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5: Site Membership
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Helpful information about your account here in GoldToken! Flying blue horse

Don't be frightened! Frightened has several Membership Options that are fairly inexpensive for our players to try out! But first, we want you to join our site, try everything out, get comfortable, and then decide how much of a game addict you want to be! There is no obligation to buy a membership, but we can definitely provide you with more fun if you do decide to take the plunge!

With having thousands of long term members that have been here from the start of GoldToken in 1999, it is very important to us that you join our GoldToken family too and truly enjoy all the games and site features that we have to offer! As life has it, some players may come and go Beam me up! but the majority of our players are here for life. Our goal is to make you a lifer too!

How your free account works Flying orange horse

You are allowed to create one individual account for free to play up to 15 standard games in total, including one premium game, plus join a Tournament and a Ladder as well! You can test out your profile Photo Album where you can upload up to 5 pictures for public viewing, and we also give you 10 vacation days to use for those times that you may not be able to get online to your games in time!

We at GoldToken, want you to be able to experience as many avenues of the site that you can, but with the rising costs of hosting a high-demand, interactive gaming website like this one, it does unfortunately prevent us from offering all of our features for free. We definitely provide access to enough of the site to allow you to play some games and to get familiar with how the site works!

If you decide that you'd like to play more games and have a large variety of games to pick from, plus join or create Clubs, post on our Discussion Boards, get a unique icon from our Name Icons page, or have more neat features to customize your account with, then you can always upgrade to a paid membership!

More gaming options Flying yellow horse

We have four different Membership Options for you to choose from, and also a few different ways for you to get a membership here on GoldToken.

If you're patient, you could always try to win a membership through one of our tournaments that offer them from time to time, or you can always stock up a little at a time with our fantastic Golderos! We have many players that like to buy a Goldero or two a month to save up for a membership down the road, or if you are someone that wants a membership right away, then you can always purchase one directly through our PayPal system! Some of our players even buy Golderos to give away as a prize to other players for playing in their tournaments and challenges!

With a Membership Flying cyan horse

Depending on what suits your gaming needs, the choices that come from the different Membership Options can be endless! You will be able to start more games at once, shut off advertisements, see other players' ratings, join in more Tournaments and Ladder games, create your own Clubs and join other Clubs on top of it all! You can even customize your profile and gamesheet!

Tournaments Red hat Almost all of the game types on the site are run in a tournament fashion, allowing for exciting and fun competitions with different levels of players on the site. You'll be able to meet many new players this way, that you might otherwise not have had a chance to play. You can see the different Tournaments we hold from our Tournament Descriptions page!

Clubs Green hat Our Clubs and Federations provide a complete environment for the players on this site to join together in groups to discuss what interests them. Maybe you're interested in specific games, pets or sports, crafts, religion, weather or current world events -- then our site is for you! GoldToken contains several clubs for you to join in on to discuss your favorite topics! In each club we provide all the necessary tools, such as discussion boards, polls, ladders and wikis. Clubs can form teams around certain games, and share tips and strategy to help each other out. You haven't experienced this site until you've experienced it in one of our clubs!

Plus more Blue hat Many features are for paid members only, and as we add new features, many of them will be exclusive for our paid members. invests back into it's players! Suggested features from our players, come from their support of our site! We even have a Beta site for our Gold and Platinum players to go to, in order to test out all our new upcoming designs and creations before bringing them to our main site!

HAPPY_GAMING!!! Offer silver token

For newcomers to the site, and for those that have never had a membership before, please send a message to GoldToken Support to see if you qualify for a free 60 day Silver trial membership, with "Site Tour Offer" in the subject heading.

Join GoldToken today and become part of the greatest game site online! Offering gold token

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