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This wiki is designed to list the best players overall at the site. As there are very few players who have established a rating in all of the more than 100 game types, and as there are still more new games coming, the average rating is not a very good indicator of who is the best all-round player. So this list shows the players with the highest total rating. To calculate your total rating simply add together all your ratings scores for every game type, and add the number to the list.

PlayerTotal RatingDate UpdatedTop in Best Player List

fatdaddy13,179,95718 Apr 2019Acey Deucey
Big Giant Head19955613th June 2015
JonathanT17160526 Sept 2009
Jacob1987141125October 5 2009
superkaempe the gentle giant1377539th June 2015
sallyp12268014th April 2010
Phil The Hat11385221st April 2008
SarahMills1117325 October 2009
hANDYman the Rebel11095710th June 2007
Missing Sock Fairy of TA10400113th May 2008Double Tweleve Muggins
McGoo981017756th February 2009
ypercube10167020th May 2008
brodie_bruce985572nd Sep 2007
Miftis9850711th March, 2007Minidots
Buz9815811th April 2007
Budgie8445814th April 2010
AndrewB792974th January 2007
pioenroosje7884127th May 2007
JK744301st August 2005
leewisdomjr7214511th October 2008
Rob687020512th April 2008
FixitDave700554th January 2007
shelly (uk)686157th January 2007
MBAfriend607234th January 2007
Senorita ZORRO_606684th November 2005
ladybird255954722nd January 2009
csain1595284th November 2005
* Sassy_Angel *5557716th September 2005
splodge547095th January 2007
triwire5455427th May 2007
Man of Steel537754th January 2007
Birds of Prey533926th May 2005Small Outbreak
klaashaas5304711th April 2005Large Reversi, Blackhole Reversi
Chad5302311th April 2005
Tolp526961st August 2005
cocopuff525511st August 2005
Scorpius509371st August 2005
beckybythesea499701st August 2005
BrnIdGirl495201st August 2005
Robyn Hode490391st August 2005
B*Elanna489514th January 2007
ajj52488294th January 2007
Beaupol487731st August 2005
eddie spaghetti4853716th September
TN_Sapphire483209th November 2005
Jacob19874720311th April 2005
Badger4627611th April 2005
Kiki455141st August 2005
Jools454724th January 2007
bubbly452341st August 2005
Jane4490011th April 2005
Kran4351111th April 2005
ScoobyRex02428751st August 2005
violet unicorns415737TH DECEMBER 2005
coopaah407504th January 2007
Goonerg404995th January 2007
dl24025814 Feb. 2007
Knight Rider3971711th April 2005Decoy Salvo, Stealth Salvo
Stefi394892nd September 2007
ladybird25375445th January 2007
restivo46372771st August 2005
**YANKEE ROSE*JR FRANK PAB369321st August 2005
ken364805th January 2007
stones- A - rama358451st August 2005
eddie spaghetti356716th May 2005Devious Salvo
Keizer Soze352883rd October 2005
Sartex3251811th April 2005Outbreak, Large Outbreak, Giveaway Chess
Paddington Bear316525th January 2007
McStack3153911th April 2005Four in a Row
disterdis3063321th April 2008
Nukkle Dragger290311st August 2005Giveaway Backgammon
grade1teacher2810911th April 2005Blackhole Four in a Row
N_a_z259586th May 2005Quicksand Four in a Row
wildgeese256525th January 2007
johnbaker41724330August 28, 2007
tjancira2288611th April 2005Zero G Four in a Row
JimC221934th January 2007
hexkid195706th February 2007
regis160885th January 2007
dama11051411th April 2005Checkers, Giveaway Checkers
Aphrodite1034311th April 2005Backgammon
Doffen726318th December 2006Chess
China_Blue643711th April 2005Nackgammon
dgb623911th April 20058x8 Trax, Trax, Loop Trax
eli49969th January 2007
DocMartin42851st January 2007
roses4gypsy404421st December 2012
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