While the excitement of a new school year has just begun for many students here in GoldToken this September, the rest of us can all just imagine your school hallways on the first day back! Everyone talking, laughing, comparing schedules, comparing lunches, greeting old friends and meeting new ones! With all the hustle and bustle of a new school year, you may wonder how in the world are you ever going to have time to play all your games at GoldToken? Everyone here can probably agree that while students are off and getting settled into their new school year, studying and homework will soon fill up most of their time. The staff at GoldToken would just like to wish all students heading back, the best of luck with their studies, teachers and friends! You may not be able to get as much time at GoldToken like you did over your school vacation time, but everyone here will all be waiting for you when you find the time! Cheers students! High five

In this month's newsletter, we have:

  • Site News
  • Birthdays & Special Events
  • Badger's Monthly Message
  • Kran's Tournament News
  • Games Corner
  • Locker n Rocker Room Newsletter Game
  • Newsletter Picture Hunt
  • Tessa's Twisters
  • Testimonial Of The Month

Site News has fabulous news this month! We would like to announce and welcome Mecir to our family site as well as to our programming team! Please take a moment to send him a hello and warm welcome everyone! While he is already busy with projects for GoldToken, his presence can already be noticed here. He has already had a hand in converting over our Reversi game code from CGI to Perl! This now means, that not only will we be able to use our fun loving Goldies in the games, but it will also make the game pages load a lot faster too! Thank you Mecir, great job! High five

We would also like to send out best wishes to Mark007! He has now left for college but will still be programming for us when he has time to squeeze us into his very busy schedule. Good luck with all your college adventures Mark and keep up the hard work! Thank you for everything you have done for us here in GoldToken, we look forward to seeing you stop in any time you can. Thumbs up

Birthday cakeBirthdays & Special Events!Offering gift

-- Happy Birthday to Sushi Warrior on September 3rd! Offering gift
-- Happy Birthday to BlueEyedGoddess OTWP on September 3rd! Offering flower
-- Happy Birthday to Hamsarnie on September 8th! Offering gift
-- Happy Birthday to Jesme on September 5th! Offering flower
-- Happy Birthday to Donald on September 15th! Offering gift
-- Happy Birthday to TN_Sapphire on September 7th! Offering flower
-- Happy Birthday to Nicodemus on September 25th! Offering gift
-- Happy Birthday to Nargada on September 10th! Offering flower

-- The MasterClass Club would like to wish the following players a very Happy Birthday!

If you would like to announce any birthdays, anniversaries or other special events coming up for next month, please send GoldToken Support a message and let them know so that we can give them a shout out in next month's newsletter! (Please keep all announcements upcoming and not belated).

Monthly Message from Badger

It’s time for another GoldToken Newsletter!

Last year we had a tremendous amount of fun with several game boards on our discussion board system. This year we plan more of the same, starting with { Board: Blatherskite & Jabberwocky }. The place for bold, embarrassing personal and basically pointless questions. Leave the meaningful questions to the philosophers. Real life deals with the little things. The inane things. The petty things. And yes, well, the stupid things. Get ready to get real and get stupid with the pointless queries on { Board: Blatherskite & Jabberwocky }! It is open for all players including guests for a few weeks, then will be limited to Wood members and above.

If you would enjoy running or working with a crew on one of the upcoming game boards, like the hugely popular * Joggle Jungle* we had last year, please write me and we will go over the possibilities!

Platinum players who renew for a year during September, will be sent one of our new GoldToken Embroidered Patches. But you can also buy them for $2.99 (includs free shipping to anywhere in the world). Be sure to select your color, black or white. You can see these patches, designed as usual by our awesome graphic artist firefly, by clicking here.

Badger typing

Tournament News by Kran

  • In September and October, be sure to sign up and be one of the first for a chance to win our new Goldtoken Patches!

  • Goldtoken announces monthly tournaments open for all membership levels including guests in checkers, chess, backgammon, four in a row, and reversi!!!

  • Goldtoken would also like to take the time to send a big congratulations out to all August Tournament winners!!! If your name is on this list, send Badger your mailing address and a link to the tournament for your prize!


