Invites Always Welcomed

PlayerGame TypeDays Per MoveChat Or Not
SapientChess,Stack Grabble,Small Halma,Triple Shake,Dominoes 5x3,NO CHECKERS or GAMMONS or Multi-player gamesanyI enjoy banter but I don't mind if you do not want to.
yorkshire puddinganything apart from trax and giveaway games.anyI like chatting but I don't mind if you dont want to.
1 of 12Any game--
Jane*No games now..but normally any five and three dominoes(any kind), muggins(any kind), dominoes(any kind), grabble, or pentes onlyany timeout(prefer 1-3 day tho)may forget to chat but i will or must be under 200 before i'll accept friendlys
Abaithawill play any games--
Allisonno chess prefer giveaway gammonweek t/o-
Arctic WarriorBack & Nack Gammon2 Days Or More-
AZD159prefer back - nack - hypergammon and any varience of muggins, any varience of 5's and 3's - no givaways at all PLEASE - also like grabble race - not tooo big on grabble - but will play if invited - oh, also, no multipoint games - PLEASEprefer 3 days - no longer - also like 1 daywill speak if spoken to - not much of a starter when it comes to conversation
BarbieI LOVE FAST GAMES Back or Nack--
bigmurdsanything really but primarily nack/back and Salvo variants--
BlueEyedGoddess OTWPprefer BG & variants/dominoes & variants/shakes & variants1 day but will gladly accept longerdont always have time to chat but will not ignore if spoken to although i have been known to miss it then realize after i saved but then i always apologize the next turn! NO CYBER!!
BrnIdGirlAnything EXCEPT Checkers & the Giveaway games...I Love Backgammon, Dominoes, Muggins & Go Muko5 Day TimeoutI like to chat but NO Cyber
busymomFast Plays Please... salvo or backgammon--
buttercupsno chess or backgammonanytime limitwill chat
CatAny game is fine no matter how bad I am at it...lol5 days or moreChat or not
Catz52MeowNack/Back, Salvo anykindweek or morewill chat or be quiet
CinnamonKickback Hangman, Kickback Executioner, Zero G Four In A Row, Hit-n-Miss Salvo, American Rummikub, DiceDotsany time limitI like to chat sometimes and other times I’m quiet Hugging
FujiTapeFour In A Row..Quicksand..HotSpot..Double Trouble--
gingershazanything but chess--
Goonerganything except the anti games--
jackgammonBackgammon, Backgammon & Backgammon--
Lady SilverNack or Back--
KranI will play anything but chess and its variants or checkers and its variants, with anyoneFast!-
LewOutbreak, Gammons or Salvos3 DayNot good at chat
marlisamAnything but chess - I suck at itNo PreferenceChat or None - Ok by me
midniteladyNo Chess or Checkers--
mrbugs001back/nack, reversi's, salvo, 4iar. no giveaway.--
mr jonesanything really but primarily gammon & variants--
DragonHeart MIAback,nack, Salvos NO giveaways--
Nan54All Gammons--
Oartkickel of the Wolf PackNo checkers or reversi or chess! I'll play anything else anytime3 day prefered-
Sea Breezeno chess, chessgi, trax or any giveaway games--
Oh No Mr BillBackgammon or Nackgammon--
Geri39I like Salvo & The Variants the best3 day loss of turn-I like to talk sometimes
Gone with the Wind 34802Any games except Chess3 days. Loss of Game-
Robert JasterCheckers--
runabeNack or Back--
* Sassy_Angel *any games, but chess and checkers--
Isischyldeno giveaway--
shelly (uk)Backgammon & Nackgammon--
AliBack or Nack--
stones- A - ramaMi casa Su casa.... any games and less talk.--
the bigBack/Nack/Giveaway--
firecracker_76Backgammon,Nackgammon,Checkers,Chess,Reversi(All varients)--
Irish RebelAll Games EXCEPT Reversi and salvo and them new games--
prqlewis1Backgammon, Reversi 10x10, Salvo--
dolcol (LAW-10)Grabble, Grabble Swapper, Shake It Fast3 day - lose gameChat is optional; depends on the opponent
kedneyBackgammon and nackgammon--
yayamomAnything except chess or giveaway--
Pegasusmainly the gammon games and the salvo games but am also willing to accept invite for outbreak and chess and checkers (not very good at chess or checkers or outbreak but willing to learn LOL)1 day loss of game until January 15, 2009 then back to 3 day or greater loss of gameSince my health goes up and down daily due to my disabilities, I sometimes chat more than others -- depends on whether or not I am just trying to finish my moves before exhaustion makes it impossible for me to continue that day
LittleTreeBackgammon, Outbreak, all variances, Go-Moku (no large) Shake, Rattle and Roll (all variants) Grabble Race, Five and Threes. No giveaways, please!1 week time out preferred, but will accept 3 days.-
Po1sonBackgammon & all variants! Reversi's, prefer Reversi10x & BH-10x..Chess & checkers is ok..but no variations of those..NO trax,or salvo, nor any of their variations..Prefer FAST games, but will take any time limits.Love to chat! There are those occaisional days when I'm not chatty though! LOL
martellmomany game but chess or trax, I dont understand them lolany days -yea chat, then again I have my days where I'm busy so I dont as much-
DionysosChess, back/nackgammon is preferable, but any others as well.anyDon't mind chat, or no chat except the opening greeting. If you don't even do that, then I'm not playing.
