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You have lots of requests, I have read them and hope I didn't miss one like mine - mine is - When looking up players that haven't moved on a game with me, it has the section last played but I think that "play" could have been while on vacation.
Is it possible to have a "last moved" category so a missing player can be seen easier?

feature request: I wish the Gamesheet had a special symbol for Owner next to all the clubs of which I am Owner.
feature request: Better access to completed games. It would be nice to have access to the complete set of games that one has completed. Perhaps in a link within the 'Tokens' panel on the gamesheet. From there, the ability to sort /filter by game type, completion date, winner, etc. A related idea is that when you click on one of your token types (Gold/Silver/Wood), it takes you to a list of games that you win/other/lost. Clicking on Platinum/Onyx tokens could take you to the list of said tournaments that you won.

modification request: It would be convenient if the email notification that says "New round starting in tournament" would also include a link to said tournament. This would be particularly useful in certain round robin or double elimination tournaments that can start as few as one game for you. It is hard to tell from your gamesheet where that new, individual game that just started is.

adjust the fees for upgrading before the current membership runs out. I've already purchased a Wood membership for a Year, about 3 months ago or so. Upgrading that to a 6 month silver would cost Me the same as buying a silver membership whilst still being a "Guest", despite the fact that I've already spent Money on a wood level membership.So,currently My options are to wait and upgrade later so as not to waste hard earned money, or pay to upgrade AGAIN, wasting the investment I have already placed here.
Following is My initial query regarding this to Goldtoken Support, as well as Their reply. Because I chose to try a wood level before spending enough to be a Silver, I will lose the investment I've already chosen.All because I took more than 30 days to decide whether or not it was worth spending more.... Where is My incentive to pay for improvements????
(Reply from GoldTokenSupport) Players can upgrade, paying just the difference if they purchased the membership being upgraded within the last 30 days. However, your current membership would indeed be converted fully into the new membership dollar for dollar when you upgrade.

Please add your suggestion to the suggestion wiki at [ Feature requests ] where the players that handle site updates and inprovements will see it. High five

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Goldtoken Support
In reply to a message sent on 21 Nov 2010 3:39AM

Hi. I checked into upgrading My membership to silver for 6 months, and it would cost the same, even though I've already paid for a years worth of wood membership. I'd just helped the Lady I work for create a new account for Herself (She may never play, but if She does it'll be on the same computer I use, btw) and I compared the prices.This is a CCP of what the site told Me:

"Site Membership

You have chosen to obtain a 6 months Silver Level Membership for 32 Golderos. The remaining 9 months 2 weeks of your current Wood Level Membership will be recalculated to the new membership, giving you 5 months 4 weeks.

You currently have 0 Golderos, which is not enough to obtain this membership. You can purchase 32 Golderos or choose a different membership offer"

So basically, there is no pro-rate on the current membership. It'll still cost Me 32 golderos, and I don't get any kind of credit for the money I've already spent. It appears to SAY I do, but the math say's otherwise, lol.

Also, there are some pages in the preferences that only Platinum Members can edit. That's fine, but they are in the middle of the rest of the setting pages that a non-Platty CAN set, and lack the "continue" buttons. I realized right away that all I had to do was click on the list on the left to go to the other options, but that might be a bit confusing for a new member. I'd suggest putting the ones that can't be edited at the end of the list.

Thanks 8^)

Current Game Sheet and Profile Feature Requests

Please add a facility on the game sheet that allows one to sort all the games alphabetically by opponent, and permits all games against each opponent to be played consecutively.

Please add another option in Gamesheet Preferences to distinguish games which ignore Days Off and Vacation Days from all others. This would help in the Olympics when some games have the strictest control, the total time limit plus ignoring Days Off and Vacation Days rather than the second strictest, the total time limit. Maybe "total time limit" is better than "set number of days"? Just so it gets the idea across.
Currently it reads as follows:
  • Display games with stricter timeout type first
  • When enabled, games that ignore vacation days will be displayed first, followed by games with a loss of game penalty, followed by games with a loss of turn penalty.
I request that it instead read something like this:
  • Display games with stricter timeout type first
  • When enabled, games that must be completed within a set number of days and ignore vacation days will be displayed first, followed by games which must be completed within a set number of days, followed by games with a loss of game penalty, followed by games with a loss of turn penalty.
This would split games with a total time limit into at least two sections:
  1. those which honor Days Off and Vacation Days and
  2. those which do not honor Days Off and Vacation Days.

I miss a button which allows to choose all games with a special opponent - as par as example "Choose the opponent and play all the games between you and him"

To be able to use Jiggle Letters under preferences as their Nickname.

