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All Aboard

I periodically get confused about the connectivity in and around St. Louis. I think this edit to the line between Pittsburg and St. Louis would help all the connections be more clear at a glance:


Happy to produce full versions of the edited (photoshopped) maps if necessary (at a higher quality). The link above is just zoomed in on the area in question, and done pretty quick (read: sloppy).

All Aboard
For people that struggle with reading and/or geography, I recommend a feature (similar to the one implemented for All Aboard) where hovering over a location card causes said location to highlight on the map.

Imperium Graphics Please make the angle of the pieces more exact. I erred in thinking that a Y piece (Lance C) was a T piece (Lance A) partly because the angle of the Y's bottom was a little off. M3 on 8 July 2023 at 2101R

Domination Colorblind Mode Posted by jonfunk on 6 Feb 2023 at 10:48AM
I have a colorblind friend that always struggles with Domination and its variants. Any chance we could add a graphical option to slightly alter the symbol, in addition to the color to the ownership circles? Perhaps little Cardinal Directions dots or similar? (I.e. green had a dot above the circle, red above-to-the-right, yellow to the right, etc.)

In Imperium any captured piece should be highlighted on the next move.

More games need a loss-of-turn feature, even where it's not easy. For example, in the Caveman family, a player who times out could automatically fold, even if that wasn't an option because no one raised.

In the game of loco ocho would it be possible to add an option to arrange cards by suit. When you have a large hand having them all mixed up is difficult when you have to play by suit.

For practice, how about a "problems" feature. That is, make the right move(s) the first time for rating points (and the rating of the problem decreases); failure the first time for minus points (and the rating of the problem increases). (Only the first try counts.) Easiest with endgames of strategy games, perhaps possible with others, not possible with some games (like maybe the Rock Paper Scissors group). Not needed for the Go group (because of goproblems.com) or certain Western chess variants - i.e. those that play just like chess (because of chessproblems.com).

Some games need a mercy rule. Like, if the outcome is not a foregone conclusion, but the simplest strategy wins, the player wins automatically.
  • For example, in GoldFences, once a player is out of fences, has a clear path to the exit, and has a shorter distance to the exit, s/he should win automatically. (Probably applicable to two-player games only.)
  • In Polar Poultry, a player who catches more than 50 fish should win automatically, since at that point the outcome IS a foregone conclusion. (This number can decrease when fish get isolated from BOTH players, or fish that stalemated penguins are standing on.)
  • In Eureka, the most points you can get in any one round is the number of tricks present, or your bid plus ten, whichever is higher. So, in the last round, once the remaining tricks (or enough for someone to succeed at his/her bid) can go to any one player with the same possible outcome each way, the outcome is a foregone conclusion again, and the game ends early.

Since they're already available on a player's profile, why not have players' sexes visible on the game page? Say the Mars symbol (♂), or else the letter M, for males, and the Venus symbol (♀), or else the letter F, for females.

In Polar Poultry, the most recently vacated hex should be displayed, as a vacant hex with no fish, no iceberg, no black border - just for easy reference to see where your opponent moved.

In rematches, players should be randomly shuffled by default, unless everyone wants the same order. This is because an incompetent player can skew the game in favor of, not everyone, but the next player, as in the GoldDots family.


In multiplayer GoldDots, a crummy player can make the rest suffer; maybe score the game differently? [...]


"No valid move" situation

In backgammon, if a player has no possible valid move, his turn is skipped and the opponent takes another turn - this saves major delays when a player clicks on a game and is then told there is no move to make, the game therefore proceeds more speedily

Could not this same approach be made in the ludocrous/ludocarte games - a lot of time is wasted waiting for a player to click on the game only to be told he/she has no valid move and to return to the gameshhet.


(Posted in [ Ideas for Games ] board.)
Can I suggest a rule change? Like, suppose a player is on the bar, with no moves for ANY dice rolls at all - then can she have her turn skipped? It's not like there's any difference in outcome - or that she might want to concede or double so soon.


