Questionable Grabble Words

  • 10-19-2015 - A note from Badger This questionable word list is checked as time allows. Some words take longer to research, and discuss, than others. Such is the case with the English Language! As noted below, we cannot guarantee a timely response to such a request, nor will the game play be paused while we consider the request; in other words you must still make your move before the time runs out. Writing to GoldToken Support to pressure the "Word Smith Team" will NOT make this process faster, nor will we respond to any such messages.

-------- WARNING: Only the Grabble Crew may remove words. --------
Anyone found deliberately removing other members' words from the Questionable Grabble Words list may lose their wiki editing abilities.
  • If the system rejects a word which you feel is a valid word, you may request that we add that word to our dictionary, but we cannot guarantee a timely response to such a request, nor will the game play be paused while we consider the request; in other words you must still make your move before the time runs out.
      • Please also let us know words that should be removed.

Please post your Questionable English Grabble Words here for the Grabble Crew to look up

  • Please do not post any more 2 letter words. All allowable ones have been checked and no more will be added for a while. A list of all allowable ones that can be played, found here... Grabble FAQ... scroll to the bottom. Hg

We are using the following printed dictionaries:

What kinds of words are not valid?

  • Grabble does not allow abbreviations, short forms, acronyms, slang, non English words, proper nouns, infractions, interjections, prefixes or suffixes unless it forms a word in its own right, variant spellings, alternative spellings, obscure/obsolete words, or words not found in a modern dictionary.
  • Any word that is not allowed on the discussion boards will not be allowed in Grabble either so please, do not even ask.

[ Other words ] <~~ This is for words that have previously been checked.
Questionable WordBrief comment on why it should or should not be allowed
limomay be a short version of limousine, but it is also a stand-alone word for and alternate form of taxi. Posted by marc for Byson
RebNot Valid - proper noun in #13500281 none of those worked, yet XC is a word??? REB-a traditional Jewish title or form of address, corresponding to Sir; REF (in sports) a referee
refNot Valid - short form
resValid and currently working - plural of musical note "re" - check connections
dodgyDone adjective INFORMAL•BRITISH dishonest or unreliable
purr-er-sNot Valid Valid? from valid purr
FOGIENot valid - fogey or fogy accepted
NUKENot Valid - Slang
GLEGDone adj alert GLEGLY adv
skol,skoalNot Valid - Interjection good health! (a drinking toast)
HoopersDone - people who hoop casks Please add plural
LarrikinsDone - hooligans Please add plural
MIMEONot Valid - Short form to make copies of by use of a mimeograph
giro-sDone - Greek dishes please add plural , ty
STEPPE(S)Done Arid grassland plain (also plural steppes)
CARNYDone - coax, wheedle, a flatterer n pl. -NIES a carnival
anchoDone a dried poblano pepper, used whole or ground into a spice, especially in Mexican cooking.
QUIZCurrently working; please check game type and connections
peckersNot Valid - Vulgar slang one who pecks? (PL)
YomNot Valid - not found as a separate word n pl. YOMIM day
VOGDone air pollution caused by volcanic emissions
ironeNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary perfume ...,that%20are%20used%20in%20perfumes
YINot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary a Loloish language
yeld----sNot Valid - Yeld is an adjective can an s be added???
neolithsDone - Stone implements plural of valid noun
guyotsDone - underwater mountains please ad an s to this noun
punceDone v. UK to kick
quloiAuloi is valid and currently working - is this a typo? Valid?? music ..
onbeatNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary Valid,,ty, music ,
RITARDNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionar n pl. -S a musical passage with a gradual slackening in tempo
critNot Valid - Short form noun Informal. a critic.criticism, a critique
elsin-sDone a tool
casquesDone - helmets Please add plural
tiptDone - put a tip on
bauk== =sDone scots ..... corn
bardo=sDone - Intermediate stages of Buddhism please add s to this valid noun
VUGH n pl. -S vugNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary; vug(s) is accepted
vipNot Valid - Abbreviation an important or influential (and often overbearing) person
PIC n pl. -SNot Valid - Short form; slang a photograph
abakaNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary plant ..
tose-sDone pulls
latheeDone a club
bastoDone brit
yoyosNot Valid - hyphenated/
tunyDone - tuneful brit ..... informal ... music .. valid?
modicaDone - small amounts small
byde-sNot Valid - bide is accepted Valid? to byde ones time
cleikNot Valid - cleek is accepted uk
alcidDone bird
qin-sDone brit , music
verrine-sDone - layered appetizer or dessert glass
zaxzaxes is the accepted plural Smiling what is the plural ? es or s ??
stendDone scot for jump
zakesNot Valid please add es
yearnersDone please add plural
oxalatesDone please ad an s to this noun , salts
stud-eDone scot ... from stand .......
coorie-sNot Valid - Not found in either accepted dictionary stoop scots.............
vare-sDone - Wands please add an s to this valid noun ..... rat-s
hartal-sNot Valid - hartal removed please ad an s to this valid noun,,, ty ..
ramousDone relating to branches ....,relating%20to%2C%20or%20resembling%20branches
nurdierNot Valid - slang smart ... AH dic.
lodesmanDone - pilot shipping .....
homodyneDone a device that generates varying voltage.
soleretNot Valid - solleret is accepted .a covering for the foot
entrailDone - entwine valid in scrabble
unboxDone - Remove from a box
latino-sNot Valid - proper noun it's in the AH dictionary
cobbersDone - Buddies please add plural
pinerNot Valid - Not found in either of the accepted dictionaries One who pines
swoonerNot Valid - Not found in either of the accepted dictionaries Please add plural
vapingDone to smoke using a vape
estronesDone - hormones please add plural
refect/sDone to refresh
incantDone to chant or intone
zitNot Valid - Slang
bolson/sDone an arid valley
oxtersDone oxter is acceptable - armpit - we have 2
futzNot Valid - Slang Verb: to waste time; idle or busy oneself aimlessly ; Meriam-Webster and
dinnerValid and Currently Working - Please check game type and connections noun; the evening meal
oblastsDone - administrative districts
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