Wiki Formatting

Wiki Formatting

This is just a quick discussion of the basic formatting techniques. If you make cool discoveries or can clarify what is written here, please feel free to do so.

The secret to controlling Wiki Formatting is that everything is done through simple typing. Once you get used to how it works, it's really easy. Click on Edit this page to take a look at what was typed.

If you are editing a wiki and then decide not to Save the changes, or you didn't even make any changes please click the Cancel button, otherwise the wiki will be locked out for 30 minutes.

First, let's look at special leading-character functions that change the behavior of an entire line.

Start of Line Changes


If you start the line with a space, that line will be <pre> formatted.

like this


If you start with a * or #, that line will be turned into a bullet list, ordered or unordered:

# Look at this example
** See?
* Short bullet
  1. Look at this example
    • See?
  • Short bullet


If you start with a vertical pipe "|" the line will be turned into a table:

| This is a cell | So is this | And this |

This is a cellSo is thisAnd this

On my keyboard, the vertical pipe is located on the same key as the Backslash key.

Cells spanning multiple columns

If you use two or more adjacent pipe characters the cell will span 2 or more columns

|| two column span ||| three column span |
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
two column spanthree column span

Cell alignment

Notice the spaces to the left, right or both sides of the text, this will align your text within each cell.

|||Some dummy text to make the table bigger for the example|
|Left align | right align| center |

Some dummy text to make the table bigger for the example
Left alignright aligncenter

Horizontal Lines

If you start with three or more dashes, and place nothing else on the line, it will become a horizontal line:

HTML equivalent : <HR>
The interpreted result of this is immediately below.


Large heading

Start the line with = and it will have a large heading:

= This is a large heading

This is a large heading

HTML equivalent : <h1>

Small headings

Start the line with == and it will have a smaller heading:

== This is a small heading

This is a small heading

HTML equivalent : <h2> or <h3>

Inline commands

Word Processing

Now, for other transformations. How about bold, italic, underlined or plain text?

*bold*, /italic/, _underlined_ or =plain text=
bold, italic, underlined or plain text

HTML equivalent : <B> <I> <U> or <TT>


Okay, now for the good stuff. Links.

Links to other Wiki pages

Wiki Links are in square brackets.
You must include a space between the brackets and the word(s) inside the brackets for this to work.

Links to other Wiki boards
CorrectIncorrect (missing spaces around the brackets)
[ Wiki Start Page ][Wiki Start Page]

Links to the global Wiki boards from within your club

When creating a link to a global wiki board from within your club (this includes posts on club DB's and your club wiki), you must add Main: before the board name.
eg [ Main: Wiki Start Page ] otherwise the wiki will be created within your club.

External Links To Club Wikis

It is also possible to create a link to a club wiki from outside of the club:
[ Club Name: Wiki Start Page ]
However it is recommended that this is only used in private messages to club members, as the link will not work correctly if used by people who are not a member of the club.

Special Links

Special Wiki Links are in curly brackets "{ }" instead of the square brackets for links to wiki pages, and have special words that trigger them.

Special Link Codes
Link ToCodeResult
A game numberGame#1#1
A playerPlayer: BadgerBadger
A discussion boardBoard: GoldToken HelpGoldToken Help
A clubClub: GoldTokenThe GoldToken Club
A tournamentTournament#2The First Chess Tournament
Your own nameMeYour Name Here

Web Links

Finally, http and ftp links are automatically created when you type them:

Be sure you type it with the http:// and the slash at the end, So doesn't work (it's missing the final slash), but does work.

IF it goes on afterwords

You don't need to add ANOTHER slash, so only the main part needs to have a slash at the end.

HTML equivalent :
<A href=" "> </a>
Thank you

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