Hi, how about making the Dipole colors brighter, or easier to distinguish; e.g. make the numbers bolder. I have to squint at some of them.

Game of Go option:

Ability to download the game in ".sgf" format (used by many Go software clients - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_Game_Format)

Game sheet option:

Would it be possible to add an option to Save this game and move to the next game with this opponent?

Word games

With the "Trade tiles" option, would it be possible to have a "Trade All Tiles" option as well as the individual option? And a warning box that asks "Are you sure you want to trade ALL of your tiles?"

Team games

In certain real life team games eg volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, cricket etc any player in the team is allowed to make a play if they happen to be in the right place at the right time eg to score, to clear, to attack, to defend etc.

It strikes me that this would make a good model for a new type of game mode on GT in which any member of the team (on which more later) who happens to be online will see the game on their game sheet, and can open the game to play the move or leave it for another team member if preferred for whatever reason.

Teams could be composed of any formalised team of up to any predetermined number of players who have banded together to play games. Another fun approach could be to allocate players to informal teams based on any reasonably stable demographics eg hemisphere, continent, country, age, gender or any combination thereof eg men of the world against women of the world, women of North America against women of South America, under 40s against over 40s or whatever criteria programming and the GT database allow for.

In essence the games played would be exactly the same as existing games on GT, the only difference being that any member of a group (the team) is able to open the game and make the move which is waiting to be made. This will speed up games, provide more games for players to play, and increase socialising between players in teams.

Xiph New Mechanic - Move planets!

Depending on the layout of certain galaxies and initial player placement, it's easy to get trapped or develop border stalemates early. While the 'game' is figuring out how to break these stalemates, I feel like there's a possible mechanic that hasn't been considered: Moving planets.

I would suggest that a planet move is necessarily expensive (45+ Golderos, similar to captain suicide) because of the effort such an undertaking would require.

This would open up the game in many interesting / strategic ways! Suddenly your 'border' isn't limited to a few planets at a choke point. If you are saving up money turn after turn, you can start moving planets that you own (one unit in any direction that would still keep a connection to your own territory, creating new avenues for invasion / siege breaking, etc.

If you are worried about affecting the balance of the existing game with this change, you could introduce some new variants that feature the planet moving feature, or make it a toggle-able option when creating a new game (possibly de-activated for tournaments)

Xiph Shield Balance

One problem I have with all the Xiph games is the one-time purchase price for shields relative to their ability to resist all but a captain. Get enough money in the bank and you can make a frustratingly impenetrable array of shield-wall. My suggestion is to add a 'per turn' cost to having shields.

It could either be a simple "(Fixed price) per turn per shield" cost OR, for a more strategic driver: "(Variable price) per turn per shield" where the variable cost grows (or shrinks?) with the number of shields you have. i.e. 1 - 2 shields = 3 Goldero per turn each. 3 - 4 = 4 Goldero per turn each. 5 - 6 = 6 Goldero per turn each.

This would quickly limit the number of shields a region could support and (hopefully) prevent infinte-shield spam.

If a region ran out of income to support itself, along with the aliens dying, the shields could either just go away or 'go dormant' until a) the income needed is present and b) the owner clicks on the dormant shield to re-activate it.

Team Chat!

In any games that require strategic teamwork (Nabbem, Xiphiasteym, Grand Camelot, Team Action, and Team Salvo to name a few), it would be GREAT to have a multi-user team chat box, seperate from the general (public) chat box that already exists. Trying to manage team strategy by messages is clunky and frustrating by comparison. And using the public box reveals your strategy to your opponents.

please incorporate cribbage board to count points.
61 points it's clear win, so cribbage board will
fit perfectly as a counting tool.
Game can be short to 61 or to 121.

