Interesting Games

If you come across a game that is particularly interesting, because it has an unusual board position, is an exceptionally long or short game, or interesting for any other reason you can record it here. Please do not post games that are still in progress.
Game TypeGame NumberComment
Reversi#240173110 empty squares remaining at end of game.
Loop Trax#2261060Longest recorded Loop Trax game ever played in the whole world (6th longest of any type of Trax).
Loop Trax#3675767This is the longest recorded game of TRAX (any variant). 90 Turns.
Lucky Trax#468744351 moves (unusually long game for this variant)
Grabble#6705923Each player ends game with one tile in hand that can not be played on board! Very compact letter arrangement. Edit: #9292739 is even more compact.
Giveaway Backgammon#4896853Long game - 323 moves
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