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My suggestion is to improve multiplayer tournaments. The problems now is a) byes b) multiple winners due to bye and c) not everyone gets to play the same amount of games or even the same game. My solution is for 6 player tournaments where number of players is between 6 - 11 (any more is just repetition 6 player group plus the solution (eg 14 is 6+8 and 21 is 6+6+9). Currently, if 8 people signup for a 6 player tournament, 2 players are gifted a win without playing however now all 8 play

So the solution: Play the games as follows

6 - 123456 246135 654321 642531 162534 435261 (6 games)
7 - 123456 234567 345671 456712 567123 671234 712345 random order (each player misses 1 game and plays 6)
8 - 123456 781234 567812 345678 (x2) random order (each player miss 2 , plays 6)
9 - 123456 789123 456789 (x3) random order (each player miss 3 plays 6)
10 - 123456 789x12 345678 9x1234 56789x random order(x2) (each player plays 6 miss 4 ) (note x is player 10)
11 - 123456 789xL1 234567 89xL12 345678 9xL123 456789 xL1234 56789x L12345 6789xL (each player plays 6 miss 5) (note x is player 10, L eleven)

as you can see no matter whether group size is 6 up to 11, everyone plays 6 6 player games. Because of this, everyone is on equal footing
on subsequent rounds, the previous round winners can be supplemented by the best point scorers from previous round who were not a winner. Thus there is that one final group rather than 3 or 4 people who each won their round 1,

For 4 player games the solution can be

4 - 1234 4321 2413 3142 (4 games)
5 - 1234 2345 3451 4512 5123 (4 games 1 miss)
6 - 1234 5612 3456 x 2 (4 games 2 miss)
7 - 1234 5671 2345 6712 3456 7123 4567 (4 games 3 miss)

again whether group size is 4 to 7, everybody plays 4 4 player games

My suggestion concerns Tournament Partnership games. On GoldToken, friendly partnership games can be arranged with players choosing their own partners. If I understand correctly, though, tournament partnership games do not allow such a choice. Or do they? If so, please tell me how partners accomplish their partnership registration in tournaments. If not, I suggest that partners be allowed to enter tournaments as partners.

Club Allegiance Object Links next to handles of players in games in site-run multi-clubs tournaments whether Olympics or some other site-run multi-club tournament. (I suppose they would not be needed in Automatic Inter-Club Challenges because those are between only two clubs which show in the info box.) I was recently asked by an opponent in #5031744 how to find for whom an opponent was playing. I answered, "I think that you would need to visit their Profiles and go to their club pages to learn for whom they are playing. I wish they had a pennant-like symbol next to a player's handle in games in which they play for a team. One could place one's cursor over such a Pennant-object-link and have the link to their club page."

I think the FAQ page needs updating now that official tournaments have been introduced. For example what does Round Robin mean?
  • Its on the programmers list...B

Tournaments in progress should really be organised by game type rather than alphabetically
  • Its currently on the programmers work list...B

For the completed tournaments, how about posting the winner's name there? It would be a great way to recognize the player who won all of their matches.
  • A variation is currently on the programmers work list...B

People should not be allowed to enter a tournament until they have completed a minimum number of games (10?) of that type, and/or until they have been signed up at the site for a minimum length of time (1 month??).
  • I will look into this....B

Tournament victory record on profile. I think it would be a nice touch if tournament victories were automatically posted as additions to profiles, with a link to the tournament details etc.

Perhaps it would be possible to maintain a standalone page listing ALL previous tournaments and winners, perhaps with some stats also, e.g. most tournament wins etc

How about notifying a player by message when he/she wins a tournament? I recently won my first tournament and would not have known had I not wondered why I got a Platinum Token.

Please add 2-day site tournaments which respect days off and vacation days.

Given the ongoing issue of "slow" players who routinely make their moves shortly before they are due to time out: please consider making it a condition of entering a tournament, extending a game invitation or accepting an invitation 1. that at the time no game have been on that player's game sheet for longer than 24 hours waiting for that player to move, 2. that none of that player's games have timed out within the preceding month and 3. that that player has not used an emergency vacation within the preceding month.

Could a special colour (yellow) be introduced to label draws in the result tables? Currently draws are marked as greens for both players, which is not easy to spot.

I think it would be nice if on the tournament sign up page there was a link to the game rules for that particular variant, so that if you're looking at the games but don't recognize the name you can easily find out which game it is.

It would be nice if there was a feature to send a message to everyone in your section. Perhaps from the very screen where you see all the players and games in your section. It could either put the message in all of your games in that section, or just to the inbox of the players in that section. Whichever is easiest.

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Denied Tournament Feature Requests

How about when you sign up for a tournament, it automatically gets added to your wiki list? And when you look at your wiki list, it shows ALL tournaments that you're signed up for and/or playing? It could be arranged by club name or tournament name with club behind it?
  • Not Practical

The ability to withdraw from a tournament and have the tournament slot immediately freed up. Currently the only way to withdraw is to resign your games and wait for the round to end, which can take several weeks and is frustrating if you only have limited tourmament slots
  • Not practical. This feature could be abused. I'd suggest upgrading the membership, or be more selective in the tournaments you wish to join.

Implemented Tournament Feature Requests

It would be useful to be able to see on the list of tournaments in sign-up which ones you have alreay signed-up for.
  • Completed !! You can now click on the tournaments Icon at the top of the page and view the option to see Your Active Tournaments.

Club vs club tournaments would be nice.
  • Completed. Club Officers may now challenge other clubs to a club challenge.
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