April 8x8 Trax (Round Robin 8x8 Trax) - ypercube
April Chessgi (Round Robin Chessgi) - Rogue Trooper
April Large Reversi (Round Robin Large Reversi) - greggyw
April Metamorphosis Chess (Round Robin Metamorphosis Chess) - Birds of Prey
April Small Reversi (Round Robin Small Reversi) - eli
August Giveaway Reversi (Round Robin Giveaway Reversi) - greggyw
December Duffle Fast Back (Round Robin Backgammon) - Nicodemus
December Large Reversi (Round Robin Large Reversi) - greggyw
Duffle Nack Match Set 1 - A (Round Robin Nackgammon) - NEUROTIKA
February Cylindrical 4iar (Round Robin Cylindrical Four (Only) In A Row) - BWL
July Chess (Round Robin Chess) - Doffen
July Cylindrical 4iar (Round Robin Cylindrical Four (Only) In A Row) - 1karlos
July Giveaway 4iar (Round Robin Giveaway Four In a Row) - MORRIS
July Small Reversi (Round Robin Small Reversi) - eli
June Cylindrical Four in a Row (Round Robin Cylindrical Four (Only) In A Row) - N_a_z
June Devious Salvo (Round Robin Devious Salvo) - Markelle
Keychain Golden Pente (4) (Round Robin Golden Pente) - neonlicht
Koozie Chess Match Set 1 - B (Round Robin Chess) - Birds of Prey
Koozie Outbreak Match Set 1 - D (Round Robin Outbreak) - SuperDupont
Koozie Salvo Match Set 1 - D (Round Robin Stealth Salvo) - Nukkle Dragger
Kran's Guest Reversi (Round Robin Reversi) - M and M
License Halma (2) (Round Robin Halma) - nil
March Small Chess (Round Robin Small Chess) - a long knight in baltimore
May Blackhole Reversi (Round Robin Blackhole Reversi) - The Winged Dragon Of Ra SunGod
May Dbl Nine 5's and 3's (Round Robin Double Nine Fives and Threes) - Jools
May Golden Pente (Round Robin Golden Pente) - neonlicht
May Los Alamos Chess (Round Robin Los Alamos Chess) - USS Ben
May Lucky Trax (Round Robin Lucky Trax) - B Line electric streetcar
May Small Chess (Round Robin Small Chess) - Man of Steel
May Zero G (Round Robin Zero G Four In a Row) - tjancira
November GiveawayBack '05 (Round Robin Giveaway Backgammon) - firefly
November Small Outbreak 2005 (Round Robin Small Outbreak) - Brute
October Backgammon 2005 (Round Robin Backgammon) - theagle
Rabid's Ruckus~GoMoku (Round Robin Go Moku) - nil
Septembers Devious Salvo (Round Robin Devious Salvo) - Jump This
Septembers Giveaway Backgammon (Round Robin Giveaway Backgammon) - rebelyell
Sw. Carabiner Gvawy Reversi(3) (Round Robin Giveaway Reversi) - SarahMills

Games Corner by: CELTICBRUCE
This month's feature: Large Halma

Large Halma technique differs from 8x8 and 10x10 play. With 19 pieces being used, it's important that you get out to a fast start. Go in as straight a line as possible. The beginning should be almost all offense, don't make the mistake of playing defense too quickly.

I very rarely play defense at the beginning of the game, especially if I have to go backwards or side to side. If you do that, you better be blocking a 8 or more piece jump, or it's hardly worth it. Try to make all your defensive moves going forward if at all possible.

The most important thing in large halma is to make a ladder shaped line up the center of the board. Try to have as few stragglers as possible, because if you leave 1 or 2 behind, that could make the difference of 7 or 8 jumps at the end of the game to catch up.

The forced jump rule shouldn't be a factor in large halma. If it is, it's because you weren't paying attention to your stragglers. So before each move, check where your opponent moved. Ask yourself "why" they moved there.

If you can block your opponents next move while going forward, then do it. Also try and keep your ladder shaped line as in tacked as possible (no huge gaps) and keep your stragglers to a minimum.

You have to be aware of what your opponent is doing at all times, because your opponent will try and go down your ladder if your not alert and don't block him/her. At the same time, if you see that your opponent has a nice looking line or ladder of pieces, don't hesitate to take a free ride if you get the chance.