Is i" it possible to change the rules so that in the initial deal of nine cards a Gami is not recognized? I have played a game where one person starts the game with 11 cards while the opponent starts with 7 cards. I would like to see the game start with each player having 9 cards.

While playing a game of Ludocarteym ( http://goldtoken.com/games/play?g=9104222 ) one member of the team got a man home but was not able to move the bonus 20 move.
Made the group of us playing thing how goog it would be to be able to give the bonus move you your team member/partner.

Is it possible to get it programed into game that is a player can not use the bonus move to give it to partner. Also if possible the bonus 10 move for landing on a player and sending them back to start?

Rummikub and all variants.
It would be a huge help if we could take back a card we put down without having to click the back button over and over until we get to it or else we have to undo our move. It won't allow you to remove a card out of sequence even if it's a card that was in our hand.

Feature request for Gami: Can we drop the ability to score a Gami on the deal of the nine cards? The game would be fairer and more balanced if both parties start with nine cards.

Feature request for Domination: Can we find a better way to do the troop movement after a victory? Perhaps a drop-down menu or a table of values, rather than a horizontal list?

Example: https://sites.google.com/site/funksjumppoint/Home/2014-05-15_0910.png

Isn't that a bit unwieldy?

Would you please change two things about Imperium here: 1) improve its notation to give more information about what happened & 2) show captured pieces as is done in other games such as Chess and Checkers?
BxP in Descriptive Notation tells which piece captured and which disappeared from the board. exd4 in Abbreviated Algebraic Notation tells one that a Pawn took something -- without telling one what something !!! -- on d4. Showing the captured pieces next to the board would lessen the need to name the taken man in the notation. Please name the files with small letters to leave the pieces the only things named with big letters. I suggest using a cross between Full Algebraic and Descriptive Notation, for examples, PCg8-g6 for non-capture moves and Sd6xPCc5 for capturing moves as mentioned in the message cited below which was posted on 29 Jan 2014 at 4:07PM UTC -6.
http://goldtoken.com/games/boards?board=7637;messageid=3918449 or { BoardMessage#3918449 }. Thanks in advance. M3

Chess, Imperium, and almost all other strategy games: 'alternate history mode': Give players the ability to rewind a game that has finished back to a certain point in the game and replay it. The replayed game would never be for stats, just for fun.

I know most chess players have those moments where 'If I had only done X at turn Y'. Well, now they could! (opponent willing).

Mahjong: It would be nice if you could click on the discarded tile in a Mahjong game to collect it, instead of having to use the 'Pick up discarded tile' link. Thanks, TallPaul

Greetings to all you hard-working squirrels who run the best games site in the Universe!

I've been thinking about the message boards (chat boxes) in the individual games, and wondering why there's no facility to preview a message there, as one can in other areas of the site, like this message. I can preview it, edit it and change it before committing it to the ether and to posterity.

My idea arises from a couple of (inconsequential) errors that I have posted; I'm pleased that I haven't said anything which my recipient could construe as offensive. Not yet, anyhow. Smiling
Is it a possibility?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Group Rummikub-instead of organizing the tiles by colour, they should be organized by groups.
Dominoes and Grabble: I would like a feature to sort the tiles/dominoes in my hand. I would still want to know which tiles I had drawn on a particular round, or which Dominoes I had just got from the Boneyard, but it would be very helpful if they could be put in alphabetical order(Grabble) or numerical order(Dominoes) if a player chose too.
Mancala: could the positions be renumbered 1-12 instead of 1-6 for both players?

Mancala: could the positions be "engraved" on the board (in a contrasting colour), under or above the relevant pot?

is there any way to make it so we can view last message instead of viewing all older messages? some games have hundreds of messages and it would be so much easier to view last message.... EX: There are 203 older messages. You can view all messages.

Forced Moves #2

As for the suggestion below for forced moves, could not games such as Ludocrous, Ludocarte etc. immediately return the move to the opponent when a player has NO valid move to make. This happens in backgammon when a player's entry to the board is blocked and in Tourne-Case where no legal move is possible but in the ludo games I get asked to pass my turn day after day when the other player could have been making many consecutive valid moves.