I wouldn't mind the option of changing the image in "banner boulevard", because I think if I see that lil critter running just ONE MORE TIME, I might go screaming down the road Myself, lol.

On the games, there is an option to "add message". Would it be possible to have an option to preview/delete/not post the message? I ask this because I play games with lots of people, and banter with them. But, sometimes, something that I say to one player may be misconstrued by another player (whom I didn't intend to message). So, I might say something to player X, for example that I would not say to player A. But, having a number of games on the go, I might inadvertently post something that the other player doesn't "get". The option is available on the DB's and clubs, but not on the game boards.

when an e-mail is received from someone, a notice ( or the actual e-mail ) should be sent to our e-mail address.
should be an e-mail option.

08/30/10 PROFILE YELLOW BOXES...Being a club owner, time and time again I have to send out invite reminders to members. I spend a lot of time sending out reminders and things having to do with club challenges. I can't tell you how much time I would save and how convenient it would be, if I could keep notes on a person's profile, that only I could see. It's impossible to remember who/what/when/where's of all the info that I have going out.

Keeping notes of that sort in my personal wiki, and having to go back and forth to it, takes too much time. I do use my 'outbox' to help me with it, but that too takes too much time.

I would expand on the above-idea so that any private notes assigned to another player's profile would be visible in any game with that player. For example, I would like to be able to add a private note on a player's profile page using a yellow box, just as we can on a game. However, whenever I have that player as my opponent and I am on the game page, the note would appear. Examples of information that could be entered: "Real name: Jessica"

Having a "yellow box" (like the one on game pages) that only I could post and see, has several beneficial applications. It would be such a time saver!

In profiles show the members ladders (name, rung of member/ total number of rungs)

A Delete Button on the Gamesheet for News or Discussions that don't interest you. Please Smiling

I would like to see how I've done against someone in a game overall, as in all the games of that type we have played.

Could there be an option in preferences to see your inbox first then your games? Or not even an option; the messages, most of which refer to games, should come above the games! They are dealt with quickly.

Add a small box the the Game Sheet Page where we can post a private note to ourselve. Similiar to our games, only on the game sheet itself.

Any chance of having a customisable links section where you can create links from your game sheet to anywhere on GT...maybe under the "Banner Boulevard" section, could limit it to about 5 links so we could use them to link to our favourite DB, wiki page etc

On the new design of home page can we extend the filter that applies to the waiting games to include a filter for the types of games so that for example someone who only wants to play Chess and Chessgi can see just those games in the list

Currently all tournaments are shown in bold. Could this be altered so that only the tournament games that effect your tournament rating are in bold, not the club tournaments which effect only the F rating.

A link that when you click on the platinum icon on our game page that it shows all of the tourny's we have won?

Ability to sort games on games sheet by game, time out, or player.

Would it be possible to section the game sheet into say tournament games, club games, ladders and friendlies?

Option to sort the lists of games by Time left, Game type or Opponent
  • a variation of this is in the programmers list now B
    • And also to sort by or prioritise the games where the opponent is online, so that moves in those games can be made first to allow those opponents the opportunity to make their move too. This will increase the number of moves made overall and speed up tournaments.

Olympic Medal(s) Display on Profile and/or GameSheet please in addition to the Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Wood Tokens.

Open Game Invites: The filters don't appear to do anything (at least the ratings filter doesn't).

filter open invites by game type.

Open invites are not listed for all game types, most notably I haven't seen an open invite for a normal chess game (non-variant) in months.

How about an option to hide open invites for games that a user is not able to play under their present account level (such as variants)

A way to set a default filter for open invites (for games and/or ratings)that will always be applied at logon?

Chat indicators: Some type of identifier next to game moves that include chat text.

Would it be possible to generate a graph showing how a players game rating fluctuates over time and attach it to their profile?

Duplicated request

I would like to be able to see a history of my ratings as they have changed. Many times I forget to record my rating after a win or loss and can't tell how the next game affected my rating.
  • like a graph? B
    • I think the idea, was just a list showing your rating against each of you recently completed games, but a graph would be pretty cool
    • Another possibility might be that when viewing a past game instead (or in addition to) showing the players' current ratings, it could show what their ratings were at the time the game started and at the time the game ended.

How about a search bar on players profile to find the game you soppuse to invite for a challenge. I have to increase the text to a bigger format to see it better. There is so many games all bunch up together. Easy to miss it several times.

I would like to see a separate link at the bottom of every page for the goldies legend. Perhaps a popup?

Game Invitations sections does not show number of items in the header like the other sections do.

More color schemes, especially a selection of high-contrast schemes for visually impaired users.