Good luck and have fun. ~~CELTICBRUCE

If you think you’ve got what it takes to impart some unknown game skills to other players out there, send your submissions for Games Corner to GoldToken Support

Locker n Rocker Room Newsletter Game
By the Locker Room Crew

August Trivia Answers

American Idols

1. What is Season 2
2. What is True
3. What is Season 3
4. Who is Kelly Clarkson
5. Who is Bo Bice

This Month's Winners


If your name is mentioned above as a winner, then PLEASE private message the Locker Room Crew with your name and address .. Thank you for playing.

Please PM your answers to the Locker Room Crew with a subject of: September sports trivia.
Answers will be accepted until 9pm EST Sunday, the 10th of September.

All answers are to be SUBMITTED IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION and MUST BE PMed to *Locker Room Crew*.
Only one PM from each player. Anymore than one will not be accepted.
Answers posted on the Discussion Board will not be accepted. Answers that are not in question form will not be accepted.


Good luck!
How much do you know about the Olympics

1. Which event made its official Olympic debut at the 2000 games in Sydney?
A.Platform Tennis
C.Scuba Diving
E. Darts

2.How many players are on an Olympic curling team?
A- Two
B- Three
C- Four
D- Six

3.This sport became an Olympic event for the first time in 1998
A- Snow boarding
B- Moguls
C- Cross-Country Skiing
D- Snowmobile
E- Roller Hockey

4.She's the only Athlete to win gold medals in the summer and winter games in the same year?
A- Beth Heiden
B- Christa Rothenburger
C- Madeline Manning
D- Rebecca Twigg
E- Renate Stecher

5.Which site was the first to host the winter Olympics twice?
A- Innsbruck,Austria
B- St. Moritz, Switzerland
C- Lake Placid, USA
D- Sapporo, Japan
E- Calgary, Canada

Newsletter Picture Hunt

Hooray! to August's Logo winners!! The winners are:

1) EagleAnney
2) Nancy
3) Reversi Queen
4) coopaah
5) Honeybear
6) pepperbeach
7) Nan54
8) laura lee
9) Sondra
10) Country_Gal
11) Buz
12) SarahMills
13) Bruno

This months treasure hunt is September - out in the garden. Be among the first ten players to find all 12 GoldToken Logos hidden among player's profiles - each featuring the GoldToken horse and a garden theme. A special thanks to firefly for providing our GoldToken logo with this wonderful fun adventure!!

Last months August logos were hidden on these players profiles, (you may still be able to see some of the logos by looking at these profiles):

Electric Dreams
Sir Arthur of the GoldTable

Thank you to all 12 players for allowing us to borrow your profiles for this fun hunt!

The first treasure hunt player to find all 12 wins two of the new GoldToken Embroidered Patches!! And everyone else who correctly finds all 12 will win a cool GoldToken Squiggly Pen. Best of all, the first guest that find all 12 will win a 6 month silver membership!
* Note: you must have always been a guest to win this membership.

Everyone can play! Guests included! Once you have found all 12, message Contest Director with Profile Treasure Hunt in the subject line and the first 10 correct will win a prize! Good luck!!
Note: sharing the logo locations before the contest ends disqualifies you. So please play fair.

Tessa's Twisters

Hi everyone,

Get ready! I have another Twister for you! If you are the first player to answer this riddle, Badger has a GT keychain pen for you! So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun! Hurry on over to the poetry board!

See you there!

He only plays backgammon,
And he's very hard to beat!
I rarely ever win a game,
Even though I cheat!!!!!

He is a rockin' DJ,
And I never miss his show!
If you have a favorite song,
Just tune in and let him know!!

He is a special friend of mine,
He always makes me grin!
Be the first to post his name,
If you want to win!!!!!

Please post your answers on the Poetry Corner DB! Smiling

Testimonials Of The Month


I don't have any great single experience to tell you about, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the other management guys (and guyesses) for making this site at all! To me, it's a perfect way to play chess with my friends whom I rarely see (darn this modern life), both in Sweden and abroad, as well as with other enthusiasts around the world. It also feels like being part of a friendly community, which is very nice.

Thank you!

Dorian Gray

••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••

Would you like to make your affection for GoldToken known? Please send your testimonials (or any other material submissions) to GoldToken Support for possible inclusion in future editions -- thank you!


  • If you would like to post special club news or announcements for your club, please send it in, in 100 words or less and spellchecked, to GoldToken Support and we will gladly add what we can, on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
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