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"Those who can't do, teach, those who can't teach, teach gym"
Woody Allen

Teachers teach Teachers

Wipe this if i've taken too many liberties.... ;D
marlisamCollegeEnglish Composition and Healthcare Billing and Coding
KaTtdAnCesecondaryCounselor, Latin, Dance ...Not ALL at the same time...hehe
WithaceeHigh SchoolMathematics
grade1teacherElementaryall subjects
TolpGymnasium (17-20 year olds), in SwedenGeography, History
mahonriHigh School & Middle SchoolI used to teach chorus and brass instruments, but now I do network administration.
KikiHigh SchoolBusiness Law, Accounting, Computers
blondieElementaryRetired but use to teach 3rd grade
RamblinMaamElementaryWriting/Language/Spelling to 120 fifth graders
Kinoko zokuSecondary 11-16Maths and IT
*Marie865*PreSchool and HeadStart (3-5 year olds)motor skills and language skills
CLMMedical School/UniversityCellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research Techniques
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