wiki page that only you can edit. The administration can override any such lock, if necessary, to prevent players from locking wikis that shouldn't be locked.

I think that it would be pretty cool to be able to make open invites that show up on the club page and can only be accepted by a member of that club.
  • Complete! When starting a new game from the New Game screen, you now have an option to pick a club for which this invitation will be valid. This will only work for open invites (when you don't specify a player to invite). Club invites will not appear on the main gamesheet, but instead on the club page of the chosen club, and only members of that club will be able to see and accept the invitation.

I would like to change the messages sent to invite new members...Something to tell them more about my club
  • Completed! Club invites can be personalized now - you have the option to edit the text that will be sent in the invite. The link to the club has to stay intact - if you remove it, the site will automatically add it back. You also have an option to preview the invitation before sending it.

Is there a way we can have both a Team List and also Ladders within the Club?
  • Completed!

I think it would be useful if new club members were automatically subscribed to the club's main chat board. They could still uncheck it if they wished.
  • Completed! Clubs now have the option to specify a board to which all new members will be automatically subscribed. They can still unsubscribe afterwards, if they wish.

I would like the club home page display altered, so that the Club Information is shown at the top of the page rather than bottom. Currently If you click on a club, you see it's members first and have to scroll down to see what the club is for/about. Quite a task for large clubs with hundreds of members. I'd rather see what a club is about, before I view who is in it.
  • Completed! Clubs now have an option to have the club profile displayed at the top of their club page, above the member list

Automated Club challenges
  • Completed! Club challenges can now be automated and you can message GoldToken Support to find out who can set up your inner club tournaments for you. Players must be on your club team to par take in the automated challenges, and players can sign up for the inner club touraments once it has been created.

It would be nice if players could recieve a special token for winning club tournaments.
  • Completed! Players who win a automated (site run) club tournament will now receive an Onyx Token which will be listed with their other tokens on the players game sheet.

I would like to be able to see (at a glance) what teams a player in my club is on.
  • Completed! You can now go to membership in your club, click on edit next to the person you wish to inquire about, then scroll down and you will see a listing of all the teams the player is on in your club.

It would be nice if you could delete old News post
  • Completed! Simply click "I've read the news" in the lower left hand corner of the Newsletter and it will be gone.
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