Option to accept all invites at once.
  • ~~possible B

Option to add a note against a player, visible only to yourself.
  • ~~possible but maybe for the platinum players B
Do you mean one which shows up whenever you play that player? Otherwise use Yellow.

Option to show new club polls on your gamesheet.
  • ~~possible B

An indicator next to each of the player's names on the game sheet to say whether they're online or not?
  • Its currently on the programmers list!!! B

Link the players names on sent invites. The name of the player who you invited is shown, but it is not shown as a link. In other words it is shown as (for example) Phil The Hat rather than as Phil The Hat
  • ~~ possible B

When a game comes back to you it is put at the bottom of your play list.
  • I would like to add to this and ask when the game I've played comes back if it could be a different color. Thanks!
    • this would be like having every game automatically procrastinated after a move, and changing the gamesheet to show procrastinated games after other games.
      • As I understand the request, the purpose is to allow the player to limit moves made per logon to one per game, or to put it differently to identify (by changing the colour of the game in the games list) the games in which moves have been made during the current logon so that the player can avoid making more than one move per game per logon. The question that springs to mind is, Why? We are here to play, why would anyone want to take active steps to avoid playing? But if they are so determined not to play as much as they can rather let them make their own notes as to which games they have made their moves in.
        • The player is not trying to avoid playing. They are trying to play in ALL of their games, not just the ones with the shortest time limits. If we were to have it where the player was able to sort their game sheet and the "submit and go to next game" played out in the order in which they sorted their game sheet, then this problem would be solved.
    • I would love to see something like this in place. For those times when I am limited to how long I can play, I'd love to be able to cycle through my current games and give each of them a go, instead of getting mired in those games that my opponent is online playing as well (I know procrastinate does this, but if there was a way to auto-procrastinate).

I would like to see how I've done against the people I've played listed by how many games we've played.
  • ~~~~will keep this one in mind...B

I'd really like to be able to see my record against each other member, i.e. number of games played, won, lost & drawn. I think that this would be both interesting and useful, particularly if it could be broken down by each game type.

A sign on the gamesheet saying a customized welcome
  • would be a nice feature to add. B

Current Games list on our profiles the game number should be listed between the game and the opponents' name for each and every game we currently have going.
  • possible. B

A place on either the gamesheet or on the profile that lets us know which clubs we have what marked off. not only for our purpose but that way everyone could see it as well.
  • Please explain..
I didn't make this suggestion; but, I'm guessing it means an easy way to tell which game you're playing in which club. If you are in club A and can't check backgammon (to play for that club's backgammon team) because you have it checked in another club, you only see it 'grayed out.' You can't tell which club has it checked. A club owner only sees the same 'grayed out' boxes under Membership. It would be nice to list the info somewhere instead of trying to track it down by looking through all the clubs (which for some is MANY!).

A toggle so you can flag important games like challenges, or tournament games. So you can see it on your game sheet.
Being able to "flag" individual games so that they rise to the top of your gamesheet would be a good feature that I would definitely use

Put Messages between Invitations and Games, not below the games. Often these messages pertain to the games, and should be seen first. Messages are dealt with quickly, and would not get in the way.

An option to go to "open game invites"...with web-tv i'm not able to go that far down on the page.

Beta Gamesheet Link in Options Box on Regular Gamesheet right where Log Out, is now pushing it over to the right please, along with
Main Site Gamesheet Link in Options Box on Beta Gamesheet in same place.

to be able to see how much time is left to accept an invite from another person.

Please either change the Age box to Age or Birthyear putting a toggle box so players can choose which to display or merely allow one more digit in the Age field. I tried to put 959 because I could not put 1959. I think that the system made it 255. Thanks for considering it.
  • How about Age / YOB to let one choose between Age or Year Of Birth?

Please allow every player the option for each panel on the gamesheet of either always showing the content of that panel whenever the gamesheet is displayed or clicking on a link (within the panel frame) to display it. This will allow players who e.g. have little or no interest in social games to not display the list of open invitations every time they go to the gamesheet. Benefits: speed up the site by not running a query to extract the information and save bandwidth by not transmitting it if the player has no interest in it.

How about a way to clear all your games that are marked as procrastinated moves? I procrastinate the moves that it will take me longer to think about on sessions where I don't have as long. Next time I log-in, those same games are still in the "procrastination queue" so to speak and will be played after all of my other games. Maybe if the "procrastination queue" was cleared upon signout from goldtoken?

Please add a button or link to say "I've read ALL the news". It's a pain to have to click on each item to make it go away.

Add column to Game Sheet to show my game notes. and then allow sort, same as date game or player.

