How to enter a name

Adding a name to a wiki

1. Find the wiki and go to the box at the bottom of the page. Click on the words ‘edit this page’.
      • If you now scroll up and down the whole page you should have a white text box with typing in (underneath it says Preview/Save/Cancel), and a coloured area containing the original wiki.
      • Use the small scrollbar on the white typing area and scroll down until you find where you need to be.

2. To add a name you need to paste or type your name right after the word Player:
      • Make sure you position it within the 2 curly brackets ~~~> { ... } <~~~ with a space either side of the typing.
      • If the curly brackets touch any of the letters the link won't work, there MUST be a space.
        • For example: {Player:Yourname } - { Player:Yourname} - {Player:Yourname} do not work...
        • Finished it should look like ~~~>{ Player:Chad }
        • Which will give you ~~~> Chad
        • Make sure you spell and capitalise your name exactly.

      • If you're not sure where to enter your name then scroll down the coloured part of the page, look at the wiki and work out roughtly where you should be. Each wiki is different.
        • Be careful not to alter or delete any of the other info.
        • Particularly do not delete any of the upright bars ~~~> | (called pipes)

3. Having typed in your name press the preview button.
      • Check the newly updated wiki. Your name will turn blue if correct.
      • If you’ve made a mistake - scroll back to the white box and try again.
      • If you make a complete mess and have mucked up the wiki then press cancel and all will be restored!

4. Only when you are completely sure press save.


The page looks like this...
Round RobinOverall winner { Player }
ChadvsBadger#1234567{ Player }
ChadvsYourName#1234567{ Player }
BadgervsChad{ Game# }{ Player }

The wiki looks like this...
You have won your game and should enter your name in the BOLD area.

lll * Round Robin * ll * Overall winner { Player } * l
l * Red * l * vs * l * Blue * l * Game# * l * Winner * l
l Chad l * vs * l Badger l { Game#1234567 } l { Player: } l
l Chad l * vs * l { Player: YourName } l l { Game#1234567 } l { Player: } l
l Badger l * vs * l Chad l { Game# } l { Player: } l
l Badger l * vs * l { Player: YourName } l { Game#1234567 } l Badger l
l { Player: YourName } l * vs * l Badger l { Game#1234567 } l Badger l
l verylucky l * vs * l Feaster l { Game#3392609 } l Chad l

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