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In general, ideas for variants of games what are already on GoldToken should be listed in [ Variants ]. Games that differ a lot from the original can be mentioned here

If you are adding to this page, please categorize the game so that this page can stay somewhat organized. It will help the developers as they search for new games to add to this site.

Also, please add the date of your entry so we can tell what has been entered most recently.

Matching. 4/21/2021

Qwixx = there are two variants ---> card game + dice game

Ticket to ride => Boardgame

Speicherstadt => Boardgame

Chakra (2021, October, 1st)
Mandala Stones (2021, October, 1st)


Devious or Stealth Dice Salvo


I think the game is too random. I think that if introduced the rule that adjacent pieces can not be captured would make the game more strategic.

What nonsense! Just throw the stones makes the fun out!
(This seems a bit harsh - the rule suggested above is the normal way of playing Senet)
Are we here in the Nursery? Or do adult people play here?

Royal Battle (submitted by Dragon Jr, 18 October 2021)

This game was inspired by Kris Burm's game called Tzaar.
In Royal Battle, the board is a rectangle, with 7 rows and 8 columns. The center 2 squares of row 4 are not used.
Each of the two players starts with 27 game pieces: 8 queens, 9 kings, 10 princes.
White places his figures in rows 1-3 and the first 3 squares of row 4. Black places his figures in rows 5-7 and the last 3 squares of row 4.
Queens can move in any direction; kings move vertically and horizontally; princes move diagonally.
A stack of figures moves as specified for the top figure of the stack; the distance a stack moves always is less than or equal to the height of the stack.
Jumping over the unused central area of the board counts as a move of length 1, and may be part of a longer move.
A player starts his turn by making a capture, moving one of his stacks to a square occupied by his opponent, and removing his opponent's stack from the board.
After that, the player can optionally play a second move. This second move can be a capture, a move to a vacant square, or placing a stack on top of another of his own stacks. A stack never is split up when playing a move.
If a player, when starting his turn, is unable to make a capture, he has lost.
If, after a turn has been played, a player does not have all 3 types of figures, that player has lost.
When determining whether a player has all 3 types of figures, only the top game pieces from the stacks are considered.


It has been done on many, many newspapers, all over the world, and, of course, paperback books, so I don't THINK it's a copyright of anyone.


  • Please use [ Variants ] for these games


  • Please use [ Variants ] for these games



The name of the game itself is almost certainly copywright, but it could be called Goldwords or Goldcodes or another name that wasn't being used.
The game resembles a crossword puzzle.
Each letter in the alphabet has been substituted with a number from 1-26. The goal is to work out all the letters and thus complete the puzzle.
I'm not sure how well it would work as is as a person familiar with the game would probably finish it in one move. It might be possible to tinker with the format/objective to make it a playable game.



  • a fairer version of the original game please that is based upon games won and lost, rather than points. It could for example be the first to win 11 games, or perhaps there could be a choice.. 11, 15 and 21. As it is intended to be a friendlier fairer version why not give it a name assocuiated with this site.
Are we here in the Nursery? Or do adult people play here?

  • Game called MUSTANGO
  • Played in an unusual way on 11x10 board with 9x9 set ... first tile is randomly placed on the board and players alternatively put their tiles
and collect points whenever their tile and the one(or more) it touches, creates knight-like shape ... tiles have to touch other tile(s) already on the board ... initially players get 3 tiles and replenish their hands after each move ... This game is my original creation and not copyrighted, ready to be enjoyed by anybody ... it utilizes domino stones and "famous" knight jump ... please contact me for details, my nick is etaoni.


How about a misere version for all variants? I.e. Lowest score wins, with all other rules staying the same.

All in a Row

Just 4 Fun
Just 4 Fun Colours

  • Tic-Tac-Toe ( connect 6 is a great game)
  • multi-dimensional noughts and crosses
    • ie. 3x3x3 or 4x4x4 or even 4x4x4x4 etc. 4x4x4 sounds good, I've played something like that before, but still trying to figure out 4x4x4x4, can you explain what this would be?
      • It's simply an extension of the 3D game into the fourth dimension. It's difficult to visualise, but can be represented easily by a 4x4 grid of 4x4 grids.
    • We used to play 3D and 4D connect 4 on the blackboard at school. You can play it with three players too. We tried 5D once, but the blackboard wasn't big enough to represent the playing area ;-)
  • Pente
  • Keryo-Pente
  • Nine Men's Morris:
    • Five Men's Morris
    • Eleven Men's Morris

Territory Games

War of Roses
Noch Mal so gut (2021, October, 1st)
Würfelland/Diceland (2021, October, 1st)

  • Monopoly
  • I'm the king of the castle (you're a dirty rascal).
  • Tigris & Euphrates (highly recommended, one of the top 5 boardgames ever,

War Games (These may be hard to make due to copyrights)

  • Stratego
  • Risk
  • Diplomacy
  • SABOTAGE or ESPIONAGE ~ And Their Variants
    • (If GOLDTOKEN had this game implemented, I would
    • highly consider leaving IYT and BrainKing altogether)
  • Empire (if old classic computer games can be considered)


