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album comment messages

It's great to get a message when someone comments on your photos, but when you make a comment on somebody else's photo you receive a message each time a new comment is added. Although this is nice to know sometimes it would be great if you could opt out of these messages when you wish.

Token Tally

Would it be possible to change profile pages to reflect the percentages of games, as well as the total number of tokens achieved?
Here's an example:
(unknown photo)


I suggest that an aspect of chumpping be that when A chumps B, A is automatically removed from all clubs common to both.
Furthermore after this removal neither can join any club of which the other is a member.

Put a hyperlinks or wiki-links to the relevant challenges on each rung of an Inter-Club Ladder.

Neutral Challenge Wiki-Link in the form { Challenge#xxxx }
Now the Challenge links look from one club toward another, but the event is the same, for example, both of these point to the same event:
Their Neutral link would be
{ Challenge#3327 }

Blog Post time and date stamp. Add the year to the date so one knows when something was posted when one views a post long after it was posted.

Photo Album Comment time and date stamp - could this include the YEAR also, please?

Eliphont551 helped me find this spot for some suggestions I have. I thank her for that.
Could you please put this in a more prominent place, or make a link to get here that is more prominent?
I'm thinking that a link, called "Suggestion Box", on the Game Page would work nicely.
Thank you.

More Contact Methods — Distributed Social Networking
They could be used by management to post about the status of the main site when it is down and by players to work together in team games.
FSF mentioned distributed social networking types which I think they claim respect the "basic privacy and autonomy" of their users, for examples, GNU Social and Diaspora, at
1Free Software Foundation — working together for free software (long dash at start removed)
http://www.fsf.org/share?u=http://www.fsf.org/working-together/gang/meet-the-free-software-gang-1 .
The diaspora Project (slightly altered name with an asterisk removed)
This one has "Aspects" which one can use to shield one's privacy and is useful both by management and by players.
pump.io by e14n might be good for posting about site status by management.
"This is pump.io. It's a stream server that does most of what people really want from a social network."
GNU social — a free federated social network

1autonomo.us | Towards free network services discusses the issues.

Best Player Lists
Suggest by SunnY DaY:
I hava an Idea how to improve the lists of best players. In some games, The best slots are occupied by players who no longer play on this site (last logged in like 2 years ago).

How about Implementing a timer on each list. The timer would work as follows: If you don't play a particular game (both friendly and tournament), after a certain period of time starting from the day you've finished your last game of that type, you will drop out from the ranking list (finishing a game of that type would put you back to the list immediately). The period you stay on the list would depend on one's membership lvl (like 1 month for guests, 2 - wood, 3- silver, 4- gold and 6 months for platinium)

I inquired about submission of a new game that is a variation of an existing game. I was told to use Feature Requests. This is the only place I thought it might fit, so here goes:

                 STOCKYARD GAMI
           Variation of the Game of Gami
Object of the Game - To reduce opponent to two cards or to prevent opponent from making a legal exchange.

Starting the Game
Gami is a game for 2 players, played with a modified deck of regular cards to include the ace to 8 from three suits - clubs, diamonds, and hearts. Spades are not included, so the game is played with a total of 24 cards. Players cut the cards to see who goes first. The highest card cut goes first. Suits are in the order clubs lowest, diamonds, and hearts highest. The five of hearts is higher than the five of clubs and the five of diamonds.

Initially, each player is dealt nine cards; the remaining six cards are left on the table called the stockyard. All cards are turned face up.

Playing the Game
In each turn, each player must exchange one card from his or her hand for one of the cards in the stockyard. A player who is unable to make a valid exchange loses the game. The valid exchanges are limited - the exchange rules are shown below.

If the newly picked up card together with any other two cards in the player's hand completes a GAMI (Gami rules shown below), the player can take any one card from the opponent's hand, and place it in the stockyard. This means the stockyard increases in number by one card, while the opponent’s hand has one card less. Throughout the game players’ hands can be reduced in number but can never increase. The stockyard can continue to increase in the number of cards but can never decrease.