Forced Moves.

When there is only one possible move a player can make it would be very nice if that move were made automatically by the system, and the game passed directly back to their opponent who made the forcing move. Would speed up games considerably, keep faster players happier, and reduce timeouts.

I would like to see the Multiplayer Mancala listed seperatly from the two Player Mancala under completed games and ratings on the Players Profile Page. All the other Multiiplayer games show why not the Multi Player Mancala ?

Conditional Moves

A feature for games, e.g. chess where you have a line in mind, and can play it out in advance and save it as a conditional moveset - if your opponent follows that line the conditional move you have made would be played, and game passed back to opponent. Would speed up games and allow you to play out your "mate in 3" etc in advance against players (chess.com has similar and I find it very useful)

Also could make it so that different levels have different amounts of pre-considered lines they can define, e.g silver 1 line per game, gold 5 lines per game, platinum unlimited. making it more attractive to upgrade.

Nearly Forced moves

Hi, might I make a suggestion? In the two card games of the Microsoft Internet games (i.e. Hearts and Spades), there is the option of "Autoplay" for when the exactly right move no longer matters. At that point - for the rest of the round only - your moves are played randomly for you. (I think it actually plays the highest card possible, actually.)

Can there be a feature like that for the Whist games on here? I just figure it would make some of the games go faster - and it just might help prevent players from timing out sometimes, like, say, if one player decided to go on vacation without enough vacation days (I guess).

Color Domination board has an 'arrow' on it, indicating a certain connection between territories. This arrow suggests one-directional travel when, in fact, you can attack in both directions. I recommend that this is corrected either by updating the artwork so that it is a simple line, or a two-directional arrow OR by changing the gameplay so that you can indeed only move one way.


Hangman feature
when solving the entire word/phrase, currently a Player just adds the correct letters, and the site fills them in. In a recent game, with _e_on already guessed, I tried to solve it by typing M and L, thinking it was MELON. The word was LEMON, but it said I was right.
When guessing the entire thing, instead of just typing the missing letters, a new screen showing the currently correct letters with the missing spaces to be filled in, using cursor to highlight the missing spaces and typing in the appropriate letters would be far more accurate. A bit more tedious, but far more accurate.

Game timeout message wording change...
Currently, it says "Your opponent, <opponent's name> has timeouted. If you want, you can pass the move back."
Timeouted? How about "Your opponent, <opponent's name> has timed out. If you want, you can pass the move back."

In Domination style games, could you add a marker to domination cards that correspond to territories you own? This would make it much easier to decide upon a combination of cards to turn in when you have enough to do so.

In the 6 new sport related games (Paper football, hockey, basketball and simple paper football, hockey and basketball), it would be a great help if the display informed you how many moves had been made in this half and whether the game was in the first or second half. At the moment there is no way to tell how close to the end of a game you have reached. Thank you. ozallan.

A move button.... "save and go to next game with same opponent" would be helpful Smiling

Fives and Threes, etc.
I'd like the option to turn off that "auto-pick from the boneyard". How does the site know which bone I want to choose? A Player can only choose the first bone, and I don't want a program deciding which other bone(s) I may want to pick, lol. I'd much prefer to pick which one(s) one Myself.

When sending an invitation, the current options do not include a "random start", meaning I can either choose to be the first player, or pass that benefit to another.
Especially in multi-player games, having the turn order be random, rather than fixed from the beginning would add an element of suspense, as well as making many games more fair. Even more so when the nature of the game grants an advantage to a particular starting position such as Go et.al. or Chess.

Tanbo ( link on http://www.marksteeregames.com/MSG_abstract_games.html ]

I think it is a very nice game

a new variation where you win if you make a loop, but in difference with loop trax it doesn't matter which color the loop is. (so whoever makes the first loop wins)

Give multi-player games a different rating than one-on-one games.

