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Current Discussion Board Feature Requests

Has a feature ever been suggested where when replying to a person in a discussion' the reply automatically includes the name of the person whose post one is replying to? As in, persons name or in reply to "persons name" Sometimes it's difficult to follow a discussion and who is saying what to whom. ;)

Could you add a Language or Conlang board with a focus on linguistic features and how to create new languages?

Could you add a board that holds the last several site announcements? (from the game sheet)

It is frustrating when you read a message, click to verify/dismiss that message, and then a short time later realize that
what you are looking at was posted in an announcement, but there is no way to go back and look at the announcement again.

If something like this already exists, I am unable to find it.

Add Here DB to help those desiring HTH play connect with a Here link to it on http://goldtoken.com/games/player?who=here which one could click to be on it. Have a Leave button on it. Have signing out remove one from it. Have messages delete after a short time, maybe a half hour.

Is it possible to have various DBs for country-specific content? I have great sympathy for the traumatic effect on the American psyche caused by 9/11, but to non-Americans it isn't relevant, just as Australian, British, South African etc issues are not relevant to people from the rest of the world. Other people may be less sympathetic to commemorations of 9/11 than I, and could well be irritated by the number of posts. It would probably not be appreciated if South Africans flooded the General Chat DB with culture-specific items. I have already personally experienced a backlash after posting jokes on the Jokes DB which were not intelligible to Americans because of culture differences.
  • Opinion, to be view by Badger, Request to be denied This is not practical. While the point is well noted it would be better for users to establish "Cultural Clubs" if they please, but for general DB's they should be left open to share views of everyone, after all the site is on the "World Wide Web".

The colored tokens to the left of the DB list are not very clear as to whether it's gold, silver, wood or platinum. Can this be enhanced?

Next to the DB. name in the DB. list, and on top of the page inside every DB., you mention the detailed eligibility criteria both for reading and for posting. (Alongside the D.B. name in the D.B. list is very important for those who cannot read the D.B. inside).

Rules for a particular DB should be displayed somewhere in the DB. So now there should be two links: First, the existing "Please read the DB rules" and Second, "Please read the particular rules for this DB".

On the main discussion boards page where it lists all the discussion boards, for people with large screens, the numbers on the right which tell how many new posts are on a board can be hard to match up to the correct discussion board. How about if the background of that page would be a different color for every other discussion board - like how the Game Sheet lists games for players.

When a reply is posted on a discussion board (in the nested/threaded format), it doesn't always appear associated with the comment to which the reply is made.

Some discussion boards contain many postings during the course of a day. It may not always be possible to spend the amount of time in the DB to view/respond to them. However, when I leave the DB, I lose the ability to quickly review new postings I have not yet read. Would it be possible to enable a feature similar to the "I've Read The News" for subscribed DB, so that postings since the last time a particular DB was reviewed and clicked as being read, would be available?

Would it be possible to permit a user to moderate his own post? we have the preview, but we don't always use it, and it's sometimes useful to correct spelling or anything else once the "post message" is clicked.

How about a link directly to the poll db in the poll results. Would make it easier to get in on the "other" discussions.

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Denied Discussion Board Requests

How about a discussion board for nothing but post's about the many moderations that are done on this web site.
  • the site DB's average one a day....B
    • your point is?
  • discussing moderations does not follow the friendly atmosphere of our family friendly site. Moderations are not to be discussed publically, they are to be discussed in private with GoldToken Support, if you feel you have been unjustly moderated. Thus there is no need for the board.

What about a DB that highlights odd results in a game like a GT believe it or not section?

Implemented Discussion Board Requests

I think it would be a great help to members to have a discussion board created for the wiki pages. A place where members can share ideas, share wikis, or get assistance and help one another in the world of the wiki web.
  • Completed!! You can now utilize the use of

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