A limerick is "a light humorous, nonsensical, or bawdy verse of five anapestic lines with the rhyme scheme aabba".

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Yes that is an excellent description. I recommend everyone read this before they start a Limerick.
Even if you don't understand all the technical details, it should give you a better idea of what a proper Limerick is.

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Basically the rhythm goes:

dee DAA diddy DAA diddy DAAAAA
dee DAA diddy DAA diddy DAAAAA
dee DAA diddy DAA
dee DAA diddy DAA
dee DAA diddy DAA diddy DAAAAA

And here is a whole load of guff ;
Have a read, if you like , through the stuff .
If you find that the strain
Is a ffect ing your brain
Then I guess you've had more than e nough .
(Demon Pet

Each person adds a new line to the limerick
HeatherN There once was a man with a tail

DIRKSTRA: Stay safe from covid at home }
LittleTree Don't even think to roam
HeatherN Do your shopping online
Evan54 and stay in to dine
HeatherN You could entertain your garden gnome

sharktooth Standing in front of my air-con
DIRKSTRA Wishing this heat was g-g-gone.
superkaempe the gentle giant I looked at my chair
sharktooth and without a care
Serene Selene went to sleep with the thermostat on.

sharktooth Spring is here at last
superkaempe the gentle giant The year is going so fast
sharktooth The flowers in bloom
superkaempe the gentle giant All over my room
sharktooth Turned out to be a fragrance blast.

superkaempe the gentle giant My mother started to dance
sharktooth The Reindeer started to prance
Chester The music was festive
sharktooth Mah feets were restive
sharktoothBeing in a musical trance.

sharktooth Turkey, taters, gravy, OH MY
superkaempe the gentle giant I'm lifted high to the sky
sharktooth Came down with a bounce
Chester in time to announce
sharktooth Time to bring on the punkin pie!

superkaempe the gentle giant When Richie started to sing
sharktooth My ole ears started to ring
Chester He sang so off key
sharktooth It so startled me
MysticKah When it made the cushion coils spring!

sharktooth I jumped up and down in the leaves
Chester while wearing my shirt with short sleeves
MysticKah Something tickled my arm
superkaempe the gentle giant A mouse with a charm
MysticKah Which made me jump to the eaves!

sharktooth Dan to Val, let's go for a walk
superkaempe the gentle giant This day I know we need to talk
Chester A stroll in the woods
MysticKah Should do us some good
MysticKah But all Val did was squawk!

sharktooth Blustery day, winds a-blowin'
sharktooth Wouldn't mind a bit of snowin'
superkaempe the gentle giant With a glimpse of the past
MysticKah Going by so fast
MysticKah My memories are overflowin'!

sharktooth Joe's not a big Halloween fan
superkaempe the gentle giant He skips it when ever he can
MysticKah The children a-toddling,
MysticKah As ghost & goblins,
sharktooth A bag full of candy the plan!

superkaempe the gentle giant A book fell down from my shelf
sharktooth Behind it stood Woofiee the Elf
superkaempe the gentle giant The book hit the floor
sharktooth I ran for the door
Chester and Woofiee sat down on the shelf

superkaempe the gentle giant As summer was turning to fall
sharktooth I knew it was time for football
superkaempe the gentle giant The ball is so round
sharktooth weighs less than a pound
superkaempe the gentle giant So I sneezed it over a wall

sharktooth Aunt Tootle ran out the front door
DIRKSTRA There was smoke on the second floor
superkaempe the gentle giant The smoke was a joke
sharktooth the joke was that smoke
sharktooth was fog pouring in from the moor.

superkaempe the gentle giant My mother the queen of the home
sharktooth The matriarch of her kingdome
DIRKSTRA Made us kids do the chores
superkaempe the gentle giant Through the day she just snores
sharktooth Now you know my longing to roam!

superkaempe the gentle giant My brother went into the woods
sharktooth To find berries iffin he coulds
superkaempe the gentle giant The berries were few
sharktooth As he found but two
sharktooth So ate them and said: Verrry goods!!

superkaempe the gentle giant Since summer has turned into fall
sharktooth Snowflakes are beginning to call
superkaempe the gentle giant But still it is rain
sharktooth And I won't complain
superkaempe the gentle giant Cause I don't like snow at all

sharktooth He winked at me as I walked by
sharktooth little puppy with one blue eye
Crispies Little ball of fluff
sharktooth He looked so darn tuff
superkaempe the gentle giant And turned his eye to the sky

sharktooth I bounced the ball in front of me
DIRKSTRA Then stumbled and scraped me knee.
superkaempe the gentle giant The ball went out
sharktooth I started to pout
sharktooth then laughed as it rolled back to me.

sharktooth Temp to be 81 today
DIRKSTRA Goin' outside to play
sharktooth the pool is cool
superkaempe the gentle giant And I am no fool
sharktooth splashing all with a cool spray.

superkaempe the gentle giant When winter had ended one day
sharktooth I found I had nothing to say
DIRKSTRA It was Spring but still cold
superkaempe the gentle giant And the flowers I sold
sharktooth Made a beautiful Spring display!

superkaempe the gentle giant I was sitting waiting for spring
TallPaul When I saw some pigs on the wing!
superkaempe the gentle giant A pig that could fly
bestgremlin Made me think I might try
superkaempe the gentle giant To find a cow that could sing

sharktooth A glorious sun-shiney day
superkaempe the gentle giant With lots of snow on my way
Chester I should go for a walk
superkaempe the gentle giant Instead I did talk
Chester I'm a little bit lazy that way!

sharktooth I bought me a lil Scorpion Jet
TallPaul Not sure what I'll do with it yet...
Red Panda I'll go to the moon
Chester but not very soon
sharktooth As it put me deeply in debt

sharktooth Nate spoke with a hiccup and twang
superkaempe the gentle giant His sister said that he sang
sharktooth He played the Fiddle
superkaempe the gentle giant And gave me a riddle
sharktooth But no one seemed to give a dang

sharktooth Coots walked into a library
Red Panda And on a book he spilt a berry
superkaempe the gentle giant With a mug in his hand
Chester he conducted a band
superkaempe the gentle giant And went away with a ferry

superkaempe the gentle giant A beaver was taking a walk
sharktooth on his back rode Harley the Hawk
superkaempe the gentle giant With his wife and his son
sharktooth all having such fun
Chester and having a very nice talk.

superkaempe the gentle giant One day walking home in the snow
sharktooth I thought of something you should know
superkaempe the gentle giant With a duck and a swan
sharktooth and a tiny fawn
superkaempe the gentle giant They were all dressed up for a show

superkaempe the gentle giant While Santa was taking a nap
sarahjan a baby crawled onto his lap
Chester It started to cry
sharktooth I heard Santa sigh
superkaempe the gentle giant And then give the baby a cap

sharktooth Peter sat drinkin his cider
sharktooth Out of the mug crawled a spider
sharktooth and to his surprise
sharktooth as he blinked his eyes
superkaempe the gentle giant He could see the spider grow wider

sharktooth Abe sat behind a Redwood tree
sharktooth Glass of wine and a chunk of Brie
sharktooth He reached for the cheese
sharktooth and started to sneeze
superkaempe the gentle giant While he was saying good bye

sharktooth Tod roared through the town on his trike
sharktooth Hoping to pick up little Mike
sharktooth A grin on his face
DIRKSTRA As he waved to Grace
sharktooth who was jogging with her dog Spike.

sharktooth I really felt in a muddle
Taterss But all was just a puddle
sharktooth I looked up to see
sharktooth a huge old oak tree
superkaempe the gentle giant And a babe who wanted to cuddle

sharktooth I was at the helm of my ship
superkaempe the gentle giant Preparing the next weekend trip
sharktooth in plotting my course
Karen Q I felt some remorse
sharktooth So thought this was one trip I'd skip.

sharktooth A rabbit walked through my garden
superkaempe the gentle giant Pretending to be a warden
Chester He sampled my crops
superkaempe the gentle giant Gave them to the cops
sharktooth He found the carrots I'd been hoardin'...

sharktooth Hey everybody, follow me!
superkaempe the gentle giant I'll show you something for free
sharktooth Sprinkle magic seeds
Chester which grow humungous weeds
sharktoothAn adventure for you and me.

sharktooth Aunt Sue rode at neck-breaking speed
superkaempe the gentle giant To fetch just one thing she might need
sharktooth With gumdrops in mind
superkaempe the gentle giant And crispy pork rind
Chester She ran into a knight on his steed!