Please add a statistic to the profile page: in a new column show the average rating of current opponents 1. for each game type 2. total (overall).

I would like to see on the gamesheet, behind the name of the opponent, the name of the tournament the mentioned game relates to. This would give me the option to 1) quickly identify the games played under condition "no vac days" when I am on vacation and have limited time to make moves 2) I like to know which games are ladder games 3) which games on the game sheet relate to the same tournament.
This could be set up as an option, so that each player can decide for him/her self whether or not to show this info.

Add Button "Save and go to next game with same opponent"

when our clubs let us know we have to send an invite or we are waiting for an invite, I write it down in a notebook, otherwise if I never get the invite I may not realize for a while. Also many people accept invite but send no response so when I get to a newer game I look on my notebook to see that the invite was accepted and I post number of game as each club varies as to who posts. So I was wondering if we had a section like the yellow box within the game where we could leave ourself a note saying invite sent such and such date or waiting for invite from so and so, so we may keep up with the wikis easier as my dog has eaten some notebook pages in past and keeping the notebook is time consuming. Hope this makes sense and maybe able to be done or if it is I don't know how to as I am not good with computers, still having webtv withdrawl! Thanx for all your kindness and patience.

Like the Ls or Ts, create a link for the Is to link to the Inter-Club Challenge for that game.

Olympic games highlight

There is currently no way to distinguish the Olympic tournament games from other tournaments.

Would it be possible, at least, to highlight games that belong to a tournament with a double time-out? People tend to forget that some games are subject to a global time-out until too late.

I would like to be able to see my Subscribed Discussion Boards on my Gamesheet like I do my Clubs

The ability to Remove Chumped players yourself instead of waiting for Goldtoken support to do it

  • Do Not Edit Anything Below

Denied Game Sheet and Profile Requests

Option to remove old nics from aka section of profile.
  • This feature was added to the site for the purpose of minimizing abuse by some players, and helping friends recognize who others are when User Id's are changed. Fear not though, the names listed under AKA will disappear after 6 Months.

Option to view all games that only you two have played.
  • Not at this time but maybe down the road... B

I wish I could have the option to remain invisible to other players when I login to the site. Also my nic should not be appeared at the 'Who's Here?' page, at will.
  • The purpose of the site is to play games with other members in a family friendly atmosphere. There should be no reason for a person to hide from others. If you are encoutering problems with another player you may add them to your chump list which will sever most communication attempts by that player. Or you may message a complaint to GoldToken Support.

A new section on gamesheet that would list all opponents that were currently online.
  • B~~it would take up too much space on a game sheet for webtv players
    • That is easily solved in several ways (have it optional, have it not appear for Web TVers, or have it as a completely separate page just with a link from the gamesheet).
***I use the Chums List. I don't think GT needs to add anything to do that.

When players are listed, their club for that game should be listed beside their name. This would be in Top-players, game-sheets, etc.
  • This would allow players to keep their established names and show their club allegiance at the same time without someone else pinching their established name.It would also allow players to show a different allegiance for different games.
    • due to the fact that some players have many many affiliations to several different clubs, this would make the names far far tooooooo long.....B
      • I agree there would not be enough room on the gamesheet, but it should be possible to list on a player's profile, which team they are in against each of the game types next to the summary of the number of games played.
      • There should also be enough room to show this on the best players list

How about the main game page refreshing every coulpe of minutes, ?
  • This was addressed a few months ago in the discussion boards. It doesn't exactly require a lot of effort to click the game sheet icon, and saves goldtoken a ton of money and bandwidth in the long run. A small improvement like that could cause a lot of problems with site slowdowns. Look at what happened to brainking!

Implemented Game Sheet and Profile Requests

I would like to have the ability to see which tournaments you are involved in somehow.
  • Completed !! You can now click on the tournaments Icon at the top of the page and view the option to see Your Active Tournaments

After completing a game with an opponent, when you receive the message announcing the game results, could you add a line that says, "Play again?" which when clicked or checked yes, would automatically send an invitation to the same opponent for the same gametype?
  • Completed !! The message which contains the game results now include a shortcut to play a rematch. Simply click invite in your notification message and you will be taken to step 2 of the invite process.

Set loss of game as the default instead of loss of turn
  • Completed !! You can now go into your preferences and go to the general options where you will see the option to adjust your default time out action

Report overall or by game scores as a ratio of gold tokens / wooden tokens in addition to current system.

The ability to sort the statistics page by column heading.

The ability to arrange one's Profile Tokens in any order the wish.

I am the Owner of a Club but on my profile page is says I am the President (which I was at one stage). The profile should show the correct status.

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