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Golderos are GoldToken's currency and come in pre-set packages for memberships or individually for use as needed.

You can better control your purchases on GoldToken with GoldToken's money system. It is simple and easy to use.
In order to purchase or extend a membership, you first need to purchase Golderos.
It is a currency used to obtain memberships and other benefits.

1 Goldero = 0.50 (US) cents ( Each Golderos or Banneros = 50 cents (US) each)

Use them to buy memberships or banner space. Share them with your friends or sponsor tournaments. Purchase them ahead of time and keep them in reserve. A great way to save for upcoming memberships when funds are tight.

  • Confused or hesitant to purchase Golderos?
    • Rest assured, the system is simple and easy to use.
    • Send GoldToken Support your questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Purchasing Golderos

Upgrading Your Membership

  • Once your funds have been verified and accepted, return to the [ Membership ] page located at the bottom of your game sheet, and extend your membership. This puts you in control of your membership directly.

Utilizing Golderos

Now that you have Golderos, go to your profile to spend them.

  • Upgrading or renewing is easy once you have Golderos in your stash.
    • Click the (renew) link to upgrade or renew your membership, and follow the prompts.

  • You can also (purchase Golderos) (transfer Golderos) (view log)
    • Transferring Golderos makes it easy for club members to collectively give memberships to individuals, and for everyone to share the love of GoldToken to others.


  • 12 months Platinum Level Membership for 100 Golderos ($50 US)
    • 6 months Platinum Level Membership for 67 Golderos ($33.50 US)
      • Here is a great way to save up for your Platinum membership:
        • Buy 8 Goldero's each month for 8 months ($4.00 each month), and 9 Goldero's for 4 months ($4.50 each month)

  • 12 months Gold Level Membership for 70 Golderos ($35 US)
    • 6 months Gold Level Membership for 46 Golderos ($23 US)

  • 12 months Silver Level Membership for 50 Golderos ($25 US)
    • 6 months Silver Level Membership for 32 Golderos ($16 US)

  • 12 months Wood Level Membership for 30 Golderos ($15 US)
    • 6 months Wood Level Membership for 20 Golderos ($10 US)


  • 1 month top banner for 10 Golderos
      • 3 months top banner for 16 Golderos
        • 6 months top banner for 21 Golderos
          • 1 year top banner for 30 Golderos

  • 1 month right banner for 8 Golderos
      • 3 months right banner for 12 Golderos
        • 6 months right banner for 18 Golderos
          • 1 year right banner for 25 Golderos

  • 1 month central banner for 5 Golderos
      • 3 months central banner for 8 Golderos
        • 6 months central banner for 15 Golderos
          • 1 year central banner for 20 Golderos

Please Note:

  • Golderos can not be refunded once they are purchased.
  • GoldToken reserves the right to freeze the Goldero accounts of any members abusing the system or other members.
Thank you

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