Chester The raindrops were falling down hard
sharktooth as the ducks ran across the yard
superkaempe the gentle giant A swan in the way
sharktooth leaned over to say
sharktooth It's fun out here in the barnyard!

sharktooth I had an ole pooch I called Hooch
sharktooth Treats from my pocket he did mooch
Chester When I tried to say "no"
Crispies He thought I meant "GO"
sharktooth& leaned over and gave me a "smooch".

sharktooth My head he said was full of lead
superkaempe the gentle giant As I was heading for bed
sharktooth Grabbed a soft pillow
superkaempe the gentle giant Beneath the tall willow
Chester And that's all that needs to be said!

sharktooth I watched as he ate his carrot
Chester and fed some of it to his parrot
TallPaul which suddenly died
Red Panda cos the carrots were fried
sharktooth Sorry he decided to share it.

sharktooth A lil crab popped up through the sand
sharktooth Starting out for a walk on land
Crispies To his great surprise
sharktooth But not his demise
Chester He found that the land was quite grand.

TallPaul A grey kangaroo was called Bruce
superkaempe the gentle giant He wanted to use rubber shoes
sharktooth He thought he could bounce
TallPaul But I must announce:
sharktooth He ended up with quite a bruise.

sharktooth Murdy McToad jumped on a rock
superkaempe the gentle giant He wasn't wearing a sock
sharktooth He checked out his toes
Red Panda By using his nose
TallPaul Which gave him a terrible shock!

sharktooth Out on the shore panning for gold
sharktooth Boulder size nuggets I've been told
superkaempe the gentle giant But the boulders are rocks
TallPaul And I've got wet socks
sharktooth Me thinks me a bit over-sold!

sharktooth Wally saw three frogs in a tree
superkaempe the gentle giant While having four flies on his knee.
TallPaul That's one each for them
sharktooth and one for their friend
sharktooth and nothing left to share with me.

sharktooth Three more miles to Mt. Chimerrew
Taterss I have my cat to pursue
superkaempe the gentle giant My cat has a hat
Taterss and a baseball bat
Taterss and thats the end of that

sharktooth I ran through a fragrant garden
sharktooth Begging the Gardener's pardon
Taterss I need that bargain
sharktooth He knows the jargon
sharktooth to me this whole thing is arrrghhh-gone! Smiling

sharktooth While jammin' to town on my bike
superkaempe the gentle giant And someone beside on a trike
Chester I rode through a puddle
sharktooth while in a huddle
sharktooth Which tyke on my bike did not like!

DIRKSTRA Making more rhymes is my resolution.
Red Panda But on day two I already failed Smiling
TallPaul Why did I bother? Puzzled
Red Panda to ask my brother
sharktooth Outta my resolutions I bailed.

superkaempe the gentle giant My wife fell into the pool
sharktooth Fully dressed which wasn't so cool
DIRKSTRA A case of too much eggnog
Chester She was eggnog-logged
DIRKSTRA Poor thing felt like a fool.

superkaempe the gentle giant My daughter went out through the door
sharktooth for lunch, Christmas shopping and more
Chester She bought some great gifts
sharktooth Selections were swifts
sharktooth When hubby saw bill he did roar

superkaempe the gentle giant One day I was going to town
sharktooth Still wearing my flannel night gown
DIRKSTRA Turns out I was sleep walking
Chester while constantly talking
DIRKSTRA Tripped in the creek and almost drowned

superkaempe the gentle giant A ghost was haunting my car
sharktooth While holding his head in a jar
Chester The sight was so eerie
Chester it affected my steering
superkaempe the gentle giant so I drove into a bar

sharktooth Joe rode his elephant to town
superkaempe the gentle giant With a cat dressed up as a clown
sharktooth The clown tipped her hat
superkaempe the gentle giant While facing a bat
sharktooth who was glaring back with a frown!

sharktooth Lil Sam found a puppy to keep
superkaempe the gentle giant But alas it did nothing but sleep
Red Panda It snored like a pig
sharktooth grew ever so big
sharktooth Slept except when driving my jeep

superkaempe the gentle giant A house in the middle of nowhere
sharktooth was filled with elves, how'd they get there?
TallPaul Did the wicked witch
Chester pull a big switch?
TallPaul Leaving Santa one helper - a bear!

superkaempe the gentle giant A bird and a mouse with a gun
TallPaul A cat, and a goat on the run
superkaempe the gentle giant Six rats in a hat
TallPaul Two snakes, a bat
superkaempe the gentle giant And two little kids having fun

sharktooth Ole Aunt Mert from Kalamazoo
Red Panda had a library book long overdue
DIRKSTRA then she remembered she couldn't read
sharktooth puzzling indeed
superkaempe the gentle giant I wonder what she went through

superkaempe the gentle giant My brother thought he was a wizard
sharktooth he changed me into a lizard
superkaempe the gentle giant I chased him around
MysticKah Then he stood his ground
MysticKah And zapped me into a Gizzard!

sharktooth Oh to enjoy snow flurries
sharktooth through the gentle flakes I scurries
DIRKSTRA Soon they were three feet deep
superkaempe the gentle giant And white as my sheep
Chester and my vision is getting quite blurry

Chester It looks like it's starting to snow
sharktooth Get Dobbin and sleigh and let's go!
superkaempe the gentle giant Stay away from the ice
Red Panda those words of advice
sharktooth Ouch! are from someone in the know!

Red Panda There was a limrick by Chester
superkaempe the gentle giant A nice good old fashioned jester
Red Panda it had but five lines
Chester and definite signs
Chester of a reason to wear a sou'wester

DIRKSTRA My doctor said go on a diet
sharktooth My look said I didn't buy it
superkaempe the gentle giant But when I came home
Chester and sat down with a groan
Chester I decided that maybe I'd try it.

DIRKSTRA Turn the clocks back an hour
Chester Before you get into the shower
superkaempe the gentle giant If the clock strikes one
sharktooth And mouse on the run
DIRKSTRA It's still two on the clock tower.

DIRKSTRA Tonight we'll get lots of candy
superkaempe the gentle giant I hope that it just isn't sandy
sharktooth The kids made a haul
Chester Now they're climbing the wall
DIRKSTRA The aspirin came in handy.

DIRKSTRA Gomer left for bread and milk
superkaempe the gentle giant And also a gown made of silk
sharktooth He stopped at a shop
superkaempe the gentle giant And called for a cop
DIRKSTRA who was of the same ilk.

