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This page describes the different types of tournament often used for games.

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Round RobinThe playes are divided into sections and the players play 1 game (or one of each colour) against everyone else in the same section. After that the winner of the section moves on to the next round. In the event of a draw, all tying players advance to the next round. The tournament continues, until only one player remains. This is the type used for the official Goldtoken Tournaments.
KnockoutA knockout tournament is the same as round robin, except that there are only two players per section. As soon as you lose one game you are out. If there is an odd number of people in a round one person receives a bye into the next round. This is usually chosen randomly, or based on ratings. Sometimes seeded players (those with highest ratings from previous tournaments) are automatically given byes in the early rounds.
LadderA Ladder is a continuous tournament. Everyone is ranked with the best players at the top of the ladder and the worst at the bottom. You are allowed to challenge any other player who is above you in the ladder (sometimes there is a restriction on how far above you, you can challenge). If you win, you take that person's place in the ladder and they and everyone between you move down one. Note that the official ladder tournaments at Goldtoken, do not operate the same way as a normal ladder tournament. See Ladders for details.
LeagueIn a league everyone plays everyone else in the league a fixed number of times. Points are awarded for a win, lose or draw, and the winner is the one with most points after all games are played.
Single EliminationYou sign up to play if you win you continue on to next round of play. Is this the same as a simple knockout tournament? Yes, it is
Double EliminationDouble Elimination runs similar to Single Elimination. In Double Elimination, there are two Brackets: The Main Bracket (aka Winners Bracket) and the Elimination Bracket (aka Losers Bracket). Everyone starts out in the Main Bracket. Anyone that loses a game in the Main Bracket will fall into the Elimination Bracket where they have a 2nd chance to advance. If a player wins a match in the Elimination Bracket, they are still alive in the tournament. If they lose a match anytime within the Elimination Bracket, they are eliminated and listed as out of the tournament. The process continues in each round as players from the Main Bracket fall into the Elimination Bracket to square off against those that have either just fallen into the Elimination Bracket or have advanced within it. Eventually, only 1 player will remain undefeated in the Main Bracket and receives a bye until every game within the Elimination Bracket is completed and only 1 player is left standing after completing the Elimination Rounds. Once there is 1 person left in each bracket, these two players face off in the Tournament Finals. For the player in the Elimination Bracket to win the tournament, they must win TWO games against the player in the Main Bracket. Should the player in the Main Bracket win the first match, the tournament is completed as that player has won all matches and gone undefeated. Should the player in the Main Bracket be beaten, the 2nd match would be the deciding match and, also, be known as the Eliminator Match. Whomever wins this match would win the tournament outright.
SwissIn a Swiss style tournament there is a set number of rounds. Each round every player plays against just one other player. Pairings are usually chosen so that the players who have the highest score so far play each other and those who have the lowest score play each other. For the first round, or when people have equal scores, the pairings are either random or seeded based upon a players ranking from previous tournaments. All players play in every round, and the player with the highest total score at the end is the winner. Scoring is usually 2pts for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. If the number of players is odd, then the player with the lowest score so far, gets a BYE (2 pts). If he has already got one in a previous round then another player gets the Bye. Is this correct? - please update if not

If you know any other types of tournament, please add them to the list.

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