In Xiphias and its variants add a third option. Now we have loss of turn or loss of game. Count Partial Move(s) Saved as a completed move rather than forfeiting a player who does not finish their move.

Rummy 500.

Card Games, Backgammon, etc.: Autoplay would be nice, eliminating the long wait for the next move (which happens to be forced).

When playing some games you show the history of moves on the right side. I appreciate this, but the history is usually listed with the first move at the top and the most recent move at the bottom. When playing dominoes for instance, I could care less about the first move, but sometimes I have to scroll way down to see if my opponent had to draw any bones. Is there a way to show the history of moves in reverse order?

Hearts: Alternate the passing of cards to Left, Right, and Across.

Hearts: When a player shoots the moon (collects all 26 points in tricks), it is normal that he be given the choice of either subtracting 26 points from his score or adding 26 points to everyone else's score. At GoldTokem, only the 26 point subtraction is available, and if a player keeps shooting the moon against weaker opponents, his score keeps going more and more minus, but the other players don't get any closer to 100 points and the end of the game, thus the game seems to go on forever.

Hearts: When all 26 points are played in a round, the round should end, instead of playing many mindless tricks

It would be helpful if there were a way to delete or retract (self moderate) a message on the gamesheet. On rare occasions I have posted a "note to myself" in the message box instead of the "game box"; also, sometimes I have posted a fun message to an opponent only to realize that I meant it for someone else and would have liked to be able to remove it.

Dominoes: It would be a great if we could sort the moves in descending order. Usually I only care about my opponents last few moves and not the moves he made 3 rounds ago so it would be easier if the most recent moves were at the top instead of at the bottom.
  • Great Idea! To show a note of last move/play without having to see the entire moves list to figure out what they did.

A separation of the ratings so that in friendly games you see the friendly rating and tournament games you see the tournament ratings. Currently the only thing displayed is the tournament rating (once a T-rating has been established)

It would be great if we had a shorter version of hearts and spades to play, the ones now are great but taken FOREVER to play....also when a player times out, is it possible to not deal them in

To add a "Save this move and return to Game Sheet" button to the bottom of the page next to the "Save this move" and "Undo this move". I know that you can set the preferences to automatically return to the game sheet or go to the next game, but it would be nice to have that option available on an as-needed basis.

After making a move in a game having the option/preference setting to "take me to the next game of the same type" then I wouldn't have to keep changing my thought processes for the variants.

In 'general preferences' there is: 'After I make a move in a game:'
a/ show me the move
b/ take me to my next game

Can we have two buttons for save:
a/ save & show
b/ save & next game

Game replay view: A special view (or window) to allow scrolling through a game's moves. When stepping through the past moves of a game, all of the graphics at the top of the page push the board down so far that a user must sometimes scroll the page for each move to see the bottom of the board (especially on small screens). Also, when there is any chat text or notes, the board is pushed further down and then will jump back up on the next move, causing the navigation buttons to move as well. This makes it difficult to quickly scroll through the moves. I would like to suggest a special view that removes all unnecessary items such as the goldtoken header and text chat so that the board and navigation buttons do not move and the full board is visible. Perhaps this can be an option for higher membership levels.

When you open a game, the top menu is on the page. As you click and make a move, the 2nd page - the menu is gone. This is a pain in games like backgammon - where I will make my first move, then as I wait for the page to come back, I move my mouse to make my second move - but opps - where I was going to click is not higher on the page because the top menu is now gone - sometimes making me miss-click, having to then redo the move, etc....
I would love to have an option to either (1) keep how it is, (2) always show top menu on game pages, or (3) always hide top menu on game pages. These 3 options should keep everyone happy, and allow myself & others like myself to go through our games faster and with fewer mistakes.

Can you color code the cards for each player? similar to the way you do the bones in Dominoes? It is very helpul to know who played what card.

