Missing Players

This Wiki is for a list of the missing players on Gold Token. If you are missing a Player in your club or someone you play with is missing add this person to the list and put your name in the Contact Person space. If anyone has any information about a missing player please message the Contact Person.
Note: The player must be gone from this site for one month or longer in order to be considered Missing.

If the player is back...please erase them from the wiki.

Player (link)Last Known Nic Name (not a link)Contact PersonMissing Since...NotesCurrent MembershipPlayer #
Toybox38Toybox38Lady GoodwrenchJune 2019Used to call me once a month. We talked in June 2019. His wife had health issues, she stayed in the U.S. He returned to Canada. He has not called me since that time. I am worried about his welfare, as well as his wife. **UPDATE:** Toybox38 AKA Roger passed away from a massive heart attack in November 2019. God Bless his soul...Currently Guest Status63137
Biloxi BluesBiloxi BluesDavid26 July 2019Without a traceSilver2066
Daisy BearDaisyBearheyblue3206/9/18IDKGuest
rUsureU_ want2doTHATrUsureU_ want2doTHATCallie9/25/22Gladys was an active member in my club and several others. She was a daily player. She is back online now.Gold32559
catlovercatloversmiler52016Was an active member in my club. Was unwell just before she stopped playing.Guest
arrows1arrows1Scoopdedew11/07/14Was an active member in my club.Gold60184
JaneJaneScoopdedew09/13/14Was an active member in my club.Gold24792
Miss CheviousMiss CheviousScoopdedew01/23/15Was an active member in my club.Platinum62368
MandyBMandyBCallie04/21/13Was an active member in my club. Chatted often. Health issues.Guest895
teawomanteawomanCallie08/30/13Was an active member in my club.Silver/expires 04/01/1454278
RomyRomyNancy6/10/04I'm worried about her & I heard she had health issuesGuest since 10/6/048681
The Mad HatterThe Mad HatterGeri39June 1st 2004We had just become friends up here and now he's missingGold Member15864
Kaz AntKaz AntRapunzelAt least 6 months agoShe just stopped playing - I'd love to hear she's okGuest38762
irishmissirishmissfatdaddy26 March 2006She hasn't been on for a monthGold16458
1KittieKat1KittieKatsuperkaempe the gentle giantMarch 6th 2006Not seen on any of her known sites since that dayPlatinum1033
ZiekenZiekenMarch 30, 2006has not played since 1-10-074596
princesargprincesargsuperkaempe the gentle giantAugust 20th 2006Not seenPlatinum8377
valerievalerieSpencerApril 2008She is part of the Master Class and we are worried about herGold8948
nobbyNobbyJerNYCApril 2010Went on vacation and never returned to the siteGold62117
TwilightTwilightJerNYCJanuary 2010Complained of heart problems, want to know if she's okayGuest62766
butter fly effectbutter fly effectfatdaddyDec 2008I haven't seen her for a couple years. May be a hurricane victim.56581
mahoganymahoganyalexleeOctober 2010Just stopped playing, member here since June 2001Platinum4727
cdb1cdb1DiddlyNovember 22, 2011Just quit playingGuest62401
A1Crabbitoid30 July 2013stopped playing.Platinum till 28 March 201467761
TezcatlipocaTezcatlipocaMM David littlefair XI09/14joined in 2012 chatted to him a few timesplatinum until 18 September 201867883
nascar88Nascar88Pegasus8th of October 2014timed out in 3 week time limit games which is unusual for herSilver69345
{ Player }{ Player }
dreams fulfilleddreams fulfilledSimon the Pieman1/10/14Was in a game with him, timed out, never came back, was a long time friendGuest59937
nelmpa{ Player }******
G_netNancy6/15/16G_net is undergoing chemo at this time 3 more months probably**
csesugarcsesugarRay of Light8 February 2017Guest30442
MilkeyMike Daugherty from Parsons KSladyvic2/12/17I just found out he passed away from his FB page, I enjoyed playing games and talking to him here. I'll miss him. He was a good man.Guest Status??
Down To The AltarDown to the AltarGiggles7 April 2019Now Guest Status
arachnaarachnarabbitoid2/25/2020suddenly stopped playing, timed out on all her gamesGold till 3/13/202069164
LeeeeeesaLeeeeeesarabbitoid2 June 2020Stopped playing. Update Aug 14: had surgery with a six week recovery timePlatinum43820
sandi en margaritaJanuarySnowAngelSandi passed away on August 19, 2020, per her brother David Louis. He made the announcement on FB, including her picture
Sparkling green frogDragon Jr4 June 2021Stopped playing & timed out of all her games.Gold
TottyTottyDragon Jr20 April 2023Silver
katkrazy70{ Player }
{ Player }{ Player }
{ Player }{ Player }
{ Player }{ Player }
{ Player }{ Player }
{ Player }{ Player }

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