Only the card picked up during an exchange can form a GAMI. An existing combination of cards in the hand including in the original nine cards dealt does not constitute a GAMI, although the player can use it to make one by exchanging one of the three cards, then picking it up again during the next turn. Note well, that if a player is dealt a GAMI combination in the original nine cards, he or she cannot claim a Gami from the deal.

A player who is reduced to two cards loses the game, as he or she is no longer able of completing a GAMI.
Exchange rules
• Any card can be exchanged for an adjacent card of the same suit. Adjacent cards are cards whose value differs by 1, the value of aces is considered to be a 1 or a 9. Therefore, eights and aces can be exchanged. For example, the three of hearts can be exchanged for either the two of hearts or the four of hearts. The eight of diamonds can be exchanged for the seven of diamonds or the ace of diamonds.
• In addition to the above option, an even-numbered card can also be exchanged for the same even numbered card of a different suit but the suit must be of a different color. For example, the four of clubs can be exchanged for the four of diamonds or the four of hearts. The four of diamonds can only be exchanged for the four of clubs, but not the four of hearts, as they both have the same color.

GAMI Definition
A Gami is created by exchanging one card from the hand with one card in the stockyard and combining the acquired exchanged card with two other cards already in the hand to make a three card Gami. A GAMI is one of the following combinations:
• Ace + two + three of any suit
• Three + four + five of any suit
• Five + six + seven of any suit
• Seven + eight + ace of any suit
• Two of hearts + two of diamonds + two of clubs
• Four of hearts + four of diamonds + four of clubs
• Six of hearts + six of diamonds + six of clubs
• Eight of hearts + eight of diamonds + eight of clubs

1. Any player may offer a draw along with his or her move.
2. If the other player accepts the offer, then the game will end as a draw.
About the Game
The Stockyard Gami game has been designed by Fian

GoldToken Rule
1. Each move has a set time limit. If the time limit expires before a move is made and the player in question does not have the current day set as a vacation day or a day off, then the move is said to have timed out. A player who time-outs loses the game.

Gold Token Nugget categories: I would like a "General Game Tips" Category for tactics that apply to more than one category of game; I'm thinking of writing one regarding "trivial" and "non-trivial" moves, I believe it would have relevance to more than one game category.

  • Please check that the feature hasn't already been requested before adding you own request.

  • Feature Requests are ongoing and endless, so please don't put in any unnecessary comments. There is no need to add your name or the date, and please avoid any unnecessary special formatting.

Thank you for following these simple rules and offering your input which will surely help Goldtoken.com grow into one of the best game sites on the World Wide Web. Badger

Game Statistics Page

I'd love to see a statistics game that showed the number of games being played as a function of game type and time, as well as the number of users on the site, and number of moves played per day, etc.

For example: http://www.yucata.de/en/Statistics (Yucata is another async gaming site)

Current "Other Features" Requests

—It would be nice to have an unsubscribe from picture notification

it might be nice to have a couple of options under the picture to let folks know their pictures are appreciated. For example a like button and a question button if you had a comment or query on a picture. (I know you can click on the picture to make a comment, but sometimes I don't want to write, just want to acknowledge a nice picture).I think it would be nice an promote camraderie.

Rather than an email message to tell me I have timed out, it would be great to get a message about 4 hours BEFORE I time out, telling me that it is imminent.

Rummy and variants: could we sort the tiles by numbers, and colors?

view all messages in a game... could the option be view the last message or last 5 messages? some games have hundreds of messages and it would be great if we could see the last message without viewing all 400 or so.

(not sure if this is the right space ) in messages of the Games Administrator that you have won/ lost draw a game add a link to the tournament or ladder if it is a tournament / ladder game.

It would be very helpful if the games on the New Game Page were in alphabetical order. You have to go up and down that list several times to find what your looking for. Alphabetizing would make it so much simpler, since they aren't categorized. Thanks for a great site...Smiling

Boot Hill for Dead Clubs. Club#730, the Lion's Den Club, died recently. The PHILIDOR Chess Club was absorbed into it before that. Why not have a Club Cemetery to memorialize clubs?

is there a way to keep track of how many moves a person makes during a 24 hour period? I am asking because another game site I play at gives the player of the day having played the most number of moves during the previous day. I think that would be cool to let all know how many moves during a day that someone makes.