It would be helpful to players if you included the number of cards dealt on the round you are on in games where you bid for tricks, like Eureka for example. It would be helpful to know at a glance how many tricks are available when you are in the middle of a round. You can figure it out yourself but it would be nice not to have to.

Header could say: Cards dealt to each player this round: 5

One thing in the backgammon and nack layout, is that I have to scroll down before saving each and every move. The reason is that all the 'Help' text takes up too much space. I don't need to see the help stuff all the time and on every move. Could you move the 'Save' buttons up, above the 'Help' text box?

Also, the idea of having the ability to cede the right to double when on the bar against a closed board. The slow down in play, the boredom factor, is bad.

The game of Go needs handicaps. Unlike other games, Go is normally played with a handicap except when the two players are of equal strength. GT's implementation of the game is woefully incomplete without a system of handicaps. Why implement this fine game only halfway?

Is there a simple way to know the game # when you accept a game?..if it's not your turn it really makes it difficult. It makes me spend lots of time searching for tourney info. after the game has started. If our invite notes were automaticlly on the opening page of the game it would be wonderful!!
  • ~~~we are working with a possibility on being able to name the game at this time....B

Can you get the backgammon games to play 'forced moves' - particularly when there are two or more men on the bar. This would speed up quite a few games.
  • all the remaining games not yet converted from cgi are on the programers list!!! B

What would be useful is an option to randomly place one or all of your ships.
  • is on the programmers list....B

A feature like on brainking.com, to make it a [number]-game match, a [number] win match, or a [number point match...
  • please explain...
    • I think what is being asked for is a sort of mini tournament between just two players. Initially just one game would be started, and a new game would automatically be started when that game ends. This would continue up until the requested number of games or number of wins.

Games of Salvo with multiple people take too long. Everyone should be able to take their turns without waiting for the other people to take their move. There shouldn't be a turn order. It could be divided into rounds, a round being for example, All of the people set up their ships in round one, than everyone fires in round two, and everyone fires in round three and so on. I think that in every round, everyone should get to move without waiting for the players before them.
  • its on the programmers list..lets see if its possible.....B
    • It's a great idea, but isn't this really a new variant? Having moves made simultaneously might subtly change the nature of the game slightly.

Salvo Burst where you fire 1-5 shots on your turn based on the number of ships you have left and do it stealth style.

The number of rows and columns listed for trax games. Very useful to know when lines are a threat.
  • One simple way around this would be to label the columns with numbers rather than letters (just like the rows). This would have to be optional though, as some people are used to the 'standard' Trax way of labelling the board.

Game boards/background for the three Trax Variants should be different colours so that you can tell at a glance which type of game it is.
  • I agree..soon. B

People that have sight and/or memory problems would greatly benefit by being able to set their prefered color for a game or variant...trax games are set that way but nothing else is...why not?

Ability to preview an unlimited amount of future moves (i.e. alternating between yourself and opponents, etc.) Obvioulsy not for games with random or secret information (backgammon or salvo) but good for others.

It is fairly easy to click on Offer Draw by mistake without realising that you have done so. There is a message displayed at the top of the screen when you submit the move, but this is easily overlooked. It would therefore be much better if this message was displayed in a different colour so it stands out much more, making it more obvious that you have chosen to offer a draw.

Dice Games - Would like an option where instead of re-rolling unselected dice, and option to re-roll selected dice. This would be VERY helpful to the players who are use to selecting the dice they want to roll.

How about check boxes for the kept dice instead of clicking on the dice?

Multi-player goldfences, can we have some indication of where players started from or where they are heading. Perhaps the starting border or the destination squares coloured the same as the player. otherwise after a few moves it's confusing where your opponents are heading.

A simple warning saying "Opponent has timed out and missed a turn" could be placed in the text section. After seeing the warning I could then choose to move or pass my turn in the same manner as we currently use.