Chester It's getting dark sooner each night
sharktooth Makes it tougher when goes the light
DIRKSTRA Eating supper that I can't see
superkaempe the gentle giant In the top of a tree
Chester and those squirrels sure put up a fight!

superkaempe the gentle giant One day in the middle of winter
sharktooth I witnessed a snowman sprinter
superkaempe the gentle giant He was wearing a hat
sharktooth and chasing a cat
Chester right into the shop of a printer.

superkaempe the gentle giant On top of my sisters umbrella
sharktooth sat a pumpkin orange and yellah
superkaempe the gentle giant The umbrella was green
Karen Q And aquamarine
Chester And covered a big bowl of jellah

Chester I went out to play at the park
DIRKSTRA when a pack of dogs began to bark
Chester I covered my ears
Red Panda To bury my fears
TallPaul If only it wasn't so dark!

sharktooth Harley Hanna came riding in
superkaempe the gentle giant She was wearing a hat with a pin
DIRKSTRA Her bike had a flat
sharktooth So sadly she sat
Chester Letting the bad news sink in.

sharktooth Ole Unc Arnie heard a loud buzz
superkaempe the gentle giant And left the house in a rush
sharktooth He thought it a bee
superkaempe the gentle giant Attacking his tea
sharktooth We thought is wazn't, but it wuz!

superkaempe the gentle giant A cat and a mouse and a dog
DIRKSTRA went over to visit the frog
Chester When they got there they found
superkaempe the gentle giant A toad on the ground
Red Panda which croaked and died in the bog

superkaempe the gentle giant On a rainy day in October
Chester I pulled the covers up over
Chester My head and went back
superkaempe the gentle giant With a cat in a sack
sharktooth And our puppy Mister Rover

sharktooth As Til jumped into the canoe
superkaempe the gentle giant In the river right next to the zoo
DIRKSTRA I got that sinking feeling
Chester The canoe started heeling
Chester And Til fell right into the blue

sharktooth Wally ran as fast as he could
Chester But not quite as fast as he should
superkaempe the gentle giant He was five feet behind
Chester When he finally whined
Chester "These runners just aren't any good!"

superkaempe the gentle giant A day in September I went
sharktooth With my favorite ole bearded gent
Chester To visit some friends
superkaempe the gentle giant And a lady who bends
TallPaul Spoons, with her mind, in a tent!

sharktooth Walking on sand is a hassle
Chester When wearing a fez with a tassel
sharktooth It tips in the breeze
Chester And causes a sneeze
TallPaul Which flattened my sand castle!

Chester In October the weather is windy
superkaempe the gentle giant When I walk with my girlfriend named Cindy
sharktooth With colorful leaves
sharktooth Dancing on my sleeves
Chester And the fur of my spaniel named Mindy.

sharktooth Aunt Tilly's ole duck flew the coup
TallPaul So what will she put in her soup?
sharktooth A veggie or two
superkaempe the gentle giant And a kangaroo too
Chester And now she can feed the whole group!

sharktooth He said with a voice a bit gruff
TallPaul "I feel I have had quite enough"
Red Panda I can't watch the film
TallPaul I'd score it nil, hmm?
superkaempe the gentle giant I think it is gonna be tough

sharktooth He gave him a wink and a nod
superkaempe the gentle giant While fishing and catching a cod
sharktooth He threw the worm back
superkaempe the gentle giant In a sack that was black
sharktooth And into the sea threw his rod.

sharktooth Silly Molly McPhinney and I
sharktooth sat down to eat strawberry pie
sharktooth That's MY piece, said I
superkaempe the gentle giant But I cannot say why
sharktooth As I peeked out through strawberry pie!

sharktooth I saw my friend Mr. Hester
sharktooth Who thought himself a Court Jester
superkaempe the gentle giant His jokes were so bad
sharktooth SO bad for a lad
superkaempe the gentle giant Who should have been a food tester

DIRKSTRA A windy day to fly a kite.
Red Panda and then a BOOM was such a fright
sharktooth my hair stood on end
superkaempe the gentle giant As I walked round the bend
sharktooth we all fainted at such a sight!

superkaempe the gentle giant A cat and a dog and a chicken
sharktooth were out in the fields a picken
superkaempe the gentle giant The cat chased the a dog
sharktooth straight through a huge log
DIRKSTRA The feathery fox was finger lickin'

sharktooth Met an artist from Samoa
Red Panda I saw his work and said "Whoa"
superkaempe the gentle giant His paintings were black
sharktooth Colors he did lack
superkaempe the gentle giant And all that he said was "Aloha"

sharktooth Swimming over at Lake Biskut
sharktooth With ole Jobadiah Tiskut
superkaempe the gentle giant The water was deep
sharktooth as we took the leap
sharktooth we both thought it worth the risk-ut!

superkaempe the gentle giant A late afternoon in New York
sharktooth I tripped over a purple cork
sharktooth It was three feet tall
superkaempe the gentle giant And large as a hall
sharktooth Now I REALLY feel like a dork!

{ P With the wind coming through my hair
{ Plalayer: sharktooth } Out walking with my Daisy fair
superkaempe the gentle giantyer: sharktooth } We caught falling stars
superkaempe the gentle giant On top of the cars
TallPaul Until we had enough to share.

superkaempe the gentle giant A fox was singing a song
DIRKSTRA the rabbit was singing along
superkaempe the gentle giant A bear passing by
sharktooth Joined in with a sigh
Karen Q And they sang it all day long!

DIRKSTRA Little joey was horsin' around
sharktooth With ole Sassey his Basset hound
superkaempe the gentle giant The dog got a fit
sharktooth Lil Joey was bit
superkaempe the gentle giant And Sassey could not be found

DIRKSTRA I never knew she couldn't cook
sharktooth Altho she had me at first look
superkaempe the gentle giant I went mad as a bull
sharktooth My tummy not full
DIRKSTRA A cookbook was all it took.

superkaempe the gentle giant Today I tried catching a fish
Karen Q To make my favorite dish
sharktooth With Cabin-fried spuds
DIRKSTRA Covered in milk duds
sharktooth AHH! A fave that is so delish!

DIRKSTRA My apple for your butter tart?
sharktooth How about a part for a start?
sarahjan It may be quite bitter
DIRKSTRA give it to the baby sitter
superkaempe the gentle giant It will certainly please her heart

DIRKSTRA For us it's another long weekend
superkaempe the gentle giant So I will just go get some tea sent
sharktooth I will be right there
superkaempe the gentle giant With my nose everywhere
DIRKSTRA who invited the reverend

DIRKSTRA There's a white elephant in the room
sharktooth Sitting with a mouse on a broom
superkaempe the gentle giant The elephant screams
RabidWolff of the Wolf Pack But all is not as it seems
DIRKSTRA That's why you should never assume.

superkaempe the gentle giant A badger a bird and a horse
MysticKah Went out to play on the golf course,
DIRKSTRA The bird got a birdie
sharktooth Badger quite wordie
DIRKSTRA was an unreliable source

superkaempe the gentle giant A giant came skipping along
DIRKSTRA Shaking the ground singing a song
superkaempe the gentle giant But the song was to short
sharktooth But I'm a good sport
superkaempe the gentle giant Even though the giant is strong

sharktooth I am off to market to shop
superkaempe the gentle giant While the cereal crackle and pop
DIRKSTRA Wanna get stuff for the beach
sharktooth Cuz surfing I teach
superkaempe the gentle giant And I don't know when I will stop

DIRKSTRA It rained all day and night
sharktooth Puddles and puddles left and right
superkaempe the gentle giant And poodles between
sharktooth and frogs have been seen
sharktooth Much to my child-like delight

sharktooth Turtle and Snail were on a walk
superkaempe the gentle giant They sure didn't want to talk
Red Panda They picked up their pace
superkaempe the gentle giant And started a race
DIRKSTRA but became a snack for the hawk

sharktooth While lazing on the beach one day
sharktooth A mermaid came swimming my way
superkaempe the gentle giant With a head like a horse
DIRKSTRA And a fin tail of course
sharktooth What will I feed her, worms or hay?