Add a radio button to submit and return to gamesheet for the times that i want to overide the submit this move default preference.

Currently when our chums are on line, we see them in our chums list and there is also an option to "Send Message" to them. What about an inclusion to invite them to HTH games?

I was wondering if there was a way when a person asks you to approve them to be on your chum's list that there is a way after you approve it can say "would you like to add this person to your chum's list?" Just a thought.

The ability to toggle emergency vacations on/off (with a default of off). This allows members increased control of their vacation days. (Some players don't appreciate that their vacation days could be automatically used if they timed out in a game.) In other words: It would be nice if players had the ability to choose whether or not they want to use that feature.

I would like to be able to undo a vacation day that's at least six/seven days in the future, rather than one month. I misclicked on Sunday next week rather than today, and I couldn't undo it.

Would be possible to use the vacations/days off calendar to post reminders to yourself, e.g. birthdays, appointments, meetings etc.? These could then appear on the page at the top of your Game Sheet on that day, or in advance.
  • Note To Badger, request denial, not practical this can be done with a wiki the player can create then attach to their profile, however by doing such the player will not receive a notification, and will have to self monitor their wiki page. However, there was a request on Gamesheet and profiles that requested a notes section be allowed on the gamesheet which worked just like the notes in the games. (really nice idea and handy to store all links of interest.)

I like to be able to keep track of when and why my ratings change. I think this comment applies to 2-game matches in general, although the only current kind I know of is with Restriction Checkers. Currently with a 2-game match in Restriction Checkers the result of the first game is not shown under Recent Games even if it caused the rating to change. Please show such game results even if they need some special symbol to distinguish them from stand-alone games.

A separation of clubs. Platinum clubs, for what they are currently (anything you want), and then a Golden Clubs listed strictly for club teams and challenges. My thought is it filters the clubs so that the new club challenge feature could be filtered some rather than having to look at the list of club teams that don't really exsist, and perhaps it could be a feature that would inspire members to upgrade their membership, which would benifit the revenue of the site. Platinum clubs could allow only Platinum and Gold memberships, regular clubs could stick with what they currently are.

Would you please add the option within each game being played to select whether the players' Tournament or Friendly ratings are displayed? This would let us select the rating-at-stake in any given game.
  • I think that the affected rating now shows automatically because Mecir improved the programming. If so, this request is more than fulfilled.

Is there any way that the organiser of some Tourny and wiki games could be informed when any player times out for any reason,it would save a lot of time.. many thanks .

I would like to see a chart of myselves tokens compared to my buddies tokens

A "View random player Profile " Feature, letting us meet new ppl
  • its on the programers list...B

The site could offer t-shirts or hats for sale. It would raise money which Chad is alway in favor of and you could spot other players if you happen to see them when you are out and about
  • its in the works...B

When reviewing past games it would be very helpful to list what color a person was playing right next to listed winner of said game
  • Both IYT and Brainking have this feature,it makes it much more convienent to analyze a future opponent's method of operation and the strategy(s) they use
  • as you know in certain game types a player has a big advantage when going first and vice versa,it's good to know at a glance what starting position that player had without punching up the game itself.

An alteration to the chumps list. Once a player is ignored and placed on the chumps list, to be able to select which features of the chumps list we wish to implement. (Db's, messages, game invites) By allowing such control we could still play the opponent if they are encountered in club matches, withour having to "listen to them". Currently there is no way to know if they send us a required game or not because... we are ignoring them.

When you first bring up a game page, the top menu is on the page. As soon as you make a move, the menu is gone. This messes me up every time I play a game which requires multiple moves. Lets take Outbreak for example. I click on the piece I'm going to jump with. I then move my mouse over to the space I'm going to jump to (before the page has a chance to reload), and as it comes up, I click again - but of course now it is in the wrong place since the board is not at a different point on my screen. I would be nice if the board stays in the same place. So either keep the menu up top always, or never would be my suggestion. (Outbreak was just 1 game example, it does the same for others also.)