Dominoes: When you have to pick another tile from the pile, it is a pain when sometimes you have to pick 5-10 tiles to finally make a move. Couldn't there be an option to allow "pick until you can move" so you only have to click once before you make your move.

Dominoes : If I place a piece, I don't really care if it is going up, left, down, or right. I would love to see a "Fast Place" option that people can choose. That way as soon as I click a domino, it is placed on the board for me in whatever position it wants to be placed. The only time it should not place is if the domino can be placed on both sides of the board - in which case it should be up to the user on which side it is to be placed (since there are times it will make a difference in the game). Otherwise, it makes no difference in the game on how the piece is placed so I would love to be able to skip that part.

Backgammon, multi-point games: please add a feature to allow an on-the-bar-against-a-six-point-home-board player to waive their right to double for the duration of their period of being unable to move. Note: this needs to be an option which the player on the bar can opt in to for a particular game; not a general, automatic option.

Please change the card background colors so it is easier to differentiate which card game is being played.

Provide the ability to resign a game even if it is not your turn.

Dominoes, It would be helpful to have a radio button to press for taking from the boneyard rather than the single line at the top of the page.

Would like to be able to use the mouse over feature on browsers other then Internet Explorer. FOR EXAMPLE, in dominos, it can be hard to count all the dots to know what number goes with each domino, and as the board grows larger, then is almost impossible to do. It would be nice if from all browsers, not just IE, if we can hover the mouse over the domino and know what number it is.
  • Why it currently does not work: GoldToken already puts this information in the ALT tag for the domino image, and IE does not follow the HTML * standards and also shows the ALT tag as a rollover (again, against web standards) If the same information that GoldToken already has in the ALT tag was put into a TITLE tag, the mouse "rollover" will work in almost all the browsers (including IE, Firefox, Netscape, etc...) There is very little point to even use the ALT tags anymore since they are mostly used for browsers who can't show images, and I would be very surprised if someone is playing on this site without images turned on.
    • The current standard now distinguishes between ALT tags (for broken images) and TITLE tags (for mouse-overs). Just thought I'd say that.

In the domino game, it would be nice if a "draw tiles until I get one I can use" feature could be added. It can be a pain to sit there for 3 minutes clicking and picking up new dominos for your hand, waiting for each page to reload with the new domino. Would be nice if with 1 click, it would draw as many dominos as needed so I can then play.

I would like to see on the gamesheet, behind the name of the opponent, the name of the tournament the mentioned game relates to. This would give me the option to 1) quickly identify the games played under condition "no vac days" when I am on vacation and have limited time to make moves 2) I like to know which games are ladder games 3) which games on the game sheet relate to the same tournament.
This could be set up as an option, so that each player can decide for him/her self whether or not to show this info.

It would be helpful if we had an option to retrieve the previous 10 or 20 messages in addition to view all messages. Often, we just need to see a couple of the past ones to get back on track with the conversation. And with those that play on their phones, it can take a while to retrieve 100-200 messages or more.

In tournament matches, it would be nice if the round information could be displayed in the information area below the playing field, especially whether the game being played is in the final round.

In Backgammon and variants, it would be nice if the dice matched the colour of the pieces - ie: black dice with white pips for the person playing black.

In Backgammon and variants, how about money games, with fake money? Depending how you join, you could start with different amounts of fake money, like $100 or $1,000; and high scores for the previous period would be updated, and winnings reset, after a certain period of time, like 24 hours, or 72, or one week or two.

Grabble should have an option to challenge words. too many non words are accepted

In team games, such as Xiphiasteym and Grand Camelot, it is hard for teammates to communicate with each other. Could you: 1) set it up so that partners could see what the other partner writes in the "Notes" section, or 2) make a new 3rd box under the "Notes" box and title it something like "Partner Communication" or "Partner Notes"?
Thank you, even if you can't do this!!!! Smiling

Xiphias - reduce number of clicks to take a turn
My request is to replace the "purchase alien" option with "purchase drone", "purchase soldier" and "purchase captain" options.