  • Mancala
  • Wari
    • Isn't that just another name for Manacala?
    • There are many many (hundreds?) of variants of this type of game. While they are similar I think they cover 2 different games (or sets of games) in that family.
    • I suggest one mancala 2 rows (Awele or wari) and one 4 rows (Omweso)

Yahtzee/Shake Rattle & Roll Type Games

  • Please use [ Variants ] for these games

Other Dice Games

date 09/30/2021
Game: Bluff
Author: Richard Borg
Gladly modified if copyrights are in the way.
Recommended by Klaus11

Quantum (2021, October, 1st)
Calavera (2021, October, 1st)
Qwinto (2021, October, 1st)
Can't stop
Dice Ligretto
Qango (2021, October, 1st)
Verflixxxt (2021, October, 1st)

  • Knock
    • What is this?
  • Cachos, a Chilean game similar to Cheat, but with dice.
  • Perudo / Liar's Dice

Scrabble/Grabble type games

  • Please use [ Variants ] for these games

Other Word Games

  • Boggle
    • This is obviously impossible. This is a turn based website, so time based games don't work!
  • [ Ghostword ]
    • This can be played using wikis. We had a couple of tournaments in the Wordwizzards club (unfortunately now disbanded)
    • Now that we have the dictionary for Grabble, this would be a good addition, and I would have thought should be fairly simple to code.
  • [ Crossword Puzzles ]
    • being worked on in { Club: # 1118 } and { Club }.
    • These can be done using wikis. We did quite a few in the Wordwizzards club (unfortunately now disbanded)
  • There is a word game played in Little Golem that is very good (I think it would do well here)
  • Any chance of getting the game Hangman added to the Game Selections List?!

Connection Games

Oust < Mark allows any of his games to be programmed, as long as credits are given to him.

Games with odd-shaped boards

  • Abalone (and I 2nd Gipf etc below)
  • Monopoly
  • Sword Throwing
    • How would you play that on a computer?
      • Very carefully Smiling
  • Darts
  • Foxes and Geese (Aug. 25/21)
  • Pool Table
  • Parcheesi This game should be spelt Pachisi and is the national game of India.
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Ludo
    • This is really a variant of Backgammon
      • Some names of games similar to Ludo are 'Sorry' 'Trouble' or 'Aggravation'
  Not so. It is a variant of Pachesi. Ludo = I play in Latin
To the best of my knowledge Ludo is played on a square board, 2-4 players, all players moving clockwise, the object of the game being to get 4 checkers from "Start" to "Home". Checkers which are hit go back to "Start". A 6 must be rolled before placing a checker on the track at "Start".
  • Hex:
  • MahJongg
  • Gipf/Zertz/Yinsh/Dvonn
  • Chase isnft easily categorized. It is a capture game such as Chess. It is played on a flattened cylindrical Hex board ala the flattened Cylindrical Chess board (Gold Token). Moves are limited to the value of the pieces like in Dipole (Gold Token). There is a mechanism for restoring captured pieces. It is an addictive game requiring significant abstract skill. Chase was designed by Tom Kruszewski and published by TSR in the 1980s as a board game (now only found in yardsales). Chase is increasing in popularity on even with a limited graphical interface. There is a link on to the rules.

  • Altai Shatra

This game is a crossover between checkers and chess, thus it can't be easily categorized. Although all chess figures except knight are in the game, they can make jumps according to rules of Russian checkers, keeping chess direction (thus, bishops will be able to capture diagonally, rooks will be able to capture horizontally and vertically, queen will be able to capture in all standard directions). The goal of the game is to capture king.

For the rules you might read .
There are two variants:
1) where all chess pieces are used (video: );
2) where pawns and chess king are used (video: ).
You may see this game at under section "Unusual checkers".


Card Games

6 nimmt/11 nimmt/X nimmt (2021, October, 1st)

Qwinto (2021, October, 1st)
Call to Glory
Robot Master
Mille Bornes
Heul doch (2021, October, 1st)
11er raus (2021, October, 1st)