sharktooth Ole Joe was a ramblin on
superkaempe the gentle giant As he went to church with his son
sharktooth "Remember the days..."
superkaempe the gentle giant When we went to the race
sharktooth Sugarfoot was the nag that won?

sharktooth I had tea with a Kangeroo
superkaempe the gentle giant My wife was sitting there too
sharktooth We offered a toast
DIRKSTRA To the girl with the most
sharktooth So much for our life at the zoo.

sharktooth How about a game of baseball?
superkaempe the gentle giant You can play it in the left hall
sharktooth With matchsticks and peas
Red Panda while down on our knees
superkaempe the gentle giant So we won't hurt ourselves if we fall

superkaempe the gentle giant Ole Homer was mowing his grass
sharktooth His wife at her painting class
superkaempe the gentle giant Painting all the grass blue
sharktooth This gave him a clue
sharktooth He had an unusual lass!

DIRKSTRA There's trouble at the dancehall tonight
sharktooth Ole One-eye is lookin for a fight
superkaempe the gentle giant Then his wife passed by
Red Panda with a big, tattooed guy
sharktooth Out of his good eye went the light.

sharktooth While whistlin as loud as I coulds
DIRKSTRA Superkaempe came out of the woods
superkaempe the gentle giant With an oak in his hand
sharktooth and a big brass band
DIRKSTRA They could really deliver the goods.

DIRKSTRA Last night I saw a shooting star
superkaempe the gentle giant While chasing a mouse in my car
sharktooth While hot on the chase
superkaempe the gentle giant In a chariot race
sharktooth with a bug rolling in a jar!

sharktooth Bob zipped down the hill on his sled
superkaempe the gentle giant He had no hat on his head
sharktooth His ears turned soooo blue
superkaempe the gentle giant With the wind passing through
DIRKSTRA At the bottom he was dead.

sharktooth I came around the bend one day
superkaempe the gentle giant When an elephant asked me to stay
sharktooth Would you care for Tea?
superkaempe the gentle giant Said the mouse to the flea
sharktooth She said yes! what else could she say?

DIRKSTRA My wife Crystal has a glass eye.
superkaempe the gentle giant But I really can't tell you why
sharktooth When she winks at me
superkaempe the gentle giant I can't really see
sharktooth If it's a hello or goodbye!

DIRKSTRA I've always had a pet cat
superkaempe the gentle giant It is sleeping next to my hat
sharktooth It opened one eye
superkaempe the gentle giant When the dog passed by
DIRKSTRA And both eyes for the rat.

sharktooth A juicy red apple on the tree
sharktooth Was hanging there waiting for me
sharktooth I reached o'r the fence
superkaempe the gentle giant It didn't make sense
DIRKSTRA You'll pay for that said He.

superkaempe the gentle giant My cat was chasing a mouse
sharktooth Around and around my Aunt's house
superkaempe the gentle giant My dog chased the cat
sharktooth Which took care of that
superkaempe the gentle giant By giving the mouse to my spouse

sharktooth Ole Grover n Sal stopped for tea
superkaempe the gentle giant In a tavern next to the sea
sharktooth They walked to the beach
sharktooth Cool water in reach
Redhairchick The tea was hot and so was he

sharktooth Tall Mert sang as loud as he could
sharktooth Mellow baritone, oooh so good
sharktooth He sang in the park
superkaempe the gentle giant As nice as a lark
Diddly Thank goodness he was in a Theme Park.

DIRKSTRA It feels like Winter this Spring
sharktooth Still wool coats and earmuffs the thing
sharktooth I'll venture outside
sharktooth On ice I may slide
superkaempe the gentle giant But still I am trying to sing

sharktooth Ole Jacob rode his mule to town
Red Panda to buy his wife a brand new gown
TallPaul But when he got there
Red Panda he only could stare
DIRKSTRA It was on the manikin clown.

sharktooth Jumping rope one day with Finney
Redhairchick I saw a pretty girl, named Minnie
superkaempe the gentle giant I asked for a dance
sharktooth with a flirty glance
sharktooth rock on, ole Skinny!

superkaempe the gentle giant When passing a fox and a wolf
sharktooth Who were playing a game of golf
superkaempe the gentle giant I said with a smile
sharktooth Hey, you two gotts style
sharktooth Can I play? My name is Rudolph.

sharktooth Our goat ate our wash off the line
TallPaul And gnawed away half of a sign,
TallPaul Leaving just the words:
sharktooth...home for furry nerds
sharktooth So everyone stopped by to dine.

Taterss There once was a young girl named Jill
sharktooth Of gumdrops she had quite her fill
sharktooth Her fave Red and green
TallPaul Could no longer be seen
sharktooth Cuz she gave all the rest to Bill!

superkaempe the gentle giant A man who was selling his boots
sharktooth Ones that go with all of his suits
Red Panda but his socks were bright pink
DIRKSTRA and boy did they stink
Mystic Dreamer and underwear with remnants of 'toots'!

DIRKSTRA The weather is well below freezing.
sharktooth About this I am not teasing
Red Panda Its hot in Jakarta
sharktoothBut snow in my cart-a
Taterss keeps my little pup weezing

superkaempe the gentle giant I went for a stroll in the evening
sharktooth to market to buy some seasoning
Red Panda salt was sold out
Taterss so i decided to pout
DIRKSTRA with me there was no reasoning.

Crispies I feel icicles for lashes
sharktooth As from place to place I dashes
Crispies with freezing red nose
sharktooth A wool coat for coze
sharktooth and through the puddles I splashes.

sharktooth Oh for a piece of apple pie
sharktooth a dollop of cream too, sez I
sharktooth and one for the boss
sharktooth who is leaning across
sharktooth giving his "better do it" eye!

Mystic Dreamer Every time I see her with Harry
sharktooth Not the man she was to marry
superkaempe the gentle giant I think it is fun
TallPaul To take a cream bun
sharktooth and take a moment to share-y!

superkaempe the gentle giant The tiger was trying to sleep
sharktooth As he lay there counting the sheep
superkaempe the gentle giant He ate one a day
Red Panda But to his dismay
superkaempe the gentle giant He was cought by little Bo Peep

sharktooth In following this mystery
Mystic Dreamer that involved a lot of history.
superkaempe the gentle giant you cannot change facts
sharktooth when you play with jacks
sharktooth Bowling balls an absurdity.

sharktooth She followed the trail like a Scout
superkaempe the gentle giant She was not even using her snout
Mystic Dreamer You think she's a dog!
superkaempe the gentle giant Or maybe a frog
Mystic Dreamer and with an OINK she began to pout!

superkaempe the gentle giant There once was a green gentle giant
carlej1960 who really was quite defiant
sharktooth riding his Harley
superkaempe the gentle giant with a midget named Charley
sharktooth On whom he was rather reliant!

sharktooth Remember the clown we called Shorty
sharktooth Whose look shall we say "quite sporty"
superkaempe the gentle giant He was crying all day
Crispies to go out and play
sharktooth with a gal he wished to court-y.