YNWABack or NackAnyWhatever
fmdmback/nacki like fast gamesi`ll chat if u want
MizEanyanyif you want to
ginifishchess (beginner), checkers, trax, outbreakneed a week or more, busy life!will chat if you get me started
patsy flamingoback, nack, salvo and outbreakprefer 3 days or lesssome
Tony RomeMulti-player Salvo and it's variantsI need at least 1 weekI don't mind at all
smores4meWill play any game, but love Zero-G 4iar!anyFriendly, clean chat welcome!
violet unicornswill play most games no checkers,chess or anything with anti or giveaway just normal name games3 days-sometimes-
NanaTNormal Backgammon & Salvo Fast Games--
MagManNormal Backgammon only. I like very fast games. I like to chat on occasion3 days or less and loss of gamePlease say something at invite
GOPACKGOMy favorites are Checkers, Back and Nack in that order3 or lessTake it or leave it
Inkjet-ManLove All Versions of Salvo or ReversiUp 2 YouAt Least Say Hi & GL
jinghamI love all the games,feel free to send invites anytime...3 daysI love to chat and meet new people. But if you dont want to thats fine too...
Rose of SharonBackgammon and Nackgammonone weekLove to chat
Lady Ehlanaany of the mokuslearning trax-
jkhsquonkEspecially like Small Chess & Knights vs. Bishops Chess, but also enjoy Checkers tooprefer 1 weekchatting's fine, but not necessary
Mystic RiverAll Outbreaks, Back and Nackprefer 1 or 3 daysNormally do not chat unless it is with someone I have played alot and/or know pretty well from site. Do expect the normal hi, good luck, have fun, good game though
Lil-Bitanything except chess or checkersanyup to you!!
Talan & Michaels GrandmaZero G 4x4anyCasual Chat is fine
Chasing Tomorrows WifeGiveaway Checkersanychat is cool
marygalNackgammon,muggins,back,5&3's1to3 days loss of game
MsLadyBackgammon, All Dominoes, except Double Nines and TwelvesPrefer 1 or 3 days, loss of gameDon't really like to chat
*justmeDominoes, Slavo, No chess, checkers or any giveaway games3 days or lessdepends on my mood but NO CYBER
Never Enough Thymemuggins,muggins,muggins, grabble, grabble grabble3 days or lessI usually chat but, sometimes I just forget when I'm in a hurry, I play pretty fast too.
RizzoAnything but Chess or Checkers!Don't mind
Queen Of The DarkBackgammon only pleaseUP To YouChat or no chat that's up to you but I must warn you I'm a chatting person lol Smiling
Sea DreamsOnly games listed here please...Go Moku, Pente, Golden Pente, Halma, DiceDots, Outbreak Ataxx, Mahjong, Salvo and all it's variants. All 5's & 3's variations, Lines of Action, Scrambled Eggs3 Days @ only Loss of Gameclean chat or no chat.
boneyardkingAll formats of dominoes, All formats of salvo,and chess,giveaway chess, Metamorphosis Chess,Backgammon,Hypergammon,Giveaway Backgammon,Reversi,Small and large Reversi,Giveaway Reversi,Four In a Row,Giveaway Four In a Row,Checkers,Giveaway Checkers,8x8 Trax,Trax3 days lost of game,but will play what u likechat,well of course intill ur ears fall off, have a bad habit of making puns on mistypes

StormChaserBackgammon, Muggins, Fives & Threes3 DaysPlay Fast, Chat some, No Cyberchat
pink daneBackgammon, Muggins, Fives & Threes, Halma, Large Reversi, Grabble3 DaysChat is okay, No Cyberchat
SlippyAny but no giveaway except Checkers--
I_am_4_OUAnything gammon3 days or moreI'll chat if chatted to; if not that's all right
joannamariegammons but not long, any of the 5s and 3s, go moku,reversi and six player salvo3 days or lessits up to you
RostomBackgammon1 day fast gamesOnly with players above 2000 rating please
Thera4All gammons and 4 player outbreaks and any versions of dominoesanyif you start the conversation
VernPente, GoldenPente, Gomoku, Muggins, Threes and fives1 to 3 day/Loss of game PrefereredChat or no chat
sweeteyes* All games, if i don't know to play, i'll learn** don't matter*Clean chat
Angel BabyLOVE Dice Pipes3 days or moreClean chat/no chat
GALady1love any of the Shake games, Backgammon, regular Muggins and trying to learn Chess not very good at all, I'll try any game though, I just love to playprefer no more than 1 week but will accept otherswill chat sometimes I might forget to say something but will catch it next round clean chat only
AdeWoleChess, Chess and More Chessprefer 3 daysLet's Chat Smiling
THE CHADsterDice Pipe, Dice Dots3 day/loss of turnlike to talk!
thebodywallALL~~~~GAMES1 to 3 days/moveIf you chat then I'll chat
LadyeFantasyLOVE-ALL-THE-GRABBLESflexibleIf you chat ... I'll chat ... but if I get in a hurry ... I just play
StealthfireDice pipe and Dice dotsanyI love to chat and learn more about people and make new friends as well. Thats one reason why I love Goldtoken!
Penguin123Back/Nackgammon, All Shakes, Dominoes, 5s & 3s, Dice dots, Checkers, Grabble/Grabble Race.anyLike chatting and making new friends as well.
Lady GoodwrenchCribbage, Rummikub.3 daysDont always do the GL, GG, chat or no chat, keep it clean, NO CYBER.
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