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How about having each letter incorporated into one of the gold knight icons, with each icon, molding into the shape of a letter, or each one holding a letter, or holding something beginning with the letter like an apple with the letter A on it, rather than just using a font from the internet. It would be better to have our own unique alphabet in my opinion.

Another suggestion would be to use some of the game pieces embellished with a letter - a different game for each letter, where possible use a piece from a game beginning with that letter.

e.g. A - all aboard; B - barricade; C - Camelot; D - Dipole; E - Euro Domination; F - Fidchel;; G - Go; H - Halma; I - Imperium; J - Janggi; K - Konane; L - Ludocrous; M - Mancala; N - Nabbem; O - Outbreak; P - Polar Poultry; Q - Quarto; R - Rock, Paper, Scissors; S - Senet; T - Tabula; U - Unorthodox Chess; V - ; W - Wrench it; X - Xiphias; Y - Yamnaguchi; Z - Zero G Four in a Row

The only letter I couldn't find a variant for is V, but I'm sure you could bring out a new game or variant such as "Very easy chess" or "Vixen fight" - I'm sure you could think of something. How about "Volcano" - that's a good name for a game! "Vulture Culture" - I'll stop now......
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