Taterss There was a fair maiden named Tigger
sharktooth Who walked with a bit of a "swigger"
Mystic Dreamer And she sure could sway those hips!
sharktooth Hmm tooo many chips
sharktooth made those hips a wee bit bigger.

sharktooth Took me kitten Cookie for a walk
DIRKSTRA and that person to cat talk
superkaempe the gentle giant It was strange all the way
sharktooth When I heard Cookie say
Karen Q I HATE it when people just gawk!!!

sharktooth As I walked in my garden today
DIRKSTRA A breeze made the beanstalk sway
sharktooth I looked up and saw
Taterss A big green blah
sharktooth Hmmm I had my laugh for the day!

DIRKSTRA When driving at night don't forget.
Red Panda turn on your lights or you'll regret
Jools that other drivers you meet
TallPaul (who may have lead feet)
Crispies OR... for a race , get ready, get set...

sharktooth While out prowling the ole homestead
Crispies I saw a ghost called Ned
MikeyB He was very opaque,
Crispies Some thought he was fake.
Jools but I still hid under the bed Smiling

sharktooth Ole Aunt Sal made a loaf of bread
Crispies For her favorite neighbor Fred
Taterss Went to the door
sharktooth Fred's friends Seuss n Thor
sharktooth Were waiting there to be fed.

sharktooth While gazing into a tide-pool
Red Panda a frog challenged me to duel
superkaempe the gentle giant Then out came a toad
sharktooth Cheers! One for the road
superkaempe the gentle giant And then he ran out of fuel

DIRKSTRA My watch says it's Friday afternoon.
superkaempe the gentle giant The weekend is coming so soon
Red Panda But the battery is flat
superkaempe the gentle giantlayer: And I don't have a hat
sharktooth so I'll hitch a ride to the moon.

DIRKSTRA My sciatica is driving me nuts
MysticKah Hurts all the way up to my butt,
superkaempe the gentle giant I can't even rest
sharktooth I'm doin my best
DIRKSTRA It's making me miss my putts.

sharktooth It's almost a hundred and two
Mystic Dreamer Am SOOOO hot, how about you?
superkaempe the gentle giant I am melting away
Red Panda in my ice cube tray
superkaempe the gentle giant So I really don't know what to do

sharktooth Hows about a game of marbles
Jools Said the catfish through his barbels - (tricky rhyme there Smiling)
superkaempe the gentle giant The crab ran away
sharktooth He said: Not today
sharktooth Oh such sad thoughts he did harble (harbor ~ best I could come up with)

Mystic Dreamer Drat! I saw Ol' Hetty at the market
sharktooth On her three-wheel...saw her park it.
sharktooth She then spotted me
sharktooth With a look of glee
Mystic Dreamer Oh why do I feel like a target!?!

DIRKSTRA Soon I'll be on Summer vacation
Jools Gonna catch a train down by the station.
Red Panda i'm off to the sea
superkaempe the gentle giant with a bird and a bee
MysticKah And we'll sail to an exotic location!

sharktooth Ole Cap' McDuff is at the helm
Red Panda of the Aster class "Crocus" from Belgium
sharktooth At home on the Sea
Jools is a fine place to be
DIRKSTRA That's what we always tell'em.

sharktooth Wishin, wantin, just ain't the same
Red Panda Lamp an Genie, just play the game
Taterss Positive thinking
Crispies Is the way to go
MysticKah Any other way is just a shame!

Taterss I fed my dog a lucky bone
Crispies I fed me an ice cream cone
sharktooth it dripped down my chin
Jools and I started to grin
Taterss Next thing you know it was done.

DIRKSTRA The garden has finally been planted.
Jools Even the parts that are slanted
Red Panda The poor lemon tree
David And the lovely sweet pea
David Will ensure that my wishes are granted.

Red Panda I play a game on gold token
superkaempe the gentle giant Of which I have so often spoken
DIRKSTRA It uses a pair of dice.
Jools Which make it so nice
David Unless my connection is broken.

David My mouse is in need of a battery
TallPaul (I've already tried using flattery)
thegazebo Double A, Triple A, which should I use
DIRKSTRA Try 'em all, How can you lose.
TallPaul ...Just keep it away from the cattery!

DIRKSTRA Joe missed the deadline for filing
David And the IRS papers were piling
Red Panda To pay so much tax
thegazebo Stressed him out to the max
David So there's no way that he could be smiling.

sharktooth The cup ran away with my spoon
Red Panda cos my fork could sing a great tune
thegazebo My knife hates my plate
Crispies And my napkin was late
DIRKSTRA No coffee with lunch at noonSad

sharktooth Gert was a little too talky
sharktooth for me to take on a walky.
David So I bought him a muzzle
thegazebo And some KoolAid to guzzle
David Now he's gone and I can't find the door key.

sharktooth Young Tal, a lad from Perdesky
Mystic Dreamer and to everyone he acted pesky!
Serene Selene He pissed off his girl
Red Panda and grandmother Pearl
DIRKSTRA So he'd better lay off the whiskey.

sharktooth Lil Winnie hopped like a bunny
thegazebo As a puppy it made her look funny
Red Panda instead of a bark
superkaempe the gentle giant She sang like a lark
sharktooth Which made her everyone's hunny! (honey)

sharktooth Ole Man Froggie jumped off the dock
superkaempe the gentle giant And gave three princesses a shock
thegazebo As he had nothing on
sharktooth His suit he did don
sharktooth So no one around him would gawk.

sharktooth Come sail with me across the sea
Jools To go and see what we can see
Red Panda But if you are blind
thegazebo I won't leave you behind
sharktooth Cuz we will have fun, you n me!

sharktooth Ole Hinniger got out his bike
sharktooth Lil Donniger got out his trike
Mystic Dreamerand both were missing tires.
Crispies and a couple'a wires
Karen Q So they both had to take a hike!

Mystic Dreamer Yet once again Merle was in peril
thegazebo And frantically called his friend Sheryl
sharktooth Come hither said he
superkaempe the gentle giant And stay here with me
sharktooth an we'll live in this here barrow
(sorry folks, all I could come up with)

sharktooth Steppin' across rocks in the brook
Mystic Dreamer a slimy green he mistook
thegazebo For a rock when it was in fact
sharktooth a green toad, intact
sharktooth Reading his most favorite book!

sharktooth Ole Tal thought he'd made a mistake
thegazebo The gold watch he'd bought was a fake
sharktooth But under the gold
superkaempe the gentle giant So I have been told
Karen Q Was platinum for goodness sake!

sharktooth A little feller named Russell
thegazebo Found himself in a bit of a tussle
sharktooth Missed the bus to school
sharktooth Tried to act real cool
Crispies Then knew he'd just have to hustle!

sharktooth Threw on my old pair of Nike's
thegazebo Grabbed my b-ball and headed to Mikey's
sharktooth The whole gang was there
thegazebo The tip-off fair and square
sharktooth Then off we rode on our bikeys

sharktooth While eating a plump marshmellow
superkaempe the gentle giant It was red and green with some yellow
Crispies I saw a strange flicker
superkaempe the gentle giant Very fast it grew thicker
Karen Q Then out came an alien fellow!!!

sharktooth Bro Schutzen rode in on a toad
TallPaul (A slimy one, with eyes that glowed)
Mystic Dreamer He hung on for dear life!
superkaempe the gentle giant And also his wife
thegazebo Making haste to their humble abode.

sharktooth Through the clouds I glimpsed a ray of sun
thegazebo Gone is the rain for a day full of fun
Jools When upon a gust of wind
sharktooth a little leaf sat and grinned
sharktooth Boy am I glad this "pun" is done!!

sharktooth Oh my gosh, it's startin to snow
thegazebo 'Bout time, too, far as winters go
Mystic Dreamer Hoping harmless but deep
thegazebo A silent, white world doth sleep
Crispies BAM Now it's morning, let's GO!