  • Escoba (a trick-taking card game. Its name that refers to the situation in the game where you "sweep" all of the cards from the board in one turn) more info at
  • Uno
  • SkipBo
  • Phase 10
  • Poker: Heads-up Texas Hold' em
    • I'd love this to be made a game at GT but we'd have to be careful that authorities and parents don't start thinking that GT is a gambling site. A good design of initial chips and escalation of the blinds would ensure that matches finished within a reasonable time rather than going on and on.
  • Cribbage
  • Whist
  • Chinese Poker also known as Pusoy. Involves a lot of variants. Possibly a Caveman-type game.
  • Solo
  • Contract Bridge
  • Knockout Whist
  • German Whist
  • Blob (Contract Whist)
  • Piquet
  • Bezique
  • Manchester Brag
  • Stop The Cab
  • Chinese Patience
  • Pinochle (separate players or partners)
  • Canasta
  • hookie
  • The "idiot" (russian game?) ask me if you want to do this and I'll tell you the rules, it's not really a bad game!
    • Why don't you describe it here?: [ The Idiot ]
  • BS (generally named a bad word, which I'm not posting here!)
    • If it's the same game, also known as Cheat or I doubt it.
  • Pyramid - You have to balance the cards on their ends and lean them together to build up a pyramid shape.
  • 52-card pick-up
  • Gin (presumably = Gin Rummy in UK)
  • Poker all types
  • Euchre
  • Wizard
  • Top Trumps
  • Rook
  • Spades
  • Rummy
  • Lost Cities
  • I second Cribbage!
  • 13 - Simple card game where you must pair two cards that add up to 13 I.E 10 of hearts plus the 3 of clubs = 13, jack plus the 2 = 13.
  • I propose two card games invented by me: Android Whist and Fireplace Poker. Fireplace Poker is a two-player game that resembles Rummikub. However, it uses poker hands as the melds. It suits well for turn-based play, since remembering cards plays virtually no role in the game. Android Whist is a variant of partnership whist for two players. Each player is partnered with a "robot" player, so the game is as close to a partnership game as a game can be without actually being a partnership game. GoldToken has no partnership card games, perhaps because it is too easy to cheat in them, so this game would be a nice addition to goldtoken. The rules of both games can be found at My userid is turjake.


Relic Rush ( Added by Point01IV, 8-23-21. Archeology, Dinosaurs, Dice, Mayhem.
Ultimate tic-tac-toe
Stone Age
Hongkong Mahjong
Egel Race
  • played in a similar manner to Salvo, in a sense: First to guess his/her opponent's number wins.
SIM (aka Don't Make a Triangle)

  • Arimaa: This is a deep strategy game that uses chess pieces and board. It works well with custom pieces. Games magazine voted it best abstract game of 2011!
  • Hnefatafl aka The Viking Game (see e.g. / )
    • I propose Tablut, since it is the best-documented of tafl games. Recent accurate translations of Linne's text have revealed that a king that is not in the castle is captured like other pieces. This also balances the game.
  • Family Feud
  • Deal Or No Deal: Here is a website game I found on the internet that everyone can play:
  • Bingo
  • Wheel of Fortune: I found this website for the game Wheel of Fortune:q=EN&webgame=856776
  • Jeopardy
  • Concentration (memory game)
    • memory games aren't really appropriate for this type of site, as people can easily use their browser's back button.
  • Balderdash
  • Loaded Questions
  • Scruples
  • Scattergories
  • Outburst
  • TV trivia
  • Movie triva
  • Music trivia Playing piano
  • Twister
  • Pooh Sticks (clean version)
  • Nim
  • There are no puzzle games like mijon
  • Terrace
  • Jungle
  • Amazons
  • Settlers (could be tricky due to the player interaction required)
    • This is true, however a version could be made where you can propose trades and then on the next players turns they can accept them at the beginning of their turns and then the trade happens for your next turn. Also a version could be made with no player interactions and I think it would still work well.
  • Carcassonne
  • Billards
  • I hope I have not duplicated what someone else said, but can you make a game in grabble where the word would tell when you put it in, what it means? I think it would be neat to learn what the word means also.
  • Mastermind
  • EinStein wurfelt nicht
  • Lasca similar to checkers ,invented by former world chess champion Emanual Lasker

Sport related games


If i may add, i have a variety of bingo games going and a new word Search try it Budgie


Howdy! Just a suggestion for ya.. with Executioner, I think it would be better and much more fair to be given another turn whenever a letter is guessed correctly. My opponent and I keep "stealing" each other's words following a correct guess by the other! Laughing


proposed by rabbitoid
Currently Rock-paper-scissors has no variants. Deplorable! here's one that is slightly more complicated. As far as I know it comes from "The big bang theory" show. The rules are described, for example here:

proposed by MM David littlefair XI
You could chase the word to goldmurder and play it like the board game Cluedo.

2 sets of pentomino. Board 12x12 with 4 truncated corners
Which gives 120 squares. For 2,3 or 4 players.
Pentomino pieces are placed one by one on the board
And whoever has no available place for his/her piece
Loses the game. This is the more advanced version of
The basic game played with one set of pentomino
On regular chessboard.

Daily Cribbage
Here is the funny cribbage variant I invented.
If the running score on the table matches the day in a month
Player score 2 points for it. Example ? It's 14th of October
And the running score is 14, player gets rewarded 2 points .
It can be extended to total points on hand and a crib, separately of course. 31 days and 31 points nicely set the limits. It would be very dynamic variant, everyday fresh
Scoring options, adding one more way to get points.
What do you think about it ?!

-Herlock Sholmes

Simple dice game - Beetle Drive
Rules first to draw a Beetle and shouts Beetle wins
Players 2 - 4

Roll a 6 for a body
Roll a 5 for a. Head but body first before a head and head before eyes and feelers

Two 1s = eyes
Two 2s = feelers
Six 3s = legs
4 = tail

- Mm David littlefair xi.

Simple two player Game - Tetris ( or you could come up with your own name )
Two players
Two colours
Each section
And tries to stop each other from getting a empty box

Mm David littlefair xi
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