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Current Ladder Feature Requests

Multiplayer ladders
Ladders for games for three or more players. Only the winner would go up a rung, and only the bottom loser (recipient of the wood token) would go down a rung.


At present there is no lasting recognition for reaching the top of a ladder. Please add an honours roll (accessible through a link from the ladder so that those who are not interested don't have their bandwidth wasted) which records the name of each player who successfully challenges for the top spot, the date on which it happened, and a link to the game for the sake of those who wish to relive the glory.
Removing empty rungs
Can empty rungs (rungs without players) be removed? Not straight away but after 2 weeks or a month

I Have a suggestion for a rule change in the ladder games. Place in the ladder rules that if you time out twice in a row you will be removed from that ladder. This will not effect the person's other games at all and will help insure more enjoyable ladder games for those that want to play and not be matched up with inactive players. I also see where inactive players are matched against inactive players. Please help. Thank you.

Having worked my way to the top of a ladder and been sat for several weeks waiting to be challenged I feel very upset to be unseated from the top spot without having lost a game to a challenger in that ladder tournament just because the next play to reach my rung has a higher ranking than me. This is not right and I would like to ask for it to be looked into.
To lose the top spot on a ladder you should be beaten fair and square
Thank you sallyp

I agree, To lose the top spot on a ladder you should be beaten fair and square
And that is not only because Sally p is the leader of my olympic game Smiling

Is it possible to rather sort the ladders (on the http://www.goldtoken.com/games/ladders page) alphabetically by the ladder name rather than by the number of contestants? It will be much easier to find the ladder one is looking for!

On our new Ladder section Is it possible to add how many rungs are in the ladder. Like checkers 5/10 (5 being your rung and 10 being total rungs in the ladder?)

Ladders: people who lose x ladder games on timeout in a row without making a move should be automatically removed from said ladder. Otherwise, continual undeserved wins/losses could distort their (and their opponents') playing records.
  • Its currently on the programmers work list...B

Could the message notifications for wins / losses on ladder games include a link the ladder in question, and also a note about what rung one is moving into?

I propose imposing a 60-day total time limit to complete a ladder game. It is unfair for other players to be retarded in their enjoyment of the ladder tournaments in the case of a player who take too long to play their games. Players with too large a game load should leave the ladder tourneys until they have their game load under control.

Denied Ladder Requests

Implemented Ladder Requests

I would like to see on my ladder games what rung i am currently on and what rung my opponent is on.
  • Completed!! At the top of the Ladders page in Tournaments, you will find a new section called My Ladders This listing includes club ladders as well and each ladder listing will carry a direct link to those ladders. It is a "Snapshot" to all your active ladders and what rung you are on. Naturally, your opponent will be on the same rung as you.

I would like to see Spades and Eureka ladders. In spades you could have the winner advance to the next higher rung, the loser drop to the next lower rung, and the two in the middle stay in that rung. In Eureka The winner advances, the loser drops, and the middle person stays in that rung. Thanks for considering my request.

How about ladders in general for three-or-more-player games?
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