sharktooth Mr. Dorkle and I climbed a tree
thegazebo I fell out, broke my leg, poor me
TallPaul Mr. Dorkle fell too,
Hoosierenvy (He must tie his shoe!)
sharktooth Then climb back to see whats to see!

sharktooth Frost on the punkin, nip to the air
thegazebo Star lit nights, the days bright and fair
Mystic Dreamer But where is the rain and snow?
sharktooth Do I really want to know?
DIRKSTRA It's hard to decide what to wear.

sharktooth 2012 and I'm on a roll
thegazebo Glad '11's over, it took quite a toll
sharktooth There are trips to take
thegazebo Lots of money to make
TallPaul And things that are good for the soul.

sharktooth Ahhh, back at the helm of me ship
thegazebo After taking a brisk (and brief) dip
sharktooth My heart filled with song
Hoosierenvy So it didn't take long
Karen Q To come up with a quite clever quip!

sharktooth Heard the ring and picked up my cell
thegazebo "Avon calling" said a voice I knew well
Crispies I heard a strange noise
thegazebo And without losing my poise
Mystic Dreamer I answered my door-bell.

sharktooth Wind was blowin, the sea was rough
thegazebo Twas Hurricane Irene sure enough
Mystic Dreamer She huffed and she puffed
thegazebo As the east coast she roughed
sharktooth Many a feather she did fluff

sharktooth Ole Roar Harley went a bike-n'
Mystic Dreamer And met a young lady a hike-n'
thegazebo He gazed at her slyly
Karen Q Then smiled rather shyly
thegazebo And declared she was just to his like-n'.

sharktooth Fuzzy Wuzzy went a-walkin'
superkaempe the gentle giant While to his mummy he was talking
thegazebo When up ahead they spied a pub
HonoluluDads And thence she asked, "That's your club!?!"
HonoluluDads "Let's go! Time for a gawkin'!"

sharktooth Ole Tik Tumbler went for a ride,
MysticKah Set out to fetch a pretty young bride,
Crispies when he saw a BEAR
HonoluluDads Who growled, "Look o'er there!"
sharktooth It was Po who rode at his side!

Crispies Some rain refreshed my Summer day,
sharktooth Brightened things up a bit I'd say;
Hoosierenvy The birds start to sing
Jools And took to the wing
thegazebo I'd love it to stay this way.

Jools I set my boat a-sail on the sea,
Mystic Dreamer voyaging out to see what I could see.
thegazebo Suddenly the wind blew up a gale,
Jools and ripped off my sail.
sharktooth and I found myself "leaning to lee" (?)

sharktooth Wendel Wixett went a fishin'
Mystic Dreamer OOPS! his bait he was a missin'.
Jools He cast in his line
MysticKah It became all entwined
MysticKah Twas not what he was a wishin'!

sharktooth Reachin' down to pick a Daisy
sharktooth Saw a butterfly bein' lazy
thegazebo A butterfly being lazy? How odd!
So I decided to give it a prod
Crispies From then on, things became hazy.

sharktooth Out riding with Sir Lancelot
thegazebo Keeping our steeds at a fast trot
Mystic Dreamer We espied a damsel in distress
thegazebo And saved her from the sorceress
superkaempe the gentle giant And brought her back to Camelot

sharktooth I ran through the fields with a smile
thegazebo Happier than I'd been in a while
sharktooth I saw a green mouse
sharktooth Pop out of his house
DBowler And he walked with me for a mile.

sharktooth I jumped on my horse for a ride,
MysticKah And started slipping off to one side,
superkaempe the gentle giant It stepped on a stone,
thegazebo Twas then I was thrown
TallPaul And for miles in the air I flied!

MysticKah Oh no, the key is beginning to glow!
thegazebo And pulses vibrate to and fro
MysticKah Could this be the clue?
Mystic Dreamer Do you see the glowing blue?
superkaempe the gentle giant Is that the glow from the snow?

MysticKah Seems this key has us all quite perplexed
TallPaul So what should we try it in next?
superkaempe the gentle giant Maybe sing out a song
TallPaul As what could go wrong?
sharktooth Gulp! Maybe a clue with a hex?

sharktooth About this mysterious key...
Mystic Dreamer and you're asking me!?
thegazebo Have you tried every door?
sharktooth or the safe on the floor?
thegazebo Perhaps not to a door shall we see?

sharktooth Ahhh! Limericks at Goldtoken my fave!
thegazebo Create your most clever, then save
sharktooth Have fun on the way
Mystic Dreamer Bring a smile to the day
TallPaul For a path to a laugh, they pave!

thegazebo Here's a toast to Will and Kate
sharktooth Who in each other found a loving mate
Crispies A new song they'll sing
sharktooth Til he becomes King
sharktooth For the rest? We'll just have to wait!

sharktooth Yahooo said Mz. Lizzie da slug!
superkaempe the gentle giant I finally found me a bug
TallPaul With stripes of purple
thegazebo tastes just like maple syrple
superkaempe the gentle giant And it is half the size of my rug

Crispies She yearned for a whole piece of toast
Redbee To munch on while preparing a roast
thegazebo In the bread bag she found just the heel
Redbee So back to the potatoes to peel
thegazebo For a dinner of which she can boast.

sharktooth Myrtle Bee said to the beetle
thegazebo I have a stinger that's much like a needle
sharktooth I'd rather not sting
Mystic Dreamer but for a little BLING
thegazebo I can just go about and tweedle.

sharktooth Oh Limericks bring me such joy;
TallPaul More than my most favourite toy!
thegazebo Such fun to create, they challenge our wit
sharktooth Make me chuckle a bit
superkaempe the gentle giant And believe I am Helen of Troy

thegazebo There lives down the lane a man named McGrawney
sharktooth Whose wife thinks he's a bit scrawny
TallPaul So she made a meal
Hoosierenvy Twas quite a big deal
sharktooth And now McGrawney is brawny!

sharktooth I knew a little red ant
sharktooth Who always said "but I can't"
thegazebo "Til one day he realized
thegazebo He carried things 10 times his size
sharktooth "I'm doin it" he yelled with a pant!

sharktooth I know a man named Mr. Proubles
sharktooth Who always found himself in troubles
superkaempe the gentle giant When he once met a horse
thegazebo And had problems of course
sharktooth Cuz they just sat around blowing bubbles.

sharktooth Sir Ticklemuss Toad went aridin'
sharktooth As he rode he was decidin'
Mystic Dreamer On which lily pad he would be a sittin'
thegazebo And on which lady frog he would like to be hittin'
thegazebo And after they married where they'd be residin'.

sharktooth Sir Plinkett Puttster found a dime
TallPaul Eliciting this stand-out rhyme
Crispies He gave a quick wink
superkaempe the gentle giant And then stopped to think
thegazebo What a fun way to spend his spare time.

thegazebo Ol Fenster sat pondering the passing old year
Mystic Dreamer And so with gusto and new-found cheer
sharktooth He wrote a grand list
superkaempe the gentle giant And went through the mist
sharktooth To greet the Happy New Year!!

sharktooth Old Unc' Tillers hopped on one leg
Crispies his other one was just a peg
thegazebo But he danced with the best
TallPaul And when put to the test
sharktooth Ne'er for a partner did he need beg!

sharktooth Off for a fun ride in the snow
sharktooth Laughing gaily as the soft flakes grow
thegazebo Here comes Frosty wanting to race
singer Kicks snow in your face
sharktooth Leaving cheeks with a soft rosy glow.

