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This page is for requesting new features that you think would help to make Goldtoken.com even better than it is.
  • Please put your request into the most relevant section below:

  • Please check that the feature hasn't already been requested before adding you own request.

  • Feature Requests are ongoing and endless, so please don't put in any unnecessary comments. There is no need to add your name or the date, and please avoid any unnecessary special formatting.

Thank you for following these simple rules and offering your input which will surely help Goldtoken.com grow into one of the best game sites on the World Wide Web. Badger

For your convenience feature requests has been broken down into the following 11 sections

[ Feature Requests - Club Features ]
[ Feature Requests - Discussion Board Features ]
[ Feature Requests - Game Sheet and Profiles ]
[ Feature Requests - Game Related Features ]
[ Feature Requests - HTH Related Features ]
[ Feature Requests - Invitation Feature ]
[ Feature Requests - Ladders ]
[ Feature Requests - Messaging Features ]
[ Feature Requests - Other Features ]
[ Feature Requests - Tournament Features ]
[ Feature Requests - Wiki Features ]

All Feature Requests are checked out on a regular basis by the GoldToken team. Thumbs up

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