On another site, I can go anywhere in the site (db's, ladders, etc) and the title bar of my browser will display the number of games in which it is my turn to move. For instance, if I have three games in which it's my turn, there appears a (3) in the title. I checked the source to see what kind of code was used to do this, but this is all I found: (showing my turn in 1 game)
<title>(1) BrainKing.com - Main Page</title>

Every game has a 'help' section containing rules, game #, etc. is it possible to put the game info. right there so we wouldn't have to search for it? I've noticed that the words "this game is part of a club ladder", for instance are contained in that area; the description could be...part of AAW Club Ladder...for example, or even AAW (or any club name) (tournament name)?? At 300 games, I find it difficult enough to just keep up with the moves & don't have the time to record every game invitation I send/receive--I'm fairly certain that most of us are as 'tied up' as I am-* wouldn't this help? If the info is too much to display, perhaps it could be given a 'shortcut' like the 'rules' section??

I know you can see in your preferences who is on your Chums List. I think it would be good too to know who's Chums List you are on.

A feature where players were identified by country (besides on their profile). That way, if I wanted to play a game with someone from, say, Japan (assuming there was a player registered), I could search by country to select an opponent. I've seen this feature on a couple of game sites. It's also a way of promoting understanding between different cultures.

An entry in either the FAQ or 'Site Info' pages (available from gamesheet) that indicates the presence of a feature request wiki. I did not know that this existing until I sent a message to admin requesting a certain feature, and got redirected here.

Can the Previous/Next links on the photo albums be moved to the top of the page, before the photo, so that browsing a photo album
doesn't require moving the mouse around, up and down, to follow the Next link when the photo sizes are not consistent?

An email alert when you have only 6 or 12 hours left on a game to make a move option.

  • Do Not Edit Anything Below

Denied "Other Features" Requests

Beta ratings carry-over please. Otherwise, one could have two different ratings in the same game depending on whether one is on the beta or the alpha site. I don't mind that one has no games history on beta, but please carry the ratings over.
  • No chance of this happening. That's the entire purpose of beta. Quirks in the rules could cause rating problems.

If our hotlists are un-editable wikis, let us, and only us, edit them! I wanna decorate it.
If it isn't make it a wiki that only we can edit, I want to decorate and organize my hotlist.
  • The hotlist is not a wiki, so you can't 'decorate it'. But platinum members have their own personal wiki they can fill full of links that are interesting though.

To be able to see what page a player is viewing on the 'who is here' page
  • invasion of privacy. B

A rating system for the Feature requests page...so Badger knows what to start on first
  • I am doing things that fit the sites needs first. It is a management decision. B

Can you put a 3 month membership my on the membership page I know that games 4 tv offers this my Husband pays like this and it dosen't put a strain on our wallet.

Implemented "Other Features" Requests

What is the possability of having a page just for each persons wikis? Is there any way to combine all the club wiki hotlists into one??
  • Completed !! Platinum member have the ability to create their own Private wikis. If you were wishing to share information, you can always create a regular wiki, then copy and paste your club wikis onto it for your own little index.

Is it possible to split the feature requests wiki into sub-wikis depending on category? That way the wikis will be more manageable.
  • Completed !! You may thank *Leo The Lion for all his hard work and effort into making the Feature requests what it is today. Smiling

what about a one click button to empty u'r inbox of games completed instead of checking the box or just check the ones u want to deelete

Is there anyway or could a feature be added to our photo albums so that we can move the position of our photos as to be able to rotate them so we can have a different one appear on our profile page when we want to change the current photo? From what i understand, the last photo entered or last one that was modified becomes the first one that all sees on the profile page, but maybe for different holidays or just because we want a different one that is in the album to be on the profile page a way to move them up or down ..

I wish to set up a game that has music as part of the game, Maybe a link that players could click on which would then play a peice of music, Thank you :Budgie ;
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