sharktooth Oh for some of Mom's plum puddin'
sharktooth seconds please (I know I shouldn')
thegazebo So rich and delicious and topped with rum sauce,
thegazebo I go back for seconds, maybe thirds because
thegazebo I can't help myself though I swore I wouldn'.

sharktooth I put runners on me little cart
Mystic Dreamer now off with a running start
thegazebo Down the hill, gathering speed
Crispies well ahead of the fastest steed
sharktooth Bump! Me cart and me did part!

sharktooth Out running with my dog named Sonney
thegazebo I thought it would sure be funny
sharktooth To play hide n seek
Crispies not daring to peek
DIRKSTRA Now I offer a reward of money

Crispies I saw ole DaBrinsky in the woods,
sharktooth Reading to the animals as only he coulds,
Crispies As he turned the page
sharktooth This wee little sage
Crispies Smiled at them all in their hoods!

sharktooth Let's go trick or treat together
Hoosierenvy And hope we have wonderful weather
sharktooth As we skipped along
Crispies Belting out a Song
sharktooth Feelin' as light as a feather.

sharktooth Look at that face on the pumpkin
Crispies why , it scared a country bumpkin!
sharktooth He leaped like a frog
Hoosierenvy Then ran like a dog
sharktooth To watch was delightfully sumpth-kin?

sharktooth Her chirp fell like a wet noodle
thegazebo On the paper where I set to doodle
Hoosierenvy It frightened me not
Mystic Dreamer Since it wasn't so hot
superkaempe the gentle giant And I gave it away to my poodle

sharktooth The Limericks make my heart happy
thegazebo And rhymes you make are quite snappy
superkaempe the gentle giant You could make it a song
TallPaul We could all sing along
sharktooth and our toes in rhythm will tap-py.

sharktooth I found a dime in my apple
thegazebo Shoulda bought a bottle of Snapple
sharktooth I spent the dime
Hoosierenvy To buy a new rhyme
Crispies And then I laid down for a nap(ple)

sharktooth She reached for her broom with a wink
superkaempe the gentle giant And tried to pass through the sink
Crispies Her broomstick was wet
superkaempe the gentle giant Her cat on her head
TallPaul And the squid in the sink quirted ink!

sharktooth They called him Sir Balderdash
thegazebo And rumored to be loaded with cash
Crispies He talked with a smile
sharktooth This man with no guile
superkaempe the gentle giant And he disappeared like a flash

sharktooth There once was a cat named Smokey
Crispies Kind of cute but a bit pokey
Mystic Dreamer ever so slowly he crept
Hoosierenvy while everyone slept
sharktooth Into the rain and got soak-key.

sharktooth The hound thought the fox a bit foxey
Mystic Dreamer though definitely lacking in moxey!
Crispies he crept through the woods
sharktooth as quiet as he coulds
Crispies looking for his special Roxie.
Mystic Dreamer ever so slowly he crept

sharktooth He opened one eye with a blink
Hoosierenvy And gazed straight right down in the sink
TallPaul The sink stared right back
sharktooth Courage it did not lack
sharktooth As he smiled and nodded with a wink.

sharktooth The elephant was chasing the mouse
Mystic Dreamer EGAD! and while in the house!
thegazebo Up and down the stairs they ran
sharktooth Over the shoes of the neighbor man
Hoosierenvy and up the leg of his now frightened spouse!

sharktooth Mr. Tolly thought himself a toad
Crispies and being green, hopped down the road
Mystic Dreamer hop-paly from puddle to puddle
thegazebo his head in a bit of a muddle
sharktooth searching for his lil abode.

sharktooth Aunt Nell rode off on her bike
*DOMINATOR* Twas better than taking a hike
Hoosierenvy when she hit a large stone
superkaempe the gentle giant she was feeling alone
sharktooth with a laff rode on up the 'Pike.

sharktooth Skipping along on the beach
thegazebo Eating this wonderful peach
*DOMINATOR* My feet, bare on the sand
TallPaul Dancing to the band
thegazebo Nirvana well within reach.

sharktooth Was that a tap at my window
Crispies way up here on the second floor...
sharktooth As I took a look
thegazebo My body shook
sharktooth As a butterfly flew out the door.

Crispies Ole grandpa Joe took a walk
Mystic Dreamer And happened upon a bean stalk.
TallPaul He stopped and looked up
Hoosierenvy Then had a hiccup
Crispies Thru the leaves the giant did gawk.

DIRKSTRA Why have we snow in May?
superkaempe the gentle giant And not just for a single day
DBowler I want the answer I do pray.
thegazebo Blame it on global warming I'd say
thegazebo Al Gore would agree, by the way.

Crispies There's a hint of Spring by golly
thegazebo So long to snow-covered holly
Hoosierenvy I'll kick off my shoes
Mystic Dreamer and shake the winter blues
DBowler all cause my name is Sir Molly

Crispies Twas the midst of winter 'round here
mysticdragon I rounded the corner and hit a deer
Karen Q It looked a bit dry
Karen Q And I said, "Oh my!"
DBowler I woke it up by giving it beer---

sharktooth Mr. Crock had b-b's for toes
euro4me and a wart on his nose
sharktooth a scooter to ride
thegazebo A fine lass by his side
TallPaul And a stash of shiny Golderos

LyndiLoo Upon my bed there was surprise
Mystic Dreamer Was someone spiritual and wise
thegazebo to leave me a gift that I need
thegazebo not socks or a sweater indeed
thegazebo twas a book, a treasure for my eyes.

sharktooth Here comes the feller they call "Ole-Blue"
superkaempe the gentle giant For hat he is wearing an old blak shoe
sharktooth flowers for buttons
euro4me oh for something to sit on
thegazebo Mayhaps that big mushroom will do.

sharktooth Ole Pokey jumped out with a laugh
Crispies After cutting his apple in half
sharktooth With 18 lil feet
euro4me That smelled oh so apple sweet
DBowler He just kicked himself in the calf.

DIRKSTRA Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day
Mystic Dreamer For the Cook, all work and no play!
LyndiLoo We all remember back when
DBowler We only but one hen
thegazebo And gave many thanks anyway.

sharktooth Forsooth said he to the lady
euro4me [she] Fore never it's a maybe!
sharktooth My, where will this go?
LyndiLoo I'm sure it's a no show
thegazebo Or mayhaps 'twill foster a baby.

sharktooth Little Mollie took her dollie
LyndiLoo Hair adorned with Christmas holly
Crispies Then bundled her up
sharktooth with a hup hup hup
sharktooth Marched away astride her Collie.

Crispies A robin was teaching her class
Hoosierenvy When a snake jumped up from the grass
sharktooth Why, that ain't no worm
thegazebo And she started to squirm
sharktooth So they took to the air en masse.

sharktooth Mr. Hawk was missing a sock
superkaempe the gentle giant It was hidden under a rock
LyndiLoo Hawks wear socks? No way!
TallPaul Except an osprey?
Crispies OR, only while wearing a frock.

Crispies I knew a centipede named Mikey
sharktooth Who went with his friends for a hikey
superkaempe the gentle giant When he tied up his shoes
Hoosierenvy They gave him good news
Mystic Dreamer He's a good ad for NIKE!