In big games of, say, Xiphiastrey, it can take hundreds of clicks to take your turn.

If you have a slow connection this can be very painful.

Thanks for considering my request.


Senet and Senet (Bell's variant)
Please would it be possible to make the background in Senet and Senet (Bell's variant) different colours like there is in the card games and dominoe games .
If you are playing fast it is easy to forget which one you are playing Thank you

All Games Feature...A way to inform player(s) that their only outcome is defeat


show recap of count at the end of a hand; currently the only one who sees the card count is the one who plays the last card

Mancala: would it be possible to represent the seeds with something akin to poker chips? I'm aware that a player can check how many seeds are in a pot by moving the cursor over it.
I thought it might make it easier to tell eg. White for 1 seed, Blue for 5, Red for 10, Green for 25. The exact colours that were allocated to each value, or possibly even the values themselves are not necessarily that important. I think that that would result in no more than 7 "seeds" appearing in any pot.
Using Base 2 would bring the maximum number of "seeds" required down to 5, but six different colours would be needed to represent the values - and it might be less user friendly.

Chinese Checkers:
When 1 or more players quit in Chinese checkers their pieces are left on the board, blocking people from moving.  Is there any way that these can be removed?  Or even though the pieces are still on the board, can a person move on top of them since they are not longer in the game?


In Ludocrous games I think it would be a good idea that if your blocked by your opponent the game skips you until you can move again....like backgammon does.....thanks {User : stinger41}

I have noticed that some of the games (chess and checkers) have a check box above the save move button that allows you to stay on the same game after submitting. I wish this was offered in the caveman games, as I think it would be nice particularly after a draw phase to see what you get right away.

Paper Football

It occurred to me one can score a goal by bouncing the ball from either goalpost. But why on earth can you also bounce from the middle of the goal line?! I used to play paper football on paper, when I was a kid, so I know that this option (bouncing from the middle of goal line) is a huge advantage for the attacking player. All my strategies of defending lie useless now. Could this be changed please? If you happen to end your move in that spot, your turn should end, and the other player should be granted to kick the ball away from danger!

Game chat
Would be great if a chat could be deleted. Sometimes a chat message has been written in a game that was meant for another player, resulting in a Woops Moment.

Whist & variants

In the Whist family (and perhaps Skat family), how about a feature where you see how the last round ended and the beginning of the next - just for reference. It always shows the last trick, but not this.

Also, how about a feature where players are allowed to play loss-of-turn timeouts. Instead of playing no card by default, they'd be forced to play a random card, or perhaps their first available card. Sometimes this doesn't matter anyway, so perhaps some or all of the time, attach a scoring penalty; e.g. -25 points in Spades or something - or some other penalty. (Bidding in Spades could default to 1, the least risky, in an act of mercy.)

Alternatively, perhaps a player who times out could drop out of the round only, and be dealt back in next round. To avoid rewarding such players, reduce their score to the same as whoever's in last place. But to avoid punishing them, too, reduce it to zero if last place has a negative score. (If preferred, simply cause that a round-forfeiting player lose his/her bid, even if s/he would have won it already.)

How about 2-player, 3-player, 6-player, and team Spades? The rules are different.

Bot Players
How about some bot players that are really bad, and will only accept games from established players with low ratings (so as not to be an easy source for gold tokens). (Unrated players can't be judged as to their strength, so these would be disqualified.) Some games, of course, wouldn't need them, such as Moebius Moguls or Rock Paper Scissors, and some might be impossible to program, like Go. But, they might help new players with learning a game when no one else wants to play.

In Ludocrous and variants, how about identifying the color of the piece when you hover the mouse over it, for the benefit of color-blind people.

In All Aboard, I DoubleU won without playing ANY destination cards. This was too easy for me, so the value of cards should, perhaps, be increased in multiplayer games.

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