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Current Invitation Feature Requests

1) Make another option on the "Start A Game" process that will allow invites to stay available longer than the Game Turn time length, for instance, allow an invite for a
      3-day game to stay for 1 week. 

2) OR please set it up to allow an inviter to reissue an invite to the person, if the invite times out before the invitee accepts.

Custom Chess, Custom Position Chess, Free-Form Chess ...
Add the ability to pick a custom starting position and add that to the Chess invitation choices. This would allow the invention of custom game starting positions not included in either Thematic Chess or Unorthodox Chess and also have teaching value for clubs trying to help players improve their game because one could construct an endgame or middlegame position and invite a clubmate to play an unrated game of it.

Allow You to filter "number of games per match" in the open invitation box. With a limited number of games available to Me, I'd rather not play 2 games at the same time, with the same Person. Sometimes I miss that it's a 2 game match, and My Number of games fills rather quickly. Being able to not even have those listed with be very beneficial, lol

Have invitations dated like messages are dated to reveal how old they are.

Enable invitations for club tournaments to be viewable by club officers to enable club officers to know which ones have been issued.

Have invites NOT timeout when the invitee or inviter is on vacation

I would like to see opponent's rating in 'Open Game Invitations'

In "Open Game Invitations" it would be good to have an option to filter out game invites with more than two people, or to include them exclusively. For example, 3+ player dot games are pointless for advanced players, but 3+ player dice games are really interesting.

Any chance of putting a link right to the icons on the OPTION screen on front page so you dont have to go searching for it...would use them more if i could remember what they were...thanks

A repeat button on the invitation section so you can do the invites over and over again for multi-game invites?
  • ~~possible B
    • just press Refresh on the last screen.

An option to invite several players each to identical games as in tournaments
  • is on the drawing board!! B

I want sent invitations to show up in our outbox (or somewhere) so that if someone doesn't reply w/ a message, there would still be a record of our invitation in our outbox (or somewhere) that would include also the type of game. Which is another bit of information that doesn't show up even when a player replies & you get the reply in your inbox, it does not include the game information or settings.

When a player sends an invitation by a match of a club, it would be good that in the first movement it appears the message sent by the player, therefore knows to that match belongs the game.

Invitation to Rock Paper Scissors (example)
You have issued an invitation for a 4 player game of Rock Paper Scissors w/X days per move,
and a timeout penalty of loss of turn.
This game will be rated.
The message associated with this invitation is:
Good Luck
Player 1 has accepted this invitation
Player 2 has not responded to this invitation within the allotted time frame.
  • You may invite another player or cancel this invitation.
Player 3 has accepted this invitation
In short, story goes; My 8 yr old girl hit cancel this invitation to only cancel that person, but
found the whole game/challenge disappeared and she was devastated! We've all done it. It's
the way it's worded that makes it confusing! Can we get it changed? Or better still, add a 3rd choice!
1) Invite another player
2) Cancel this player
3) Cancel this game/challenge
Would be great for the newbies and children that play here!

When a person times out on an invitation (for example, while on an extended vacation) it would be so nice to have the option to renew this invitation instead of having to either delete and re-invite or having the invitation disappear from our game sheets.

To be able to set 'How long for each move?' in my preferences, like you can for 'Penalty for timeout?'

Add "random" to the let me be box, so that the starting player (or the order of playing) is not known until the game starts.

Would it by any chance be possible to implement an option for "open invites" such that the invite would only show up on the gamesheets of people I'm not already playing?

How about, if someone refuses the invitation for some reason, you're allowed to issue the same invitation to the same person, but with a detail or two changed. Like for example, if my invitee doesn't like loss-of-turn timeouts, reissue the same invite with loss-of-game timeouts.

Filter open invites by game type

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