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Current Wiki Web Feature Requests

I would like all wikis to permamently display the last 3, 2, or at the very least, 1 'Previous Revision'. So no matter how long a wiki remains unedited, it will always display the last edits, instead of disappearing after a certain amount of time.

Allowing club owners set aside sections of WIKI designs that can only be edited by the club officials? Such a WIKI section freeze like an RO (read only for players) scoring section. That way members can read and bring errors to our attention without tampering.

A wiki that can only be edited by the person who created it, but can still be seen publicly.

It would be useful if the 'Find Referring Pages' links, would also find club pages that refer to a main wiki.
  • would invade the privacy of the clubs. B
    • No it wouldn't. Obviously it would only show wikis from clubs in which you are a member.
      • maybe when we have the club code fixed...B

A thing to put your gold tokens and stuff { Gold Tokens: Frodo the Hobbit } or { Wood Tokens: Frodo the Hobbit }, so that it changes just as your nic would on a wiki, this would be useful for profiles or the [ gold tokens ] and [ wood tokens ] pages...
  • please explain
    • He wants a new 'special wiki link' that allows you to display in a wiki how many tokens you have. I'm sure this wouldn't be difficult to program, but would be of limited use, so I doubt it's worth the effort, unless you were going to introduce a whole series of new special links, such as number of tournament wins, latest game number completed, rank in best player list, etc....

I would like to be able to delete wiki updates or Discussion Board comments on my gamesheet without opening them. Maybe a delete button to click on?

Add color commands to the wiki text?

Organizing the games by name rather than by rating, thus making it easier to send invites and find tourneys.

When viewing a previous version of a wiki, it would be useful to have a link / button to "view wiki source of this page". The is just like the "edit" feature for the current version, only in a non-modifiable window.

Why: It happens I make a blunder with the current version (don't we all): erase the contents and hit save, copy-paste to the wrong wiki,... once a wiki is saved there's currently no way to recover the source of the previous version to save it again.

Ability to use wiki formatting within tables, like text size ( using = ), numbered / bulleted lists

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Denied Wiki Web Feature Requests

Being able to change the name of our wikis
  • not possible...just close it down and create a new one with the same info but new name

Implemented Wiki Web Feature Requests

Having wikis that only WE can edit
  • Comleted !! Platinum members now have a private wiki right on their game sheet...B

I think that it would be better to have the option to edit the wiki in the top of the page and not below, and more when a wiki has many changes.
  • Completed !! You may now go into your preferences and choose if you want View Option Boxes on the side or not.

I spend a lot of time putting in game numbers, is there a way game numbers can be put into the relevant game
automatically, If not its fine
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