Comment: Laughing

sharktooth I knew an ole pirate named "Pegs"
LyndiLoo He's hunting the shark that took his legs!
Crispies He wants to be pals
Mystic Dreamer Eh, eh, most of 'em were gals!
Crispies Alas, it turned out they were hags!

thegazebo Oh look it's Balloon Boy flying by
euro4me pressed the button to give it a try
Jools As high as a kite
TallPaul He gave us a fright!
thegazebo Turned out to be just a big lie.

sharktooth I found a magic bean, he cried
TallPaul It looks like it has been refried
Jools Served in a taco
TallPaul It sent him wacko
LyndiLoo Could it really work if he tried?

superkaempe the gentle giant On a rainy day in October
thegazebo While feeling calm and sober
sharktooth I went for a walk
thegazebo Around my block
sharktooth Then decided to do it "ohbber"

sharktooth Lil Winny threw on her cardigan
TallPaul As the wind was blowing hard again
Mystic Dreamer She felt all warm and snug
LyndiLoo And gave the tree a hug!
Jools Like she did every now and then

sharktooth Ole Ramberto thought he was tough
Mystic Dreamer But was Moxie going to be enough
Crispies He flexed his lil muscles
sharktooth Got into some "tussles"
sharktooth Then realized he wasn't "up ta snuff"!

LyndiLoo There was a frog that croaked in soprano
Mystic Dreamer Because he'd been dipped in bat guano
thegazebo A curious sight to be sure don't you think
Jools Covered in guano and starting to stink
superkaempe the gentle giant And singing out loud Italiano.

sharktooth The waves grew tall, the strong winds blew
Mystic Dreamer It was a tsunami, who knew!
Jools No-one to warn
LyndiLoo So many to morn
Mystic Dreamer A shocker to be sure, thru and thru!

superkaempe the gentle giant As I went out through the door
sharktooth With baskets of fruit and more
Mystic Dreamer OOPS, I forgot my Gerald
LadyeFantasy Who's you see, quite so bald
Jools His toupée now a rug on the floor

sharktooth I reached over to wind the clock
superkaempe the gentle giant But I had to remove a big rock
sharktooth I started to laugh
sharktooth When a wee lil calf
sharktooth With a start me he did shock.

sharktooth I crept through the park in the dark
superkaempe the gentle giant In my pocket I carried a shark
Jools I thought it was odd
LyndiLoo Turned on my IPod
Crispies Just me and my shark, What a lark!

LyndiLoo Scarecrow saw the smoking wagon
sharktooth To see it sent his jaw saggin'
Mystic DreamerAh, not the horse too!
TallPaul Oh, this will not do!
sharktooth Then the horse stood up, tail a waggin'.

sharktooth "Ah accepts yor proposal", sez Moe
PK "But dat ring sho don't go on ma toe"
thegazebo And while some might find this talk offensive
thegazebo Surely they are on the defensive
thegazebo Juz don put dat ring fru ma nose fo sho.

sharktooth Paisley Piglet found a bag of gold
LyndiLoo For the blind butcher he was told
Bandit Kyo With a sneer Piglet gave
thegazebo Some for himself he did save
sharktooth Then gave all in a move so bold.

Mystic Dreamer What a shame Alfie was blind
DIRKSTRA For a butcher he was so kind
PK But while cleaving away
thegazebo One bright, sunny day
sharktooth His hat o'r his eyes he did find.

Mystic Dreamer It was camping time in the Rockies
sharktooth I was lacing up my Rebok-iees
thegazebo When I noticed a bear
superkaempe the gentle giant With green curly hair
LyndiLoo And wearing my Nike sockies!

PK I was watching an ant carry food
TallPaul I think it was rhubarb (stewed)
LyndiLoo The others are waiting
sharktooth and salivating
Jools But he ate it all himself, how rude!

Jools Whilst out for a walk on the hills
TallPaul Jack stopped by for a drink at Jill's
sharktooth He seemed quite stable
superkaempe the gentle giant On top of a table
DIRKSTRA Some people like cheap thrills.

sharktooth Slugger McPhee went to bat
Mystic Dreamer Swiveled his hips, askewed his hat
thegazebo Crossed himself in a hopeful prayer
LyndiLoo Smacked the ball with quite the flair
superkaempe the gentle giant Then thought to himself that is that.

sharktooth It glanced back at me with a wink
superkaempe the gentle giant Somehow I started to think
PK If I poked that good eye
sharktooth As it seemed a bit shy
PK The wink would then be a blink!

sharktooth Ole Grandpa Bart had three toes
LyndiLoo How that came to be only he knows!
Mystic Dreamer He's not talkin', that's for sure!
PK And his walkin' ain't too pure
Jools But sometimes it has it's pro's

sharktooth Mr. Dobbins from St. Paylyn
Crispies Had the idea to go a' sailin'
Mystic Dreamer So in his dinghy off he went
PK To his course, he gave no hint
Jools But a westerly wind was prevailin'

sharktooth Ole Bert Ginkly said distinctly
Mystic Dreamer And too, twas put very succinctly
sharktooth it's a matter of couth
superkaempe the gentle giant and just going south
thegazebo He ended up at Precinct 3.

sharktooth I was out gathering wood one day
superkaempe the gentle giant I met a squirrel that asked me to stay
PK I thought of my wife
thegazebo And my humanized life
Jools And said "Thanks, but no way!"

sharktooth It leaped outta the water and ran
Hoosierenvy Then realized my unusual tan
marlisam Had gone to purple
TallPaul It started to hirple
marlisam What else would I do but the can can?
(hirple scot. to hobble, or walk with a limp)

LyndiLoo Penelope's basket of jelly beans
Mystic Dreamer Hmmm, not everything is as it seems
sharktooth A gumdrop so red
thegazebo Goes with gum drops instead
Apex Predator RKO Does not make sense by all means!

superkaempe the gentle giant A beaver escaping from London
thegazebo Lamented the crimes that he had done
TallPaul When he dammed the Thames,
MysticKah To impress the dames,
Mystic Dreamer Said to the bobby, "Twas all in fun!"

sharktooth Ole Uncle Mort from Chop-Peekwah
LyndiLoo Caught his fish and ate it raw
Crispies He then grew some scales
PK Four fins and three tails
Mystic Dreamer Now the oddest fellow you ever saw!

Mystic Dreamer A peculiar young man from Redding
thegazebo On his way to his best friend's wedding
superkaempe the gentle giant Got lost in a storm
sharktooth while eating a worm
thegazebo Then continued to where he was heading.

TallPaul Three young girls from Harajuku
PK Wore makeup which made them look cuckoo
TallPaul One had purple lips,
LyndiLoo And pink hair to her hips!
PK And a tatt on her back of sudoku!

thegazebo I found a genie in a vase
PK After rubbing til blue in the face
LyndiLoo Spitting and sputtering he appeared
Crispies Looking at me a little weird
sharktoothThree wishes n I'm outta this place.

sharktooth She was swimming across the Seine
PK When her leg started having great pain.
Crispies She saw a wee fish
LyndiLoo She was off with a swish!
PK And thus went 'inSeine' with a strain!

sharktooth Zamboolieya was a bullfrog
thegazebo His friend Yahoodi was a bulldog
sharktooth They ate "petit fours"
Crispies In the rain outdoors
thegazebo Along with Zambuski the groundhog.

Crispies I'm roasting, where's the lemonade
thegazebo It's so hot, I'm beginning to fade
Mystic Dreamer "AHH, for a cooling drink!"
sharktooth Ice tea, tickles me pink,
sharktooth In it I would love to wade!

LyndiLoo Mary Hassleflug, newly married
Mystic Dreamer None too soon, with child she carried
superkaempe the gentle giant When her child will be born
sharktooth There'll be no time to morn
LyndiLoo For to the alter she harried!

sharktooth Petah Pozzkiss found a nickel
LyndiLoo He ran out to buy a big pickle
superkaempe the gentle giant But his money ran out
DoubleU And now there's no doubt
HeatherN He'll have to eat dry pumpernickel
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